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Thursday, January 03, 2008

Kibaki Must Step Down

Published by Coalition of Kenyans and Allies for Democracy on Dec 31, 2007
Category: Human Rights
Region: GLOBAL
Target: International Community
Description/History: The international community is very much aware that Mwai Kibaki and his Party of National Unity (PNU) rigged the December 2007 Kenyan presidential election.

In recognition of this fact, the European Union, Britain, and the United States have refused to recognize the Kibaki government as legitimate.

As members of the international community, we do not intend to allow this blatant act of disregard for the rule of law and for the will of the people of Kenya to go unchallenged.

The list of evidence of election irregularities compiled in this petition contains widely known facts and has been corroborated by various news sources.

  1. All polls taken before the election favored Raila Odinga and his party, the Orange Democratic Movement (ODM), with Odinga leading Kibaki by a margin of 4%. A mid-December report by the government's own intelligence service gave Raila Odinga an even larger lead of 8% to 15% over Mwai Kibaki. As the election drew near, the Steadman poll, which is conducted under the leadership of George Waititu, a close friend of Kibaki's, showed Kibaki catching up to Odinga although the total for the three leading candidates added up to 101%.
  2. The Kenyan National Commission on Human Rights (KNCHR) reported that Muslim voters, most of whom were expected to favor Raila Odinga, were denied voter cards in the leadup to the election.
  3. Prior to the election, Raila Odinga warned that Mwai Kibaki and his party planned to illegally deploy Administrative Police (AP) as poll agents for the purpose of intimidating voters. While Mwai Kibaki originally denied these allegations, subsequent events showed that Odinga was correct--the East African Standard reported that 65,000 APs were in fact illegally deployed to various parts of the country.
  4. Prior to the election, the impartiality and credibility of the Electoral Commission of Kenya (ECK) was jeopardized by Mwai Kibaki's control over the appointment of foreign observers. The East African Standard reported that ECK Chairman Samuel Kivuitu had himself accused the Kibaki "government of selectively inviting international observers for the December polls." Member of Parliament William Ruto of ODM also voiced concern, stating that "Kibaki has gone against a precedence that even brought him to power. The President alone has appointed ECK commissioners. He alone has picked foreign observers. When you put these two issues in the wider picture of the run-up to elections, you see we have a reason to doubt the fairness of the coming polls."
  5. Early in the election, when Raila Odinga went to cast his vote at a polling station in his constituency of Langata, he found that his name was missing from the poll register. Furthermore, names beginning in 'A,' 'E' and 'O'--traditionally Luo and Luhya names--were missing.
  6. Raila Odinga's ODM party firmly secured the Parliament, winning more than 45% percent of parliamentary seats--that is, at least 95 out of 210 electable seats--compared to Mwai Kibaki's PNU party which secured only 37 seats in total and lost 22 of its original 32 seats. The ouster of the majority of Kibaki's cabinet was regarded by many as a bold statement to the degree to which the majority of the electorate had lost confidence in the Kibaki administration.
  7. In Garsen, a mob destroyed 35 ballot boxes on suspicion of rigging.
  8. One constituency, Maragwa, reported 115% voter turnout.
  9. Although voting ended on Thursday, December 27, the announcement of results from some polling stations was delayed for more than two days because:
a) The aforementioned irregularities compelled numerous complaints from candidates of both parties.
b) ECK returning officers from disputed polling stations could not be located by Kivuitu and had turned off their cell phones.

10. Samuel Kivuitu, chairman of the Electoral Commission of Kenya (ECK), himself acknowledged that the delay would have allowed time for these missing officials or others to rig votes. "This is where cooking could be taking place," said Kivuitu.

11) The ECK failed to address the majority of these concerns raised by Raila Odinga, his ODM party, and the general public and proceeded to announce the obviously illegitimate results, thereby failing in its responsibility to the people of Kenya and lending validity to the debacle.

