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Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Kenya Killings: What You Can Do To Help End The Crisis

...As Kenya Military is deployed and Kibaki meets all newly elected MPs in State House

Most of the world press is reporting that the war in Kenya is between President Kibaki’s Kikuyu tribe and Raila Odinga’s Luo tribe. That is what the world believes.

This is exactly what the man men currently sitting comfortably inside State house would like the world to believe.

This is just NOT TRUE. Some of he most violent protests in the country have come from Rift Valley and the tribe here are not Luos. They are Kalenjins. Most of the violence in Nairobi has been in slums where there is a mixture of different tribes from different parts of the country. The same can be said about Mombasa, Kenya\s coastal town. In other words what we have in Kenya is a popular uprising against a rigged election where some people have taken advantage to settle scores related to ethnicity. Like the Kalenjins who have been opposed to Kikuyu settlement in their land that happened in the 60s supervised by Kenya’s first president Mzee Jomo Kenyatta.

It gets more complex because most Kenyans seem to be venting out their anger on Kikuyus.

This blog has right from the beginning championed the cause of the voiceless masses in Kenya and this is why foreigners reading it are saying that it is pro-ODM. The truth is that we are pro-the masses of Kenya. Although we have ODM insiders writing here, we also have PNU and writers who support different causes writing. Therefore it will be difficult to get a more balanced blog on Kenya, if you understand that posts here are made by other writers as well as the main blogger qho has written this piece you are reading.

The time has now come for patriotic Kenyans to do something very important. We must all reach out to our Kikuyu brothers and isolate the Kibaki regime. It is NOT the Kikuyu who stole the election. In fact the election was stolen by Kibaki with the help of many individuals representing a lot of different tribes including Luos and Kalenjins.

It is important that we all unite against the dictatorship of a man called Mwai Kibaki. This what this whole Kenyan crisis is about.

I kindly appeal to all of you out there to come up with ideas to help us reach out to each other to end the violence and address the real problem. The name of the real problem is Mwai Kibaki. It is Mwai Kibaki (whom most Kenyans did not know very well before the events of December 30th 2007) who is the real Anglo Leasing and Ken Ren. Two scams where the Kenyan treasury lost billions of shillings. Most of that money ended up in accounts belonging to Mwai Kibaki and his cronies. It is Mwai Kibaki who ordered the raid on Standard newspapers (something that even dictator Moi did not do) and throughout his term he was consistent in pushing forward bills to muzzle the press, including the one that is now being used to stop live broadcasts.

While it is true that most of our Kikuyu brothers voted for him, that is their democratic right and besides many of them regret voting the way they did now.

Let us reach out to all our Kenyan brothers because once we are united, we will make short work of the mad men inside State house. Very tribe has mad men and it jut happens that the ones we are dealing with currently are Kikuyu. But the important thing here is unity against them.

P.S. My ung the term Mad men may sound a little overboard. But just consider the actions of Mwai Kibaki leading upto the elections like;

- Appointing his cronies to replace most of the ECK commissioners, obviously in readiness for his evil rigging plan.
- Appointment of court of appeal judges and high court judges the day before the elections. The assumption was that after he rigged ODM and Raila would have rushed to court, where his cronies would be waiting.
- Organizing a swearing in ceremony before the election results were in.
- As people continue to die like chickens countrywide Kibaki ha no sense of urgency in him and rules out mediation by outsiders and calls for dialogue instead, which he will not take part in personally. That’s leadership for you. etc.
There is nothing Kikuyu about these points. In fact the last decision will cause a lot of continued suffering for our Kikuyu brothers and sisters.

STOP PRESS: President Kibaki has invited all newly elected MPs to a meeting in State House this afternoon (the meeting should be going on now) 3:30 pm Kenyan time. Kumekucha will brief you of the outcome later.

Military deployed to areas where there is trouble. Government claims to help in humanitarian efforts but many analysts have doubts. For example will they be sed to stop tomorrow’s planned meeting from taking place?

Bodies strewn all over the streets.


Anonymous said...

How many MPs have actually attended that state house meeting?

Anonymous said...

TOO LATE, TOO LATE, TOO LATE. Chris or Phil, or whoever wrote that article, it is too late.
You have irresponsibly allowed anti-kikuyu propaganda to grow and take root here at Kumekucha.
You have espoused views bordering on a call to arms by other non-kikuyu tribes.
You have IGNORED pleas for calm and non-violence by right thinking Kumekuchans.
You have allowed "guest writers" (MN, SO, HO etc) to post non-sense here.
You are GUILTY as well.
We appreciate your call for peace and reserve, how we wish u could have done it earlier.!!!

Anonymous said...

Why is Mwizi Kibaki not speaking passionately about the violence? Does he not care at all about his pple because we know he doesnt care about other tribes with the shoot to kill order! God I can't stand him and his cronies.

Anonymous said...

Breaking on Jukwaa:

Mashada has locked out pro-ODM bloggers...I'm one of them. I called Dave to give me a new log-in password after they changed my old one, so far it's a blackout.

I ask David Kobia to do the right thing and let people blog freely.

Shaza said...

