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Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Destroying Evidence Of Defeat?

Are you a Kenyan? What you can do to help end the violence.

This is from an article appearing in today's Standard;

Forms 16A missing

Matters were further complicated for ODM when the controversy that has dogged the outcome of the presidential poll took a new twist amid reports that the crucial Form 16As kept in a safe at the KICC by some returning officers had disappeared.

There was tension at the ECK operation centre on Wednesday morning after some returning officers openly protested that the Form 16As, which they had kept in a Cabinet at KICC, had gone missing.

"We came here this morning and they told us that the forms had been stolen," an official told The Standard as tempers flared.

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Anonymous said...

Yesterday Philemon Othieno aka Phil posted an copy of Form 16A which had been altered by him and his ODM activists and presented to BBC as forged proof of election fraud.

1) What was ODM doing with documents that were supposed to be in ECK custody in a safe?

2) In the event the form was not authentic, what was ODM or Philemon Othieno doing with blank ECK materials so as to fill them in and allege election rigging?

Regardless of the answer to the two questions above, it is evident that ODM had in its possession materials that were supposed to be with ECK and is now attempting to cry foul when they are the culprits behind the disappearance and alterations of the form 16As.

Anonymous said...

Grow up anon. I think for the hardline positions taken by both ODM and PNU supporters - the situation should degenerate so all of you can come to your senses.

Philip Roy said...

And the Truth shall set you free......

If ODM lost for real, let us have a fresh election and solve this once and for all.

What is PNU afraid of ?

Voice of Reason said...

The idea of having re-tallying of votes by non-partisan respectable persons is not an option because the Govt will do anything to provide Form 16A that justify their position. Secondly, there is no guarantee that after the independent tallying has been done and the winner announced, the loser will graciously accept the result. Also, the loser will say the exercise is not supported by law and therefore not binding. My opinion is that everyone in Kenya and outside Kenya put pressure to step down for Raila. This will be the most acceptable solution because iy will be backed by all observers' reports, doubt cast by Kivuitu on whether Kibaki really won the election, the doubts cast by other ECK commissioners on the tallying process, and the general acceptance that the tallying was meddled with by almost all Kenyans. those who voted for Kibaki know deep down in their hearts that the results were fake. Please, lets get to the end of this. Kenya is burning!!!

Anonymous said...


Voice of Reason said...

Those who keep on saying that it is the Luos killing the Kikuyus is not true.Kenyans are reacting to the unfairness that has been done by ECK and Kibaki. In Kitale Bukusus are being targeted for supporting Kibaki. In Mombasa Kambas are being molested for being the same family with Kivuitu. In kericho, Kisiis are being harmed for for following Nyachae, in eldoret the Kalenjins are chasing away the Kikuyus. In Kisumu the Luos are more intent at looting and demonstrating more than killing anybody (in fact more Luos have been killed in Kisumu by Police than any other tribe has suffered). This unrest in the country is a reaction to the delayed and flawed presidential results. Let nobody talk about ethnic cleansing or genocide.

Voice of Reason said...

Such a time 5 years ago, Kenyans were the most optimistic people on earth after Kibaki was elected president. Now they are the most pessimistic people on earth after Kibaki has been "elected" president. Who has changed, then, the 30 million Kenyans or Mr. Kibaki?

Anonymous said...

@voice of reason@10:25, you're working hard to cover up Ruto's workmanship in organizing and financing ethnic cleansing in RV and around the country wherever organized militias have shown up. In the rest of the country ODM supporters are doing what the militias could not carry out simultaneously which is the insane murder and destruction of non-ODM supporters and members of certain ethnic groups perceived to have voted against ODM. Remember the ethnic clashes of the 1990s, where do you think Ruto got his experience to do what he is doing now? In Kibera we have Raila's militia known as the Taliban that has been targetting members of particular ethnic groups, naturally that has invited reprisal attacks from Mungikis who had restrained themselves but cannot take it anymore after Ruto's militia decided to burn innocent women and children in a church. All of these killings have occured under the ODM banner and sponsorship.

Anonymous said...

KENYANS! KENYANS! KENYANS..all this debating is senseless!
what are you achieving? How many people will die before Raila gets his power? How many people will die before Kibaki relinquishes power? How many people will die before i finish writing this sentence? how many people will die in the nest 5min?
Can't you see? none will see the light of day or a kenya future if the killings continue. The issue of the president is not important now. let us work together to save our future. our motherland, kenya.

Human Being said...

Dude, STOP inciting people. Everyone can think for themselves. Just stop publishing messages that incite violence. This medium is not updating people, it is creating hatred. You should also be punished by the law for inciting people.BTW.. I am not from PNU or the gov.

Voice of Reason said...