12) After the ECK announced the results, declaring Mwai Kibaki the winner, the East African Standard reported that an ECK officer alleged that there had been "blatant and shameless alteration of documents" primarily by "information technology officials." This officer said that the Coast and upper Eastern provinces were most affected by rigging, but also named the constituencies of Moyale, Laisamis, Saku and Matuga.

13) A Reuters article also quoted an "election observer who asked not to be named" as having "very little doubt" that the election was rigged.

14) Furthermore, before Kivuitu declared Mwai Kibaki the winner, Alexander Graf Lambsdorff, chief European Union election monitor, stated that there was ``a big question mark over the tallying of results.''

15) After Kivuitu declared Mwai Kibaki the winner, Lambsdorff repeated his misgivings. "We regret that it has not been possible to address irregularities about which both the EU and the ECK have evidence ... some doubt remains as to the accuracy of the result of the presidential election as announced today," said Lambsdorff.

16) Lambsdorff has again gone on record as saying that the tallying process lacked credibility.

17) Prior to Mwai Kibaki's secretive swearing in ceremony, the Kenyan government suspended all live television broadcasts. Coverage of post-election violence, including the government's use of armed police in suppressing demonstrators, has therefore been difficult to verify. In view of the above irregularities, this has had the effect of further eroding any semblance of democracy.

18) Finally, tallies reported by the ECK differed from those announced at polling stations and on television news broadcasts. The New York Times reports that, "The European Union said its observers in one constituency last week witnessed election officials announce that President Kibaki had won 50,145 votes, but on Sunday the election commission increased those same results to 75,261 votes."

Taken as a whole, this evidence is more than enough to declare the presidency of Mwai Kibaki illegitimate and to install the legitimate winner, Raila Odinga, into that office.

The international community is very much aware that Mwai Kibaki and his Party of National Unity (PNU) rigged the December 2007 Kenyan presidential election. In recognition of this fact, the European Union, Britain, and the United States have refused to recognize the Kibaki government as legitimate.

As members of the international community, we do not intend to allow this blatant act of disregard for the rule of law and for the will of the people of Kenya to go unchallenged. The list of evidence of election irregularities compiled in this petition contains widely known facts and has been corroborated by various news sources.

Taken as a whole, this evidence is more than enough to declare the presidency of Mwai Kibaki illegitimate and to install the legitimate winner, Raila Odinga, into that office.

In light of the aforementioned evidence, we, the undersigned, condemn Mwai Kibaki's theft of the Kenyan presidency. We recognize Mwai Kibaki's actions as a declaration of war on the opposition and hold him responsible for the ethnic bloodshed that has proceeded from this heist of the presidency.

We do not condone violence and urge all parties to avoid violence. Instead we urge for peaceful protests and negotiations and non-violent protests.

Nonetheless, we demand that Mwai Kibaki abdicate the office of the President of Kenya and that the legitimate winner, Raila Odinga, be instated into that office immediately. In the interest of peace, we respectfully request your assistance in ensuring that this affront to democracy is repudiated and nullified.

Sign petitition here.


Lillian said...

Once again, this is BS. Raila is as part of the problem as Kibaki is. Two selfish and greedy people who are willing to, and in fact have, put their political ambitions above the well being of the country. Be gone both of you!!! Kenya will survive without you!!

Anonymous said...

Let me point out to those of you accusing ODM of inciting violence. Mr Kibaki incited people to violence when he stole their votes. The buck stops with him, but as usual he is not man enough to do anything.

Anonymous said...

To Phil/Chris/Okellos/Other Raila'ers,

Raila must go. Kibaki must go. Kalonzo must go.

These are not patriotic leaders. We need a new generation of people serving/poverty eradicating/peace loving/nation building/corruption intolerant/etc leaders. We need these leaders now! The leadership hierarchy from state house to nyayo house, from the PC level to the civic level needs these type of leaders!

Anonymous said...

