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Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Jam Hurrah Kenya is 44 Today

Fourty four years can be a very long or short time depending on how you look at it and who you are in Kenya. This years Jamhuri celebrations at at Nyayo stadium didn't lack the usual colour and pomp even when 'less patriotic' presidential aspirants Raila and Kalonzo snubbed the occasion.

Jamhuri is a time for sober reflection on our past as we chat the way forward to PROSPERITY. Look around you and what do you see a part from CHANGE and DEVELOPMENT? Only those without eyes cannot see Kibaki's Midas touch that has turned Kenya's ruined past into economic gold. Let the picture speak a thousand words (or more):

Change you can see

Free Primary Education: Numerous children all over the country have joined school for the very first time. No child has been left out, not those on the streets, nor those whose parents who could not previously afford an education. Parents have saved a lot of money and have been able to invest and uplift their living standards.

Improved the Quality of Life for all Kenyans: Through improved health services to ensure a healthy and vibrant workforce. Water and Electricity have been made more available to more Kenyans in urban and rural areas.

Empowered people in Development: Through the Constituency Development Fund, the people can now decide the best ways to develop their areas. In the year 2005/06 alone, more than Kshs 54 billion was allocated to cater for different development projects that directly benefit the people.

Boosted Farmers and Agriculture: By guaranteeing that Farmers are promptly paid for their produce, President Kibaki has ensured that they become wealthier and produce more than before. The revival of stalled industries such as the Kenya Meat Commission (KMC) and Kenya Cooperative Creameries (KCC).

Supported Empowerment of Women: By providing special funds to assist them to run their own businesses. President Kibaki has also directed that a 30% quota be reserved for women in public appointment. Even though a bill to guarantee women 50 seats in Parliament was defeated, Mwai Kibaki’s commitment to empowering women has not wavered.

Supported Kenyan Youth: By providing special funds to assist and encourage youth leadership, and also to ensure they are properly educated, he has secured the future of Kenya through a well-educated youth. Mwai Kibaki has also outlined the “Marshal Plan for Youth Employment” in order to create more opportunities for youth in Kenya.

Better Roads and Transport: Under Kibaki’s leadership, more than Kshs 50 billion has been spent to improve and expand the road network in this country. By increasing the number of all weather roads, Mwai Kibaki has enabled workers, farmers and traders to travel fast and easily with lower costs.

Restored Respect for Kenya and Kenyans: Mwai Kibaki has ensured that our country is no longer considered to be a begging nation. We are self-reliant: up to 95% of Kenya’s budget is now self-financed, without any recourse to donor funds. Kenya is a respected country once again because of the policies that were adopted of efficient political and economic management.

Need I say more? No lest I spoil the broth. If you fancy CHANGE then put your vote where your heart is. Kazi iendelee and vote Emilio so that mama Lucy can save us from ourselves too.


The guy on the Couch. Bristol said...

M confused...! lakini wacha tu kazi iendelee.

deroo said...

Madaraka Day has never been Jamhuri Day and vice versa, Mwalimu Taabu. Kazi iendelee!!!

Majitu said...

The last five years have not seen an improvement in the quality of life for all Kenyans. What we have is greater insecurity and increased poverty. We pay a massive amount of taxes so you can't give us 2% of in services of OUR tax money and say you're doing a good job. It's laughable that you even list respect of Kenyans when a few years ago Kenyans were starving while food was rotting in some areas, a few months ago, the media was being assaulted by the first lady and foreigners were insulting Kenyans on their own soil with government protection. How do you talk of respect when virtually all promises made in 2002 were broken? Don't expect praise if you achieve 20% of what the country can achieve. The services being dished out currently on the campaign trail are a right, why didn't he dish them out 3 years ago? We have to start holding our leaders accountable. If you promise the sun and the moon, you better deliver just that or you face the door...irrespective of what tribe you come from. so, NO I will NOT vote for Emilio because EMILIO thinks I am stupid!

Anonymous said...

Hapo umenena ndugu yangu! Hongera

Proud Kikuyu Woman said...

You borrowed heavily from ODM's strategic document, or is it manifesto?

Philip Roy said...

I will say he has done a good job, but I trust that he should have done better.

Free Primary education;How many new Primary schools have been built to accommodate those new school children,ama tuu wana soma chini ya miti.

Roads? I thought the guy who came up with the roads development, road map was the "pumbavu Raira". Doesn't make sense to rubbish his contribution to the government then turn around and claim the glory.Ama, you want to say Nyachae came up with all the plans and all credit goes to him?

Youth fund rolled out a few months before elections.Read in between the lines " Most Kenyans are 18-35 years old and are the largest voting block"

Most of the government projects are funded from within the country by private lenders.So we have just moved from one lender to another.The difference is the later does not ask about human rights etc. YANI PESA BILA STRINGS ATTACHED>>>>


African Countries GDP (millions of USD)(ranking worldwide)

29 South Africa||255,272
48 Nigeria||116,488
49 Algeria 113,888
51 Egypt 107,375
57 Morocco||65,405
62 Libya||50,445
63 Angola 45,167
68 Sudan||37,442
75 Tunisia||30,837
79 Kenya||22,819

NOTE: Technically we should be above Angola and Sudan and even Morocco.As much as the government talks about 2006 what about the years before that.But I guess they need 5 more years to move on.The question remains will Kibaki's government be like the one in 2003-2005,with everybody eying for his sit from within PNU for 2012 or will even PNU survive with the likes of UHURU,SAITOTI,KITUYI AND KOMBO going for each others necks......

