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Thursday, November 08, 2007

Why Has Njoki Ndungu Resigned From PNU Election Board?

That all is not well within the PNU election board was further confirmed a few hours ago when Njoki Ndungu suddenly tendered her resignation. But what was even stranger was the fact that the usually very open Ms Ndungu was tight lipped as to her reasons for resigning.

Actually the PNU election board appears to have been hit by confusion right from the word go, because they started by appointing a man who had already been named to the ODM-K election board and the fact had been publicized widely in the media. Meaning that none of the folks making decisions bother to read the daily newspapers or catch the news bulletin on TV and radio.

But why exactly has Ms Ndungu resigned?

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deroo said...

Njoki Ndungu gone. Poor lass. I wish she remained in the party that can take her to the august house. It tribal man Chris as you say it, but then, there is one thing about the Kikuyu.

You know it, I know it. They will never vote for another tribe. If you can remember Central province Develoment Group in 1997.

David Muraya, Manga Mugwe, Stanley Githunguri, PG MUriithi and the raft of rich tycoons from the provice who were supporting Moi's election. Many inculding Kijana Uhuru were swept by the DP wave.

For Njoki, I believe something unusual happened at the PNU place and she was not happy about it. I wish her the best and may she find a place to put her head

Anonymous said...

PANUA Machungwa iingie.This is a worthy thing Njoki Ndung'u has done due to the fact that PNU has always behaved like it has it's owners who will not want to be controlled.

Taabu said...

Chris you are a smart chap. The gem in your post is the Njoki-Murungaru axis which you so cleverly sandwiched in between sentences. Well, you have been unmasked. Tell us more. What exactly did you have in your mind? Toboa.

chris said...

Taabu, Taabu...

Everybody knows that there has been "something" going on between Hon Ndungu and Hon Murungaru for a long time, but this is a political blog and not The Sun or News of The World.

Hmmm.... but you're giving me ideas, can we take a vote on those interested in reading a post titled; "The Sexual escapades of the 9th parliament." Be warned if the vote is high enough I'll put it into PDF format and sell it online for $1 per piece. Must start raising money for our 2012 bid.

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