I fully agree that none of the three is the right man - at least not anymore after all this happened.
If you listen to comments all over the world, you will find that not only do they question the outcome of the elections, but also the integrity of Raila Odinga. A man whose biggest idol is still Fidel Castro and who has become a millioner in a short period of time when he accepted to become a Member of the corrupt Moi Cabinet. He signed some very questionable oil deals with his friends in Nigeria in which his own private company was involved. He futhermore never made any statement how he pretended to solve the Kenyan crisis. His election programme did not mention this with one word.
I am quoting here some comments made around the world which also clearly state that not only Kibaki is responsible for the ongoing unrest, but Raila Odinga should take the same share. He was asked in an interview yesterday why he does not stop that march which may cause more bloodshed. His reply was "If people have to die, it is sad but so be it. I do not owe the people and I am not planning to sedate them." When asked if he was participating himself, he kept quiet and just smiled.

Mbeere said...

The drunken man in a bar in a PNU stronghold who leeringly raised his glass to me in celebration of the government being “ours as usual” should, as he nurses the inevitable (and I hope excruciating) hang-over, ingest with his Panadol the human costs of maintaining the feudal principality of Kikuyustan--especially when other people would rather live in Kenya. Where does he think he will flee to, when the flames of discontent spread, as they inevitably will unless we come to our senses? Amongst the many things that should stop the down-swing of that upraised panga is the fact that our neighbours in the region are deeply inconvenienced by our violent naval-gazing proclivities. It will probably serve us right to be in the position of receiving humanitarian assistance from countries we have regarded with pitying superiority up to now. Perhaps we will then understand that refugees are not lazy people on the dole; they are innocents trying to save their own lives. The measure of our neighbourliness is about to be put to the test as Kenyans attempt to escape our home-grown stupidity by running across the Ugandan border. It is to be hoped that our generosity towards our neighbours has in the past been of an order sufficient to compel them to look compassionately on our compatriots. Perish the thought—Kenyan refugees and internally displaced persons of a magnitude sufficient to necessitate Red Cross concerns of a humanitarian crisis in the unfolding...

Read more:

Anonymous said...


Stop being a Kibaki Apologist. He stole our votes.

Wafula said...

The only problem with the current situation is that a lot of allegations and counter-allegations are flying around the place.One of the parties had anticipated a landslide victory and defeat was never in their vocabulary.
If you guys can remember very well, just a few days before the general elections,a research company from US (Gallup polls or something close to that) had indicated that Kibaki was in the lead.I know many ODM supporters didn't take that seriously.
If it were true that tallying of votes was tampered with, then why can't the aggrieved parties seek the legal avenue through an election petition. As far as I'm concerned everything that ODM is raising as a proof of electoral malpractice is just but pure allegation in law.
A lot of questions are being raised on the ODM's hesitancy in launching an election petition if they really believe Raila won.Instead of fanning tribal emotions and causing instability, ODM should simply follow the law.
Another point of consideration is the unanimous recommendation by the international community for the warring parties to sit down and work things out.I expected them to recommend the stepping down of Kibaki.
I'm sure the international community is silently approving Kibaki's presidency.
You cannot have a polarising president who carries with him a burden of ethnic hatred.I know many think that it's impossible for Kibaki to win with only Kikuyu votes.
I'm not a Kikuyu and i proudly voted for Kibaki purely on his development record and his statemanship.I therefore feel insulted when all this is degenerating into an ethnic battle.
That's why Majimbo was never such a good idea.
I think for Kenya to be peaceful, we Kenyans need to follow the law and avoid butchering our neighbours just because they come from a certain community.

Anonymous said...


Proud Kikuyu Woman said...

I like this idea lots better than the call for violence.Lot more sound and humane.

Anonymous said...

Why are people blaming Raila for a problem caused by Kibaki? Who appointed hid cronies to E.C.K. without consulting other political parties? Who trashed the I.P.P.G.? Who instigated the rigging? Who tallied the rigged votes? Who read the results despite the fact that he knew they were wrong? Who pressured the E.C.K. Chairman to read the results? Come on guys, let's get teh root of the problem. Kibaki and E.C.K.! So do you guys who want Kibaki, Raila and Kalonzo to go believe that you'll have a better President out of the remaining lot? Who? Martha Karua? Daniel Maanzo? Mungatana? Get real! The world needs Leaders and not 'Jokers'. Raila has done nothing wrong! Check with Kibaki and E.C.K. and therein lies your problem. Stop hiding your heads in the sand.

