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Thursday, November 08, 2007

Our False Prophets and Fake Miracles

Watch out which miracle you believe in. A UK court has ordered the extradiction of Kenyan born INFAMOUS miracle baby bishop Gilbert Deya. The court found the self-proclaimed bishop of Gilbert Deya Ministries has a case to answer in Kenya on five counts of child stealing between 1999 and 2004.

But true to the Kenyan spirit of the rich playing games with the law, lawyers for Deya have already indicated they were going to appeal against the extradition order arguing that he was unfairly targeted and will appeal. Money can truly buy freedom and Kenyan government's attempt to have Mr Deya returned to face trial will definitely continue in British courts for months to come.

Preys of the souls
One lesson from this Deya circus though: WATCH THE MIRACLE YOU BELIEVE IN. And even more poignant this election season is WATCH who you associate with or who finances any of your itinerary. Afterall there exists what is referred to as GUILT BY ASSOCIATION.

Any shameless defenders out there can mouth whatever they fancy but scoundrels whether in church or politics must be NAMED and SHAMED. Deya can run but he cannot hide. His claim to siring so many kids who were DNA disapproved cannot fool any dimwit unless he officially owns up to practicing PLURAL marriages aka polygamy. But can (will) he? No need to belabour that question and your guess is as good as mine.

Church is many thing to different people with the common thread being PREYING INTO INDIVIDUAL INSECURITIES. Any other argument only amounts to engaging in self deception.


Vikii said...

I am announcing my defection to the ODM.

I think Mwalimu Taabu should be banned from making any contribution in this blog. The kind of posts he makes here have the potential of causing civil strive in Kenya. We do not want a Lebanon in Kenya, do we?

Taabu, how can you associate the good name of Deya with child trafficking? Dont you know how highly bishop Deya is regarded in this blog? The Orange Democratic Movement, which is arguably the party of the future, does not take these allegations lightly and we will be talking to our legal team to see why you should not face charges for defamation. By the virtue of our close association with Gilbert Deya, who is in fact our biggest financier, these allegations potray our esteemed party as one that cannot be relied upon. Didn't our publicity secretary, Mr. phil tell you that you are presumed innocent until proven guilty by a court of law? I know your answer is that it is actually the court's decision that informed your accusations. Dont you then know that Patriot Deya has a right of appeal. We are not treating this matter lightly and you have reason to go shopping for an attourney Bw Taabu.

The reason we, as a party are taking this matter so seriously is because we consider Gilbert Deya papal material. His defection to the catholic church is in the offing and he is the man lined up for John Njue's position. Our party presidential candidate, Hon Raila Odinga announced last week the 'animal' called government is large enough for us to share and this is exactly what he meant. We take great exception in the open tribalism exhibited in Njue's appointment. When we form the next government on the 30th of December we will disown that appointment. We dont recognize it at all. In fact Rome already has notice of our intention to contest that decision. Our party lawyers led by the outstanding Gerald Otieno Kajwang who is the best in the business, and Otiende Amollo, who has already taken the Rarienda parliamentary office keys as well as ordered for new furniture and AC for the Foreign affairs minister's office have already written to the vatican. we are ready to meet both this man Njue who was recommended by kibaki's illegitimate and illegal government and the vatican in any court on planet earth. In our lead counsel's words, that will be the mother of all legal battles.

I have read this post and it has left a bad taste in my mouth. Chris, who will be our government spokesman next year in place of the laughably incompetent Mutua will be communicating the progress we have made towards this end tomorrow. What I can tell you for sure is that we are not amused,nobody is.

If our omniscient presidential candidate has already declared bishop Deya innocent, how some guy named Taabu, who may be a time like this next year a tenant in kamiti, can dare contradict that escapes my grasp. In fact Taabu is rumoured to have served in Moi's government which disqualifies him from any independent trial. He is an express candidate for extra-judicial execution in January.

And just before I forget, Otiende Amollo, the next Foreign Affairs minister will be giving Kenya a wonderful foreign policy. Remember this country has never had one. The only person who tried to craft one was the late Dr. John Robert Ouko. He died before he could see the fruits of his labour. Since then the country has had incompetent foreign affairs ministers---Guys who dont even qualify to chair a county council. When we talk of Maisha bora we are not playing. our playing days are long over!

Anonymous said...

Can someone send me a copy of Raila's MOU with the swahilis? I would like to make a wider circulation of this document of lies, ridicule, betrayal of the Kenyan nation, and treason. ;;;na kazi iendelee.

Proud Kikuyu Woman said...

