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Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Liverpool Goes Red as Chelsea Sees Blue

The grand slam Sunday left bitter taste in the mouths of Chelsea and Liverpool fans. Billed grand slam because the so-called big four English Premier League clubs play each other to avoid any whiff of match fixing nor advantage, the weekend games never disappointed.

Starting at Anfield Carlos Tavez drew blood for Manchester United and the noise from Merseysiders didn't translate into any solace as Liverpool went down 1-0. And that made United top the table but it only lasted for under three hours.

William Gallas spoilt Grant's party of being unbeaten as Chelsea Manager i 14 successive matches. The 1-0 scoreline for Arsenal brought back Mourinho's ghost given that Arsenal NEVER defeated Chelsea during Jose's tenure as boss from 2004.

That Arsenal did not beat Chelsea during Jose Mourinho's entire tenure as Blues manager but have defeated Avram Grant's team at the first attempt was loaded massage pregnant with the personality and presence of the SPECIAL ONE.

So with the Blues literally seeing the sky colour 10 and 9 points adrift Gunners and United respectively, the title race may just be shaping up into a two-horse race between the two. But it may not be over till it over.

Despite some resilience and power play by Sheva, Drogba's absence was so loud that Grant must be cursing under his own breath what evil became of the Ivorian. No wonder the Drog earned a fourth place berth as Kaka pipped Ronaldo and Messi to clinch Fifa footballer of the year 2007 award.


Vikii said...

Yes Bw. Taabu. I didnt see the Reds game but I saw the action at The Emirates.

Credit to Arsenal's young team. They deserve all the accolades they are collecting. They put the Boro frustration behind them and played exactly how they should when playing against a team like chelsea. Particular mention to the now seemingly indespensable Cesc Fabregas, Alexander Hleb and would you believe it, Clichy. Clichy did a superb job combining well with Captain Gallas (Ni wetu bado), Kolo Toure, and Eboue to keep Sheva, SWP and Joe Cole at bay.

That said, Arsene Wenger must have noted what a dagerous team Chelsea can be. The last ten minutes must have seemed like an eternity to him and his smart babies. There is no way you can analyse that game without mentioning the absence of Chelsea's core members. Captain Terry broke three bones very early in the game in an incidence that should have seen Eboue sent out. That made our defence or rather Chelsea's predictably porous because Ricardo carvallho likewise was not there. Paulo Fereira, Alex and Ben-Haim had a great game but their inadequacies were all there for all to see. William Gallas's goal is the kind that Terry doesnt allow. The absences of Didier drogba, who is in my opinion the hottest striker in Europe, Michael essien (The train), who has a reputation of unleashing 30 yard thunders against Arsenal didnt help matters. Makelele, a man greatly revered at the bridge is approaching his sun set and it pains be to write that he was Chelsea's weakest link.

Then now we come to the dull manager-Jose comparison. This new manager at the bridge is a man who gets a very fat cheque every week for no services rendered. It was clear that SWP was having problems on the right. Instead of introducing Kalou, this Grant man kept shivering which leaves you wondering whether he is really in charge. Jose would have withdrawn both SWP and Sheva, introduced both Kalou and Pizzaro and pushed Joe upfront leaving Lamps and John Obi Mikel (The wonder kid) to take charge of the midfield. GranD SOB this Avram person.

Taabu did you spare some time to watch the World Club cup? Kaka rules the world of football. Unlike last year when all three nominees for FIFA player of the year(Cannavro, Zidane and ronaldinho) didnt deserve it, this year it was fair. What makes me like the kid is his humility--He trully belongs to Jesus.

deroo said...

Mwalimu, Spurs are back on their feet. At least, there is some pride restored. I thought we were destined to play Leeds United next season. Had a good result away at Man City tonight.


Taabu said...

Ndiyo Vikii Kaka is agem and I think he is two players in one with JC playing invisibly along him. But I know your misgivings for #3 but give it to the 22-year Mreno he has a bright future ahead of him. He makes WR looks so mundane. If only he was English?

The Drog has curved a special niche and he has both skills and African strength going for him. Wish him quick recovery. Meanwhile the next one month without him and JT may be a nightmare for Chelsea. The heat is on these next two weeks and the EPL's men will be separated from the boys.

Vikii said...

No Taabu Christiano Ronaldo is world class, no doubt about it. What I do not support is the way the EPL minders like pushing the case for their players even when those players have had only one outstanding season. Christiano Ronaldo and Messi are exemplary players but surely they need to show what they did last season over the next couple of seasons.

Ronaldo is good. He is probably the best player to come from Portugal in the last ten years. He is probably better than both Pauleta and Figo. But even within Manchester United he is not the best. Ryan giggs and Paul Scholes are the kings of the old Trafford. What is undisputable is the fact that Cr had a better season than them last year.

Taabu said...

Deroo you are right, the investment and spark in Ramos is coming out. Makes me wonder that there is more football management (read personality ala Jose) than just skills. Jol had it all and no progress and Ramos is scraping it with same players. So where is the jinx?

You know what Deroo? Ramos is one brilliant coach. I don't regret having paid through the nose to be at Man City jana. Defoe was pissed and I think he was both right and wrong. Wrong because no player is indispesable and right because you don't strngle the hen that lays the GOLDEN egss, or do you?

Otherwise you have Ramos to thank for the permanent smile on your face which was threatening to go on exile. White Lane is alive once again and Robbo was fantastic after numerous previous goofs. Sven was placed where he belongs - he was becoming a pretender to a hollow throne.

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