Chalo said...

Anon@2.18am, Marianne Brinner, is that you again? I ask you to focus on whats going on in your country. Please, it is people like you we DONT want in our country!!!!. Concentrate on the affairs of your country...
To add to that, we DONT want any government sanctioning the Kenyan elections. USA is not clean either--Florida 2000 & Ohio 2004--stolen dont tell us about rigging elections, ur hands are dirty too.
Kenyans...this is OUR country, we need SOLUTIONS. I applaud Hon. Raila, MP elect for Langata, for calling off the planned rally @ Uhuru Park, we dont need skirmishes...right now people need to PRAY TO GOD for peace.
KIBAKI...provide leadership, wacha kurega rega. Alaa!

Anonymous said...

West Europeans are reporting that Kibaki wants to invite the Chinese to assist him in his struggle to retain his presidency. (Now I understand why Kibaki and his cabinet swore that there is no any other China Republic, when condeming Taiwan)

Fellow Kenyans, where are we heading to? Communism? Chinese can not help us at all. They would want to exploit totally.

Must we suffer because of one old tyrant whose life is about to end? Why are some Kenyans supporting him? Join hands, young generations and send this man to retirement, otherwise Kenya will not come to final peace. Any alternative is just a temporary solution, which will see violence errupting every now and then.


Anonymous said...

Many tourists are either leaving the country or accept the offers by travel organisations to spend the rest of their booked holidays in Tanzania.

Western Governments are warning via their official Internet Websides and Television Channels not to go to Kenya and Travel Agencies offer to switch booked holidays for either South Africa or Tanzania. Although it seems the situation is still quiet at the tourist hotels .... all embassies like the American, British, Swedish, German have set up hotlines and also warn not only tourists but also business people not to fly to Kenya and those who are there, to leave the country.

Some Humanitarian Groups like the German Welthungerhilfe have closed their offices in Nairobi and have asked their personnel to leave. So did others.

Maybe this situation brings some sense into all heads, Kibaki's, Raila's and all the others.

Because the pictures going around the world since some days, will stay in the heads of many who have regarded Kenya upto now as an African safe haven.

Whoever will rule, will have to live with that: Kenya's reputation will be damaged for a long time to come.

mariannebriner said...

To all the Hellen, Sam Okello's and friends:

I am not sending comments and I will not do so again.

I do not understand why you cannot accept that not everybody is on your 'wave-length' -

So relax - it's not me. I have given up on all Kumemuchans - at least on those who have started to distribute more venom here against their own people than all the green and black mambas in your country could ever do!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

James said...

MB, why dont you concentrate on the affairs of your country? People like you destroyed kenya, now we are reaping the fruits. Have you ever met a kenyan you did not want to destroy? the list is endless--from the 70s, to Jeff Koinange, to the Okellos...what is your problem? STAY OUT OF KENYAN AFFAIRS!!!.
Now, to the real issue...Why is Kalonzo lying? why does he say he met with Raila and he never did?
Kibaki, why r u quiet?

Anonymous said...

MB - If you so much love Kenya, why not come over and die for it?

You had access to the people who systematically destroyed kenya, you wined and dined with them, spent Kenya's tax payers money. You are as guilty as them, so do not pretend otherwise. If you cannot find a just way to redeem past sins you committed to the Kenyan people, at least you should have the decency to leave us alone.

Now to more important issues. Will Kibaki have the decency to go the extra mile and resign?

Anonymous said...