I honestly think Kenyans need to know the truth.........for you shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free. It is not about who won the elections, it is about transparency. There is no reconciliation without truth..I quote someone who qouted Desmond Tutu's words.

My words are,... the foundation of Patriotism of the next government which is going to rule our nation Kenya in the next five years must be laid in the platform of honesty, transparency and truth. These are the pillars that will hold the next government. As long as these pillars are ignored, the next government will be shaky.

Why do I say this? It is not about who won the election now. It is about, where does the truth lie? The international community is questioning itself.....where does the truth lie? If Kivuitu, the Chairman of the ECK does not know this puzzling question, who am I to know it? If this can be searched and can be found, then we as a country will have aborted the seed of hatred, tribalism, betrayal, chaos and discord that could have split the country into unfortunate sorry situation.

If the current government will succeed, this has to be dealt with.
I have forced myself to sing the national anthen - all the three stanzas and digest its real meaning. I came up to a conclusion that it is not easy to be patriotic if one feels cheated.

Please, the words of loyalty pledge to the president and the nation of Kenya cannot be practical if I feel there is no transparency.

Please the independent inquiry should be done as soon as possible before the baby called mistrust that was concieved on december 31 grows bigger to maturity.

Save Kenya by letting the truth be known......

There is no shortcut to this. Let us not be cheated, as the earth endures, seed time and harvest time will never cease. This is the only way ahead. The sooner the better.

this truth will uproot violence, blood shed, hooliganism, tribalism etc that might otherwise sprout

Anonymous said...

Ombati, as much as I am for a political solution, what occured is no less than a coup. If right-minded PNUers can see this perhaps there is hope.

Anonymous said...

Is there a web page or web site where i can get a list of all the election outcome, both presidential and parliamentary. Also any information on which MP's elect have gone to state house.

Afriboy said...

Now is the time to establish truths.

mike said...

Kutoka jikoni :

Anonymous said...

This' available at

I’ve followed the killings currently taking place in Kenya, (a previously very peaceful country in a volatile region of Africa) with much disgust. Leaders the world over must make known that no life is more important than the other, so nothing should simply be dismissed as isolated cases or as the government spokesperson put it, “it’s normal violence that characterises our elections.”

No sensible recipient of such excuses should say, “Ok then sort it out.” There should be no violence and worse still, there should be no deaths. This brings the second issue: the speed at which the government moved-in to muzzle the media. The government advisors should know that lack of information is as worse as disinformation and that’s what seems to be taking place in Kenya. The local media has been stopped from reporting on the deaths that are being recorded on hourly basis and the world is simply watching.

My understanding of the situation (and I stand to be corrected), the clashes being witnessed in the country now has very little to do with tribal or ethnicity and the foreign media is now referring to it; it’s the citizens that are displaying their anger at what they believe is an issue of vote-rigging or vote-theft. The citizens feel violated and the common Kikuyu man and woman, child and the aged are now suffering for what their leaders have done way back in Nairobi.

Most of these Kikuyus now being attacked in the Rift Valley, Mombasa, Molo, Nakuru, Migori, Kisumu, Busia, Kakamega, Eldoret (basically all over the country) may even have voted for the opposition whose supporters are now venting their anger.

But it must also be pointed out that most of those who have died since December 30, have been victims of police bullets. To prevent the exact effects of their bullets being known, police have been posted to guard morgues across the country to avoid their atrocities being know.

I’d not go into the finer details on how votes are claimed to have been stolen (rigged) as that has been covered by various bloggers and observers across the world, but the confession of the Electoral Commission of Kenya Chairman, Samuel Kivuitu that he was harassed into declaring Mwai Kibaki the winner should not be taken lightly.

Kivuitu went on to confess that he decided against resigning before declaring what he believed to be questionable results for fear of being seen as a coward. Pride, how did he put his pride before doing the right thing? This confession has not calmed the feelings of the voters. Having covered various press conferences addressed by Mr Kivuitu on numerous occasions in the past, he is not the kind of a person that can easily be pushed into doing what is wrong. It’s for this reason that I believe Kivuitu is not being completely honest in his confession.

As a grand father, Kivuitu must now see and tell the world what his ‘cowardice’ has caused the country.

Lastly, as we wait a stop to the killings that is currently making world headlines, the local media should not allow itself to be pushed like Kivuitu was into duping the country. The situation is already bad and failing to inform the public comprehensively shall just lead to more losses of lives. The public has a right to be told what parts of the country are not safe to venture into and exactly what is being done to resolve the situation.

It was time the press lived to its responsibility of keeping the public informed at all cost. The gag order by Security Ministry is not only unconstitutional, but doesn’t conform to Article 19 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights of which Kenya is a signatory.

NB: Just watched a Sky News broadcast where a Dr. David Matsanga a Ugandan Public Relations businessman has come out defending the Kenyan government. For those who don’t know anything about this self-claimed doctor, he has on numerous occasions been featured by various media houses on issues pertaining to Africa.