Thank you, Anonymous@10:44 for agreeing with me that this is not an issue of Luos killing Kikuyus. Ruto is neither a Luo nor a Kikuyu. If indeed Ruto is actively involved in the molestation of Kikuyus in Eldoret area then he must stop. He cannot with strong words tell Kenyans to stop the violence and behind the scenes organize for the same. I plead with Kenyans to stop this violence because it will reach a stage where it will be uncontrollable. Let us put pressure on the leaders to do the right thing without using the violent route. A life lost will never be recovered. The hatred and animosity being fueled will leave scars that will always be there to be seen. How will someone whose house has been burnt for no fault of his/her own ever feel at peace even if he/she will be allowed to rebuild it later? I remember we put non-violent pressure on Moi's Govt until he sacked Biwott, Hezekiah and Okondo. We put non-violent pressure on Kibaki until Saitoti, Mwiraria, Kiraitu resigned. WE CAN PUT ON NON-VIOLENT PRESSURE TO MAKE KIBAKI STEP DOWN.Please let not our country be compared to Ruanda. At the moment the CNN, BBC, VOA news are all putting the chaos in Pakistan and Kenya in the same breath. Akina Uganda, Sudan and Tanzania have always looked at us in awe and respect. Now they are the ones giving us advise. When will we reclaim our position in Africa as the most democratic country? I want us to be compared with South Africa. Indeed Ngilu said that Raila is the second Mandela of Africa. Are his actions currently comparable to what Mandela would have done in the same circumstances? Mandela would leave the presidency to his bitter rival Mongosuthu Buthelezi whenever he would go out of the country, even if for one day. Can Raila do the same? The one who will leave it to the other between Raila and Kibaki will be the second Mandela.

Stop Press. KTN has gone live and is getting reactions from members of the public through call-ins. Whow! the suggestions Kenyans are giving are wonderful. A very concerned lady called in on KISS 100 suggesting that in order to remove the stalemate, let Kalonzo be given the presidency, Mudavadi his vice and someone (who?) from PANUA a senior cabinet minister!!! Ha ha haaa.

mike said...


Anonymous said...

It's the poor and vulnerable from all tribes who are suffering. Look at Nairobi show ground full of Luos who have fled from Kibera.

Raila and Kibaki are wealthy billionaires who can afford to feed their families and grand children for the next 100 years.

When the economy collapses, its us who will suffer, not our filthy rich politicians who are inciting the slum dwellers.

Wake up Kenyans, this is not worth sending us 40 years back! Wise up and show the western media who are branding us as savages that we can look after ourselves!

mike said...


Anonymous said...

I'm writing from Nairobi. Looks like the much hyped ODM's 1 million man march has flopped. Thousands of heavily armed GSU around Uhuru Park. Just a few highly intoxicated youths showed up. Matatus at work as usual. Looks like Kenyans are fed up with the disruption of their lives. Most Kenyans are Defiant and want their normal live back! This is not woth dying for or turning Kenya into another Somalia!

Let's keep faith and peace!

mike said...


Anonymous said...

Let me point out t those of you accusing ODM of inciting violence. Mr Kibaki incited people to violence when he stole their votes. The buck stops with him, but as usual he is not man enough to do anything.

Mtovu said...

Some of the people leaving comments on this site, don't seem to understand this issue at all.

There are so many issues embedded in this violence and you will be shocked to listen to some of the folks in the rural areas. From pyramid schemes, to equity bank, tribalism to unemployment, to MOU to land issues in the rift valley.

This is not a Luo vs Kikuyu issue, nor is it a Raila vs Kibaki issue -- It is a RICH vs the POOR issue, a GEMA vs the all the other TRIBES (apart from Kambas) its an enough is enough issue. Kenyans in rural Kenya are ready for majimbo as they feel they are being cheated by the elitist government which seems to be run by the Kikuyu.

They feel cheated from the MOU in 2002 and they finally have a chance to respond. This country was not ready for another 5 year term kibaki presidency. One can only hope - things will calm down, otherwise some of the comments we are getting from Eldoret, Likoni, Narok, Mt. Elgon, Sotik, Bungoma - there is no way this thing will improve anytime soon. THINGS ARE BAD! IN SHORT NIKUBAYA!

Unfortunately the presidency has been hijacked by a few ruthless kikuyu individuals who hide behind the scenes as Presidential advisers with financial interests across the region.

Anonymous said...

When Raila talked of rigging plans even the West Europeans laughed him off. Mr Lambsdorff asked him to prove his claims.

After the elections, it was Lambsdorff who proved to himself that indeed Kibaki rigged the presidential elections.

Now Kibaki is doing everthing to wipe clean his dirty tricks and thus destroying evidence. Wako wants an investigation. Wako, of all the people? Poor Kenya.