My, My, My,

I have come to a point where i do not care whether its Kibaki, Raila or Whoever is president. All i want is a stop to this senseless killings and letting people go about their life in peace. These leaders should put a leash on their supporters and advise them that slaying your poor neighbour just because he/she exercised his/her democratic right is not the way to go. From my point of view is that a large chunk of the population voted for Kibaki and a large chunk for Raila so i do not think either of them can claim to represented at least 60-70% of Kenyans. These people should be recognised too while you try to outdo each other in fighting for that bloody seat. My question to Raila and Kibaki is, Your sons, wives and daughters and relatives were at the forefront during the campaigns. Why do you not then send them into the streets instead of sending innocent poor kenyans to beat each other senseless. They are probably cocooned in your maissonettes watching with awe as the kenyans kill each other. Shame on you. However aggrieved you may be, this is not the correct way. And for you Kenyans in the Diaspora who think you know so much about how the country should be run, why dont you come home and fight the good fight here?

mike said...

PNUs burnt the AIC Kibera church to revenge the burning of the Eldoret church. Everyone knows.

Lillian said...

Like I said before, none of these 2 idiots deserve to lead Kenya, as both have revealed their utter disdain for both Kenya, and Kenyans. They are willing to let people die, and have the country fall into civil war, just to realize their "dreams". Kenyans are just pawns in their little games. So this so called "petition", pitting one against the other, is just a continuation of the division that has resulted in the madness we are now witnessing in Kenya. For shame! This blog is a platform that could be used to begin he healing process, but instead it has been largely been used to incite the same toxic sentiment that has landed us where we are today. Shame! Shame! Hopefully this will all end and you will be judged as just another blemish in our dark past. Otherwise keep at this, and we will see which members of the "international community" will be willing to tally ballots in war-like conditions. Don't believe me? Check out the DRC. I will repeat this: Kenya is greater than Raila, Kibaki and certainly greater than you!!!!! May peace prevail.

Anonymous said...


A blog is a forum where people are free to express themselves. Unless you want Chris to censor people like the likes of Michuki, you should learn to tolerate people with different opinions. Let people vent their anger in the blogs. Every Kenyan venting their anger here means there is one less Kenyan chopping up his neighbor.

Anonymous said...,0,4416543.story?coll=la-home-world

Kenya chaos and killings continue
Robyn Dixon, Los Angeles Times Staff Writer
3:03 AM PST, January 3, 2008
NAIROBI, KENYA -- Kenyan riot police today fired tear gas and water cannons at thousands of opposition protesters waving branches and white cloths, stopping them from marching to a banned rally at a city park.

Defying the police ban, opposition presidential candidate, Raila Odinga, called on his supporters to go ahead with a "million man march," raising fears of a new surge of tribal killing. He accuses President Mwai Kibaki of rigging elections and illegitimately grabbing another five-year term.

But while police succeeded in containing the demonstrators to the slum area of Kibera, home to about a million people, they could not contain their anger. Despite the white cloths, protesters, mainly from the Luo tribe, threatened to keep on killing Kikuyus from President Kibaki's tribe until he steps down.

"We are slaughtering them and we will keep on slaughtering them," said one young protester, Gabriel Okelo, who got up at six and walked nine miles from the outskirts of the city to march in support of Odinga.

As the political violence worsens, tribal fighting and tit-for-tat killings have been going on in Nairobi's slums and in other towns.

Okelo said he killed two people with a machete for the first time Wednesday because "When you are angry, it's easy. If they refuse our president, Raila Odinga to address the rally, it will happen again. We shall slaughter the Kikuyus. It will go on and on and on, in all parts of the country."

The confrontation threatened to deepen Kenya's political crisis and worsen the tribal violence that flared up over the weekend and has so far killed at least 300.

Intense international diplomatic efforts have so far failed to persuade the two to step back from the brink and reach a political settlement.

Kenya's morning newspapers pleaded for compromise, with the Daily Nation and Standard running identical front page banner headlines: "Save Our Beloved Country."

"No grievance and no cause is worth the innocent blood of Kenyan children," said an editorial in the Daily Nation. "We're on the brink of becoming one of Africa's failed states," ran another headline in the newspaper.