That remains to be seen.....


Taabu said...

PKW measured skeptism can be such a nice spice but overt dosage of the same is surely poisonous. The above is cleaned Emilio's website unless you are implying intellectual Stan 'borrowed' from ODM which I doubt. What do you have to say sis?

Yvonne said...

Taabu sio kwa ubaya i have read and re-read again and from where iam sitting in my office on Thika road i am wondering is this guy living in Kenya or ??? Duh, but that is the way democracy is we agree to disagree without hurting each other's feelings. In our office the joke that is always passed about is that in Kenya we only have two tribes the Have's and the Have nots. In my humble submission i may not be considered the common man back in the rural area or in Nairobi who cannot afford a dollar a day but i must agree i live well and can afford the basic needs. The other day i was telling my Old man how could you people re-elect Jakoyo Midiwo and they told me us guys in Nairobi are just domos, them back at home they know Jakoyo has worked for them. So pls convince those people with all these 8 points you have under lined below. Trust me Kibaki is a good man and we thank him for all that he has been able to do for the past five years indeed it has been remarkable but the problem with me is that i think there was room for improvement beleive me when i went to vote for him in 2002 i didn't want him to do better than Moi, (MOI didn't have a standard) i gave him power and authority to ensure that every Kenyan would be proud of being one, as our national anthem to be sang in pride, Justice bo our shield and defender, may we dwell in unity, peace and liberty and plenty be found within our borders. Right now in East Africa compared to TZ, UG and Rwanda we are lagging behind. I wanted that Man from NEP to be proud. The road going to Western is pathetic, In 2002 i paid 500/= and took five hours o get to Kisumu right now i am paying a cool 1200/ and using eight to nine hours. I stay in Fedha that is Embakasi constituency and beleive me when i tell you that it was hard to know what the CDF has done until in August when i started seeing boards indicating some markets being built. There was a road that was entering in to Tena Estate they poured some stones indicating that they were going to be built, that was in Nov 2005 until now Tena fellows are still waiting for that road to be built. Trust me when i say that the work that this govt has done in the past four years, they themselves brought it down and not the domos Nairobi is overcrowded and not just the hawkers, i tell you it is a free for all, Whenever i use Jogoo road from town at 6:00 pm the earliest time i know i will get home it is past 9 pm, cars run out of fuel in the jam and iam thinking that this was just poor planning. KIleleshwa that used to be an up market is nowadays compared to Donholm coz people have built all over. I am just wondering if farmers produced more then why do we have to pay so much for commodities. In Nairobi it has become a norm you got to a shop in the morning buy a commodity then go the next day the price has gone up. What i am saying in not so many words is that not that Kibak didn't work but we are saying he could have done better because the buck sops with Him. He could have stopped corruption but apparently he has realised that the cabinet had corrupt people. But who chose them? Or maybe it was Lucy? We are not saying that The other people are clean and not corrupt but let us try and see what they can do even when we elected Kibaki he was not a very clean man. Someone one said with the goodwill that Kenyans had even a Kalembe presidency would have performed better. The truth be told is that there was no political will from the incumbent. The only thing i equate with Michuki are the matatu rules which now are not existing, the other day i got into a matatu, a seat that is supposed to carry three we are told to squeeze ourselves like orbit then i told the tout he can't do that he told me hata MZee alisema i told him to go to state house and carry the mzee and i alighted is not pride it is know your right and bend no rule. the other day a nissan killed 16 people and five guys survived, a nissan that is supposed to carry 13 people. Who is fooling who then you tell me better transport!!!
The other day Kimunya says we are risking to loose some money from EU if Raila or ODM wins and yet you are telling me that we are not a begging nation. Mukhisa goes about giving posters kazi iendelee to a man whose house does not ven have a door. Who is fooling who? I am talking as a middle level person and not as a common Wanjiku or Atieno coz the common man is the one who goes out to vote. Youth fund you have already been answered on this blog, the women fund need i say more?? Nah i dont think so? if the bill health that Ngilu was proposing was passed then we would be talking about someting else. Dont expect me to go to Pumwani Maternity and there are no doctors nor beds, Dont expect me to take my kid in a school where there are no classes nor teachers. Being me no one has ever asked me what i want the CDF to do and mark you that is my money in form of tax. I have supported this govt every month, in that i have paid my tax without fail yet i am told in Nyanza there is nothing to show of it, we are told that we like politiciking and i keep on wondering how come they are able to collect our taxes and this tax is used to paying anglo leasing..the scandal that never was and KENREN. So fellow Kenyans dont lower the standard, dont settle for less and vote wisely. When you ask for an orange from a shopkeeper you dont expect him to give you bananas. So let us demand equitable distribution of resources in every part of this country,Youth empowerment, Gender parity, a non tribal nation and zero tolerance to corruption and last and not least that the gap between the Haves and the Have Nots must be narrowed. Taabu there is a series being televised on Nation TV (The making of a Nation.. pls read it or watch it. And i will finish by telling people if you have seen development then vote for it if you haven't seen it then vote where you want. Na hii kazi iendelee

Taabu said...

Yvonne I hear you loud and clear

Vikii said...

And Yvonne you got me so licky-feely. What's your phone number?

Taabu said...

Vikii BB here. I thought your phone's memory was full. Still want some more? Imetosha bro.

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