Why cant we be like Europeans? Resigning is a show of intelligence, democracy and civilization. These are what we need to save our beautiful country.


Anonymous said...

Iam not a luo or kikuyu. But I do understand what being cheated feels like. Iam so saddened when I talk to my kikuyu friends and all I get is alot of tribal sentiments coming from them. One of them actually told me that the economy of Kenya will collapse if Raila took over. Where does he get this information from?

The issue here is that Kikuyus have to realise that its time to pull off from their grand pretence that they are more "clever, wiser, hard working" and all they have been made to believe by their fathers. Its about time they got connected to other Kenyans way of thinking as Kenyans. No one is superior. Like any person in Kenya its their right to vote for whoever person they want.

This is the catch. How many Kikuyus are able to stand up to Kibaki and force him to do the right thing to stop what is happening in Kenya? If the majority of them joined with the other Kenyans to collect that which is obviously a rigged election, president Kibaki will have no option but to do the right thing whatever that will be.

Kibaki is hanging on in hope that things will calm down and move on. That is his style. People who are angry unfortunately dont forget that quick. Kenyans feel cheated and until this is collected there is not gonna be peace. Letting people like Kimunya speak during a crisis like this one is a recipe for disaster. He is a Kikuyu chauvinist to the helm...remember his fish market cum nairobi stock exchange comment. Letting Tuju speak is disaster by itself. he aint an elected voice! Actually Kibaki lacks all the fire power of reason that our country has plenty because they are all in the opposition.

If men like Kimunya, Kiunjuri whatever his name is, can reason out and accept that there is a Kikuyu factor in this election and talk to the president the true facts , Iam sure Kibaki will act responsibly. But as long as the Kiuyu dont want to think like Kenyans and start seeing this as a luo problem which is not, Iam afraid that is the start of chaos.

Anonymous said...

most of you anonymous people are really not helping the situation at all, instead of giving sound advise you are talkin like you are right and everyone else is wrong, this site has alot of people looking at it and belive me this is not the time to be insiting people because the situation down there is very bad, most of you are just talkin bull crap because you are a thousand miles away from kenya and you think it wount affect you but please remember what you say someone else lookin 4 a reason to commit crime might see your silly comments and do something worse. so please watch what you say around here stop the tribal crap that doesent appeal anywhere

MUTUA-MUMO said...

nonesense..kibaki is an instigator and now he is rubissing mediator arrangements.this man has blood on his hands, but its the last time we have entertained his kind..lets see what happens in the coming week..

Anonymous said...

Hi Chris,
First let me say thanks for filling the blanks where the mainstream media are too afraid to speak. Granted, everything we read must be taken with a pinch of salt, even what would be posted on this blog.

Allow me to share a theory, feel free to delete if you feel it is over the top; and let me know if it is worth thinking about.

First, I agree, this is not a Kikuyu versus Luo war. Far from it. It is a protest against the death of Democracy. No matter how hard we try to sugar coat it, and say we must move on, our grievances must be addressed. This dust is not about to settle soon.

Second, pre election, who's car was it that was found with pangas, machete's and battons? I need no correction, it was a government car. I will assume, this is one of the vehicles that got caught. Would it be preposterous to assume that there was a group of people, who had access to government vehicles who were arming themselves before the election???

Thirdly, which side was it that was screaming bloodshed in the event ODM won the election? What made them so sure that Kenyans out there would break out in violence?

Could it be that all the above are be connected?

Ukweli haifichiki. said...


Wed, 2 Jan 2008 08:05:02 -0500
From: Maurice Nyaware

It’s right to keep each one of us in Diaspora who has access to our beloved web “”’’.As you know we are all astonished with the self declaration of Jaraboun’s win.What I can say is that some of the reliable source back from home says that, the peoples President is not locked in and his fellows like Ruto and Orengo Jimy is also not in,they are all expected to hold THE PEOPLE’S PRESIDENDT INAGURATION at the venue that have not been mentioned at 2pm, so far it is that the deaths fom Dagoreti.Mathare, Kariobangi, Kayole and some other estates in Nairobi may be 50 in number’s there have been fights through out the night since Kibaki imposed him self yesterday .The forces are also devide and this is said to couse more havoc scince the majority of the foces are wakale and this are pro Aguambo. Otherwiase this is the time when force should be implemented to achieve the demand of the people as it is said when diplomacy fails Force should be implied, the reasone why am saying this is for the reason that the Court will not solve this situation and if some body is thinking of international community this still will fail couse Okuche as you know they are nincompups who do not look at this as a national concern but away of making more “”Mbesha”” .this is way I say lets find a way of making use of our forces THIS IS THE ONLY WAY OUT.

Listone O

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