Until last week's election, Kenya was a beacon of democracy in Africa. With elections due in Ghana, Zimbabwe and Angola this year, the message Kibaki's administration sends to other African countries about democracy is seen as crucial.

South African Anglican Archbishop Desmond Tutu flew in to Nairobi today offering to mediate and Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice was talking to both sides in a bid to find a compromise and avert a slide into tribal warfare. African Union chairman and Ghanian President, John Kufuor, was due to fly into Nairobi today to meet both Kibaki and Odinga.

But so far, neither side is willing to make a meaningful concession in a winner-take-all standoff for the right to rule East Africa's strongest economy.

Even if there was a political settlement there is a question mark over the extent to which Odinga can control his supporters.

One opposition protester, Edward Okoo, 32, said the protesters would not support a power-sharing deal, sentiments echoed by many others yesterday.

"There will be no peace until Raila (Odinga) is president. We voted for our party to lead." "You can't ask for a sheep and you get a goat," chimed in another opposition supporter, David Namale, 39, referring to any power sharing arrangement.

The two political leaders are stalemated: Kibaki insists the election was fair and demands Odinga accept the results; Odinga demands that Kibaki admits he is not the legitimate president or accepts international mediators.

Both have refused a power-sharing deal, seen by the international community as the only speedy way forward in order to avoid more deaths and a slide into more entrenched tribal killing.

Anonymous said...

Every election is a high stakes affair, involving as always aggressive campaigning, passionate speeches, oratory to rally the troops, spin in newspapers, flyering, lies -contortions and outright falsification and even the macho grandstanding that we as Kenyans have come to accept as part and parcel of our political culture. That is standard fare, expected and a part of the competitive aspect of modern politics.But some actions go a little too far, especially because once committed they unleash forces that cannot be restrained and whose effect will be most difficult to mitigate against.

With all due respect to you on your blog and odm sympathizers Young Kenyans reported the Following well before the elections( All well documented)A report complied in early December stated the following

1.What the ODM has introduced in this election, is a determined effort to decide that any result that does not have them winning both State House and Parliament has been arrived at by a nefarious rigging scheme. This crusade is so determined and nothing it seems is too large a stretch for it. Not content with demonising Steadman the pollsters, they are now determined to paint a picture using some alien logic of a collusion by the media and the all the pollsters to give a low 40s approval figure to Raila Odinga, when he instead should have a 55% backing.

2.This idea, that ODM already has the election sewn up and that the government is planning to rig it out of its legitimate victory has been repeated so often, and given such prominence by the ODM friendly East African Standard, and the party’s top officials that is now accepted in many quarters as truth. This is especially the case given two crucial characteristics of our electorate. The first is that the majority live in concentrations where one candidate or party holds sway. A man living in Oyugis for example or in Kerugoya is unlikely to have met more than five people of political persuasion different than his own.

3.ODM has proved very adept at drawing out large crowds, and their candidate is without a doubt the most skilful of the candidates on the pulpit. These large numbers, beamed about the country indicate the ODM leader’s popularity with the youth and the unemployed; they indicate the curious thrall in which the colourful ODM juggernaut holds large parts of the country. What these television and print images do not show however is in what standing the ODM leader is held by those employed in activities that would preclude their attendance of his rallies, it does not reflect the evolution of perception or indeed give a breakdown across the different national regions.

4.These fantasies, unhindered by a media that has totally abdicated its role as public watchman, are based on ignorance of the fact that there are already massive measures in place by the political parties, local NGOs and foreign observers to ensure that the election is regulated in compliance with the law. They also choose to ignore the fact that since the 2002 elections, the ECK pays a mere coordinating role with the actual counting taking place at the polling station, rather than at some underground point of rigging. But this is not private knowledge; the ODM knows that the government cannot rig the election. Even more, the ECK chairman has indulged the Orange parties and has bent over backwards to prove to them that there is nothing untoward going on. Still, they persist, and yesterday the ODM’s presidential candidate was in meetings with the American Ambassador, seeking to internationalise the issue of his most fertile imagination.