This is the same doctor who has been in Dr Robert Mugabe’s payroll as a PR guru. He also has links with the Uganda’s LRA. the main question would be, why hire such a person to do your PR work? The killings must be stopped NOW not tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

Breaking on CNN:

The petition signed by over a thousand Kenyans and sent to the State Departemnt and other world capitals is working. The US Secretary of State and the British Foreign Secretary have have called for political reconcilliation that puts the democratic interests of Kenya first. I urge people to continue signing that petition

Anonymous said...

Your blog is as responsible as these panga wielding genocidaires around the country for violence. Your keyboards are tainted with blood through lies, Kikuyu phobia and incitement.

I don't know how some of you can sleep at night after the bullshit you lot seem to write about the election.

Unknown said...

It is totally wrong for the government to muzzle the media. This is giving too much room for rumours doing the round. Whoever cameup with this idea must be very old and still living in the colonial era.this person should be told to go to the church and read the bible. The bible says you shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free.this people are now following the active kenyan links in the internet. Mashada was immediately closed after ALFRED MUTUA registering and warning the site for posting antigoverment and inciting posts.This is becoming dangerous. Soon he will catch up with other sites including this one. This evening news on tv has it that the ODM MEETING will go on as they planned. I'm only worried about the number of deaths that may occur in addition to what we have already had and still having. This means that among the two forces, no one wants to listen. My suggestion therefore is that the meeting should be allowed to proceed peacefuly. The police should provide security and not incite the multitude into stampede. I also think that if people want to hear Raila help talking to people to stop violance then the forum will provide an opportunity to do so. Any beating or harassment by the police will only embolden the idea that the government is hiding something and hence making the situation worse. The other way forward is that if the president feels ashamed to step down, then he should immediately order for the retallying of votes and whatever the outcome, the president can blame it on the ECK FOR LACKING CREDIBILITY and he would have saved his face. This way the country would come back to normal and it will be said that he was sincere. Failure to do this, the ODM will gain more sympathy and this may lead to civil war which will eventually remove him from power with great shame and harsh penalties. It is also time the president stopped getting advice from his cronies and start listening to his internal Godly conscience. The president needs to do this quickly and not wait for the other parties to soften their stance because of the looming detrimental repercussion on the side of the same people he is constitutionally required to protect. Sorry for the long post.

Anonymous said...


I think most of us have established Mwizi Kibaki does not have a conscience. So, things will remain the same.

Anonymous said...

Look, it is the Kikuyus who need to reach out to the other kenyans.

Why? They are the ones who are proping thieves. The other Kenyans have rejected the thieves by not electing them (Even the Kaleos rejected Biwott and Moi's sons, The Kissis Nyachae, so the kyuks, if the wanted to, could have kicked out Murungi, Kibaki,Michuki, Kimunya). Does it really need brains to put 2 and 2 together? If the kikuyus do not believe in corruption and theft and bad governnace etc, why do you elect people who do so?

Of course, what this government does is sweet to them.

Wacha wewe.

Anonymous said...

this is not a time for name calling but kenyans need to know the truth. what happened to my vote?

kibaki HAS to hand over to a transitional government, as we need peace in kenya.

Anonymous said...

Kumekucha brothers and sisters, tell all the non-kikuyu people travelling to Nairobi to weigh their options as regards recurity because sources indicate that travellers are being stopped at Naivasha and being beheaded by the mungiki. Please tell all the people you can reach to weigh all options before riskimg their lives. Remember all morgues are being guarded so that nobody can tell how many are killed. Also remember the incident where the Uganda soldiers collected the youths from Kisumu and shot them at the RIAT area. Pass it to save lives!

Anonymous said...

What suprises me with MWIZI KIBAKI is that how can he hold the bible to be sworn in and he is very sure he is not the president of Kenya?.

Raila is the Peoples Elect President.

when someone ask me who the president of Kenya is i will always say Raila.

His Excellency President of The Republic of Kenya, Raila Odinga.

Vikii said...

Oh will you? That's not too bad for the Kenya in your head.

Anonymous said...

I don't know what to say about the likes of kumekucha, rcbowen and mashada.

for days you have been asked to tone down the rhetoric but you kept it up.

do not try and say that there was a popular uprising. Popular uprisings do not condone the killing of anyone.

The truth of the matter is that the luo in Kisumu targeted anyone who was not from luo nyanza.

the truth is that the kalenjin in eldoret targeted the poor kikuyu in eldoret.

the so called many tribes in kibera actually raped their own women and attacked people with pangas. I mean everyone saw that on tv.

You cannot come here to tell us that it was not tribal based.

Popular uprising my foot. Kenyans are tired of you guys trying to tell us what is right for us. If you really want to march, go and march on tuesday but let the rest of us go to work to feed our children.

this was not an uprising, it was the systematic elimination of a particular tribe because a particular man did not become president. supported by the likes of you, rcbowen, mashada, mentalacrobatics ,odm scandanavia

Anonymous said...

you can hate kikuyus coz most of them are rich and well distributed in kenya.where were ur parents when ours were making money? they were doing nothing and if they were doing something,it was something useless like you are doing now.propaganda,denial,hatred will make you poor and more desperate and your children's children will always remain poor if they will have the kind of your thinking.poor brats.Kibaki will remain our president whether you like or not.he is the president of those with brains not useless people like you

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