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Wednesday, January 02, 2008


The mission of the Coalition of Kenyans and Allies for Democracy (CKAD) is to protect Kenya's fragile democracy and to restore peace to the country. In order to accomplish, this agenda, we demand:

1) the removal of Mwai Kibaki from the seat of President of Kenya;

2) the instatement of Raila Odinga as President of Kenya;

3) humanitarian aid from the United Nations, Red Cross, Doctors Without Borders, and other reputable agencies;

4) the assistance of the United Nations, European Union, Britain, and the United States in creating a democratic and peaceful Kenya via:

a) the prosecution of those involved in ethnic cleansing, including foreign and Kenyan military personnel and foreign and Kenyan civilians;

b) protection of and asylum for political refugees;

c) the creation of a system of checks and balances to ensure that the President of Kenya is accountable to the entire Kenyan electorate and that power is not concentrated in the executive branch;

d) respect for freedom of the press at all levels of government;

e) respect for freedom of speech at all levels of government;

f) respect for free and transparent elections at all levels of government;

g) the prosecution of elected officials engaging in corruption or other forms of illegal activity.


Hellen Okello said...

Annah, thanks for being a patriot.

Anonymous said...

Visit today's (Thursday 3rd)Standard for the story on RAILA TAKES THE LEAD IN SEARCH OF A WAY OUT.

He says:

a) He is willing to drop his demand that Kibaki step down before they meet.

b) Serve in an interim govt.of no more than 3 months followed by a fresh presidential election.

Anonymous said...

This mission statement is lacking and unrealistic and is DOA, it fails to call for the arrest and prosecution of William Ruto for the aiding, planning, execution and finance of private militia that is currently engaged in ethnic cleansing and genocide in Rift Valley province of innocent men, women and children. You cannot make power hungry political demands so that Ruto can assume political power and use the cover of serikali to continue his rampage in assasinating and murdering innocent Kenyans across the nation. There can be no compromise when ODM financed and organized militias are busy hard at work butchering Kenyans on the basis of their ethnicity.

Lillian said...

BS!!! Kenya is more important than any one selfish politician. Both Raila and Kibaki have demonstrated beyond a shadow of doubt that they are willing to put their own blind ambition over the lives of ordinary Kenyans, and the well being of the country as a whole. Shame on both of them!! Kenya will be a much better place without either one of them. I am not buying into any "coalition" that is out to prop any one of these two imbeciles!!
My 2 cents.


Philip Roy said...

Ruto this,Ruto that......

What about Michuki ?

Anonymous said...

Leakey says: "They think white, they think black, they think Muslim, they think Christian, they think Kikuyu, they think Masai. They don't think Kenyan. That is the challenge for the future."

Anonymous said...

So the current crisis is about Ruto is it? He's the one who rigged an election in broad daylight and plunged the country into chaos is he?

What are you smoking my friend?

Patriot damu.

P.S. Kibaki is too proud to allow any mediation. Proud stupid old man will cause more Kenyan lives to be lost. He really doesn't care. Please we need foreign invasion of a military kind to stop this fool.

Anonymous said...

I quote some comments here: "We need foreign military invasion" - "we need the American Government, the British Government, the European Common Market countries" - "we need foreign aid, foreign doctors, medicaments" and so on and so on.

Do you want Kenya to go back to colonial times? Or what are you saying here?

Annah said...

This is great news. Thanks Anonymous!

The sad reality is that we do need foreign intervention. This is largely a result of Kibaki's blackout of the media. We need an international presence to ensure that the government, which is clearly not pro-democracy, does not commit human rights abuses on its citizenry. (Actually, Michuki's actions practically make the idea of democracy in Kenya under the current government null and void.)

I am adamantly against a permanent foreign presence in Kenya. The U.S., for example, should not look on this as an opportunity to establish that military base it has been looking to set up in Kenya...

The other sad reality is that, had this election not been rigged by Kibaki and, it would seem, ODM-K, none of this would have happened. There are Kikuyus who voted for Raila and I believe that the majority of Kikuyus would have accepted him as their leader. The Kikuyu have no reason to hate Raila. Not only did he campaign for one of "their own," but he has spoken out against tribalism in the past and has been calling on everyone to avoid violence now, when action is most crucial. Kibaki, on the other hand, has used violence and intimidation to attempt to solidify his grasp on power.

The simple truth is that you cannot have an illegitimate ruler and claim sovereignty. Only democratically elected leaders can and should be accorded this respect. Sovereignty goes out the window when you are willing to violently repress your own citizenry in order to keep power.

Coalition of Kenyans and Allies for Democracy

Annah said...

Thank you Hellen! I personally believe that we are Kenyan before we are Luo or Kikuyu. But mostly, we are human.

As human beings we have an obligation to other human beings to respect their human rights. This requires, you guessed it, humanity.

For those who can, I urge you to call, email, or text your relatives and tell them to avoid violence. Also, tell them to spread the word that negotiations are under way for a re-run of the election.

john oilepo said...

Fresh elections within 21 days! This time we will give Raila a more unsurmountable victory! We will shame Kibaki for the stupidity he is trying to do with his side-kick Michuki!

mike said...


Anonymous said...

You should call your Coalition "THE COALITION OF THE IGNORANT AND THE BLIND".
What pride do you get from running to foreign countries pleading for sympathy, help and recognition while you have not even started to explore the available local solutions to the problem?

Why are you not insisting on an independent and thorough audit of the election returns to determine the extent of the irregularities and how this should be resolved?

What law will we be following in installing Raila as president? Who is supposed to replace ECK to declare him the election winner? ODM pentagon? Shouldn't we be more focused on PROVING that he won the election and not Kibaki before we start demanding that Kibaki steps down?

What if after an audit is done Kibaki still emerged as the winner? Oh, I forgot, Raila can never loose! Or are you going to say the audit was rigged as well?

Rigging or no rigging, at least 4 million people voted for Kibaki. Are you trying to suggest that those people don't have any rights? That if you didn't vote for Raila, then your vote doesn't count? Is Raila trying to be ODM's president or the president of Kenya?

When you talk of prosecution, are you including the prosecution of Raila Odinga for making ethnicity the basis of his campaign strategy? Turning brother against brother in the name of winning an election? What we are witnessing right now is a direct result of his tireless campaign throughout Kenya to preach hatred against one ethnic group. His tireless efforts to sell the idea that all communities should gang up against one ethnic group seems to have worked and I'm sure he has no remorse at all at the consequent loss of life as long as it's serving his cause.

Kenya needs real selfless solutions from true patriots and true statesmen. Anybody who is willing to throw our beloved country to the dogs and watch it bleed, crash and burn just because he lost an election does not deserve to be president. As a matter of fact, he belongs in jail.

Your "mission statement" is therefore not a solution but a redundant ODM war cry which has all along been part of the problem!

mike said...


Anonymous said...

I am glad to FINALLY see some sane Kenyans who responded above to your VENOM. Kumekucha you are worse than Hitler.

mike said...


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