5.These imaginings are a political ploy, straight out of the perpetual victim philosophy that has caused its candidate to repeatedly allege that the State had hired assassins to finish him off. So should we pay him any mind? Yes, Raila’s cries must not be ignored because they influence many Kenyans perception and are from his lips a powerful cudgel, as dishonest and irritating as they may be. It is commendable that the ECK is doing everything in its power to prove Raila’s claims not only untrue but also unreasonable. The claims about the black-book and double registrations for example have been properly dealt with and with 20,000 observers from the EU alone; there will be no voting station that is unwatched.

6.It is clear what the ODM parties are trying to do. Their employment of the talents of **** Morris evinces this desire to win at all costs, fair or foul and it is a strategy that Kenya can ill afford. **** Morris, for those Kenyans who may have forgotten is particularly famous for his involvement in the ‘revolution’ of the Ukraine where his strategy was to flood the streets with flag-carrying protesters after the election, thereby creating the perception of a defeated government that had rigged itself back into office. Just like in the Ukraine, it is clear that in Kenya, an opposition win is the desired result for both the British and the American governments. These governments then went on to underwrite the sustained effort of the demonstrations and its international portrayal as a display of democratic will, against an unpopular government never mind that half the country supported the incumbent. The international media are already being alerted to the role they will be required to play in this coup, a make-believe spontaneous ‘Orange Revolution’ coming to our streets if Raila and his shadowy allies are not pleased with the election result.

7.The election is unlikely to be glitch free, and the need to vigilance can hardly be overstated but it is also fact that such a large conspiracy as the ODM suggests would not go off succesfully. Indeed so slim are its chances of success, that it is extrememly unlikely that any such attempt will even be made. There is a big difference between random electoral failures and a concerted campaign to cheat at the elections. Any such scheme would long ago have been discovered, not just for its sheer unwieldy nature, but also because the polling officials are drawn from all corners of the country and have in all likelihood support for all shades of political opinion, including being supportive of the ODM.The media must now point out to Kenyans that the national population dispersion is such that the president may be dominant in only two provinces, but still have a large percentage nationwide. Articles such as Dennis Onyango’s in the Standard or Raila Odinga’s statement that because he was leading in all but two provinces and only just in the national polls, then the opinion polls were definitely biased will only serve to incite the public who cannot be expected to comprehend basic statistics. Statements such as ODM secretary general Anyang’ Nyong’o’s assertion that it is impossible to close a five point gap in the approval ratings also fly against reason, especially as earlier in this very year, his party’s candidate lagged far behind in the opinion polls. To the innocent mwananchi, already driven into frenzy by the heat and passion of the campaign period, it will be difficult to accept defeat after such rhetoric. Worst of all, this is an attempt at blackmail against the PNU, essentially a demand that the PNU stop campaigning and concede the election, or else…

Anonymous said...

Here is the full text of the President’s statement, excluding the remarks made in Swahili:

Fellow Kenyans, I am deeply disturbed by the senseless violence instigated by some leaders in pursuit of their personal political agendas. This is causing unnecessary loss of lives, destruction of property and displacement of innocent wananchi from their homes, especially women and children.

As your President, I want to assure all of you that the Government is doing everything possible to ensure the security of all Kenyans. Those who continue to violate the law will face its full force. I urge the public to remain calm as the Government continues with its efforts to restore law and order.

In the last few days, I have continuously appealed for peace and restraint. I wish to thank those who have heeded my call, and especially those who have taken the initiative to bring about peace and reconciliation in our country.

I want to remind leaders that you have an obligation to respect and uphold the constitution of this country, and its laws. You have an obligation to uphold and protect the right of every Kenyan to live, work, and own property anywhere in our country. It is your duty to ensure that these rights are protected and upheld throughout this nation.

As we seek avenues of bringing back peace and calm to this country, I am appealing to you to demonstrate your respect for this country and its institutions by restraining yourselves, and your supporters from engaging in unlawful activities.

In particular, I am appealing to all young people to reject any attempts to use them to harm their fellow Kenyans. This is your country too, and to harm your fellow citizens and wilfully destroy property is to destroy your own future.