Taabu, lets set a short MOU going here: thou shall not criticize anyone associated with the ODM, until or unless they defect to another party, preferably the PNU. To put it more clearly, anyone who is publicly pro-PNU and anti-ODM is a corrupt tribalist, and is from the GEMA community. As for anyone associating themselves with the ODM, they are innocent until proven guilty by a court of law, or until they are done with appealing court cases that have dragged on for years. Especially if their wives and British colleagues are giving birth to bouncin three month old foetuses in Pumwani Hospital, of all hospitals. How a well-off person opts to leave their state-of-the-art hospital in the UK and deliver pre-mature babies in Pumwani is probably the 8th wonder of the world. And bring friends along. And that the modern-day preacher-husband is always absent speaks volumes. Story for another day.

Anonymous said...

Now surely, what is wrong here people? are you really criticizing what you don't understand? don't you all believe in miracles now and again? the fact that you are breathing is a miracle! what came first, the chicken or the egg? in other words, before PNU and ODM came along, were you not breathing and living just fine? Then why are you all now acting as if every breath of air you take is dependent on PNU or ODM? not everything in life is political, please Kenyans that is the problem with our view of life sometimes, it can be so myopic-this man Archbishop Deya is a servant of the most high God (whether you believe in God or not),and just like Cardinal Njue has a right to speak against Majimbo, doesn't Archbishop Deya have a right to dabble in the skill of his trade? babies are miracles, and Archbishop Deya works for the miracle maker, can't He be allowed to act on behalf of his employer? Ask Chris whether or not babies are miracles, he will confirm that they are-by the way, neither ODM nor PNU have powers to make babies, no matter how hard they take the battle to the heavens (besides, what they have been given powers to do they have failed at miserably, namely to unite the country and lead us into the 21st century prosperously)
if Archbishop Deya is guilty before the eyes of man, let him be tried in a court of law as is the case for anyone in this lifetime accused of wrong doing, but remember God is his judge and defender not President Kibaki or Mr.Raila-please leave politics out of religion people, there is a limit-siasa sii kila kitu
anyway, the economy is growing, isn't that too a miracle in and of itself? i have watched it sprout arms and legs and it looks something similar to a miracle junior toddler with DNA from 1970s; however the poor baby's limbs are about to be torn from him and devolved to other different parts of the kindergarten for the other babies to enjoy-welcome to child-rearing kenyan style

chris said...

WACHA!!! Wacha!!!

Guys, please. My poor ribs can't take it anymore. Didn't know that PKW had such a wicked sense of humour. Vikii na Luka tunajua..


Taabu said...

Luka even the Indian godess with EIGHT limbs had to undergo a 24 hr op this week to trim them to normal two. So don't let the Kenyan economy sprout limbs from appendage of her body. Medically cancer is not a disease but and ABNORMAL (uncontrollable) growth of cells. So are we experiencing a 1970 DNA economic mutation?

Defining miracles is like defining LAUGHTER. Who can provide me with an ambigous definition of laughter? You become irritated fro the FEAR to contain a thrreat (real or perceived) and try to PUNISH what you envy but cannot conquer. Sounds familiar, eh?

Yes religion is PERSONAL. You hide under it and massage yoour inadequecies and insecurities with DOGMA.

Accidents can be reversed miracles. Just like babies are biological accidents (planned or otherwise). Take your pick. But the Kenyan voter has been bought a one way ticket to political hallucinaton/hell.

As we embrace the on coming light at the end of the tunnel we are oblivious that it belong to an on coiming train. I have the letters. Who will engrave the epitaphs? Anyone out there?

Anonymous said...

Mwalimu, I now have in my possession incontrovertible evidence that the voters of Kenya have all along never actually wanted a President or cabinet ministers-all along they have wanted a farmer and a surgeon to fertilize the ground we call Kenya, make the economy grow and perform operations while its in ICU. These slick 1970 city dwellers of PNU and ODM have all along been pretending to be agriculturalists but alas with their own two strong hands they grab as much as they can from us with both of their hands. We need to vote in a millennium Y2K compliant farmer, someone unsophisticated from the rural areas like me (a true pumbavu) who will boost e-agriculture forget about reviving Kwale International Sugar Company don't they know the weather is too hot to farm the whole day in the sun? That in my opinion is not normal
But surely you must agree Mwalimu that miracles MAKE US LAUGH? otherwise why would the incumbent be so jovial and happy as he traverses Githurai and Kamukunji beaming with pursed lips as sweat drips down his face? Now let me ask you a question-why is ODM (the baby dismember party) not smiling in their rallies and campaigns? is it because they promised a miracle to transform 1970 economic DNA into economic DNA 2008 but they are not farmers? Now you see why i think all Kenyan voters are secretly smoking opium in their houses before they leave for work or to vote-does anyone really think that any of these common city gardeners will deliver on any their promises?
The ball is our your court, and i for one embrace the coming light at the end of the tunnel,there are more ways than one to get to heaven and Kenya is not yet Utopia God bless Kenya

Anonymous said...


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