I have said before that I will personally lead this nation in healing and reconciliation. I have opened my office to all Kenyans of goodwill whose desire is to have a united, peaceful, and stable Kenya.

I am ready to have dialogue with concerned parties once the nation is calm and the political temperatures are lowered enough for constructive and productive engagement.

I am directing the Police Commissioner to increase the number of police hotlines for the wananchi to report any suspicious activities that may lead to acts of lawlessness. I am also directing our security services to be vigilant and deal firmly with all perpetrators of criminal activities.

The Government is providing food and other humanitarian requirements to all those displaced by the violence. The military has been entrusted with the execution of this important responsibility. I convey my deepest condolences and sympathies to the relatives of all the innocent persons who have lost their lives.

I will soon be visiting the affected areas to join fellow Kenyans in the healing and reconciliation process. Once again, fellow Kenyans, I want to reiterate my commitment and duty to protect the lives and property of all Kenyans, and to ensure that this country is governed by the rule of law that applies to all of us, irrespective of our status.

My fellow Kenyans, let us work together as brothers and sisters to seek lasting peace and unity for our country.

Thank You and God Bless Kenya.

wa-Njoki said...

I am probably one of a dozen Kikuyus who voted for ODM despite the ethnic baiting and the let's isolate kikuyus rhetoric. Let's cast votes again. This time I will not give it to Raila but Kalonzo who seems more of a statesman.

deroo said...

Can the authors of this post look at themselves in the mirror. Then they will be staring a LIARS. People lying openly. Maragwa reported 115%. Can you count the Nyanza constituencies that reported even more.

Sheria ni msumeno. Yakata pande mbili. Na njia ya muongo ni fupi. Kama yenu sasa


Annah said...

Deroo, please provide evidence of this. The only evidence I've seen of a constituency that so obviously inflated figures is Maragwa.


Kibaki's Refusal to Negotiate Immediately Ensures the Continuation of Violence in Kenya

Raila Odinga has declared that he is open to negotiations with Kibaki to end violence. Kibaki would like to delay negotiations until the violence ends. Question: WHAT IF THE VIOLENCE NEVER ENDS?


I hope that the world is watching the baffling logic of would-be dictator Mwai Kibaki. The only way to understand this kind of logic is to understand the agenda behind it.


Wiser said...

If Kibaki "thinks" he won fair and square,then he should not be afraid of a re-run or recount should he?
I can't wait for ODM to move the no-confidence motion once parliament opens.They only need a simple majority.ODM has over 100 MPS,not counting nominated MPS and NARC MPS.
Good luck Kibaki. said...


Wed, 2 Jan 2008 08:05:02 -0500
From: Maurice Nyaware

It’s right to keep each one of us in Diaspora who has access to our beloved web “”’’.As you know we are all astonished with the self declaration of Jaraboun’s win.What I can say is that some of the reliable source back from home says that, the peoples President is not locked in and his fellows like Ruto and Orengo Jimy is also not in,they are all expected to hold THE PEOPLE’S PRESIDENDT INAGURATION at the venue that have not been mentioned at 2pm, so far it is that the deaths fom Dagoreti.Mathare, Kariobangi, Kayole and some other estates in Nairobi may be 50 in number’s there have been fights through out the night since Kibaki imposed him self yesterday .The forces are also devide and this is said to couse more havoc scince the majority of the foces are wakale and this are pro Aguambo. Otherwiase this is the time when force should be implemented to achieve the demand of the people as it is said when diplomacy fails Force should be implied, the reasone why am saying this is for the reason that the Court will not solve this situation and if some body is thinking of international community this still will fail couse Okuche as you know they are nincompups who do not look at this as a national concern but away of making more “”Mbesha”” .this is way I say lets find a way of making use of our forces THIS IS THE ONLY WAY OUT.

Listone O

Anonymous said...

Actually is promoting negotiations. They support an interim government (power-sharing) that is temporary and new elections within three months.

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