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Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Things We Do For Votes

Sell your soul or S(H)AVE your face?


Anonymous said...

Why I can't vote for Raila. I wish I can quote word for word but I have no time for that.

1. On Meru Campaign Tour: ODM goverment "ita amrisha" Kenya Airways to carry Miraa on its routes to appease the Meru votes especially when they proved too hostile to him.

2. Statement on on a campaign tour in region full of pastrolists: ODM government will create insurance scheme for animals for Pastrolists . Trying to woo the pastrolist votes.

3. When Raila was elected to be ODM Flag bearer in Kasarani: I have signed an MOU with Muslims Imams. These was too woo the Muslim votes.

4. While in Nakuru: Raila said. I never signed an MOU with Muslims. This is when he realised he may loose the Christian votes as word was going round on the alledged MOU with Muslims.

5. Later In North Eastern: I actually signed an MOU with Muslims. This was confirmed by Balala in Mandera. This is when he realized his statements did not go well with the Muslims who had gone to the press.

6. While addressing a Rotary meeting full of Kenyan Indian businessmen: We shall abolish ETR. Ahhh trying to woo the Indian votes who have found paying taxes a harsh reality unlike the past.

7. While reacting to Moi support for Kibaki. Raila statements where to the effect Moi will not be spared for his past economic crimes. This is because he was not happy with Moi sidding with Kibaki. He had hoped Moi to support ODM just like during referendum, but things did not go his way.

8. To cool things down not to loose Kalenjin votes he said he will let Moi retire in peace and it was him who defended Moi from being persecuted in a Kibaki cabinet meeting during earlier days of Narc government. Yes, Kalenjins have an emotional attachment to Moi and persecuting Moi may go down very well with most of them.

9. Raila is on record saying CDF ni "takataka". But at another time he had tried to steal the thunder of CDF from Kibaki by saying initially, Kibaki government was opposed to it.

10. The infamous statetement that NSE is fuelled by Drug money. This statement was made abroad to Kenyans in the diaspora who where taking advantage of the ecomomic growth and recent IPOs to invest back home. They are famous in saying the ecomomy has expanded to only investors in NSE. these time they realised that they looked very business unfriendly and rushed to NSE premises and try to throw a spin to cool things for the business people.

11. Raila goes ahead and promises loosers in ODM parliamentary and civic primaries plum civil Servants jobs. We all know most of these guys are just corrupt and incapable of doing any thing good. So what is he telling us. He will sack experienced technocrats that have actually been doing a good job to reward his followers?

12. His colleague Balala said, we will sack civil servants selling goverment Vision 2030. Ha! Maybe they feel vision 2030 is making the government look good and may win votes!!.

Need I go on...

I think voting for Raila is like selling your soul to the devil.

Anonymous said...

How many votes to gain by insulting the President and by extension the Kenyan State? I think this blog is specialising in tribalism and petty issues. Why can't you ask Raila whether or not he signed an MOU with Moslems? One time he said YES, another time it was NO, and now it is YES again? Hon Raila, where is the truth or do we have to read your name back to front? Tell us the truth!!! If YES then reveal what you have signed as Kenya cannot be ruled by secret MOUs. anon.

Anonymous said...

Anon # 1 Many people cannot take ajoke, I've seen worse! I do not recall RAO making this post but hey u cannot miss the chance to bash the guy. It depends on which side of the coin you are looking at or from which view point. I think Kibaki has proved he is untrustworthy and voting for him means putting your heart in a blender!

Anonymous said...

chris!!! this MOU with the muslims debate is turning out to be really nasty and raila needs to show a little consistency in his statements.let’s just call a bad hair day what it is and not an unconventional hairstyle. i have just had a look at the purpoted MOU that raila signed at
now the authenticity of this document may be questioned but if it is indeed true, then propaganda will soon start working against the ODM party!!!

Anonymous said...

I am ODM supporter but think that this post is in bad taste.

njoro- mzee wa kijiji said...

Agwambo has really been ambushed and exposed. He seems to be a master in double speak. The beauty with all that is that after elections (if he landsin the house on thehill) he will deny them including his pet subject majimbo and constitution after 6 months. If the above is anything to go by, it hs the potential of making the historical MOU a childs play.

Anonymous said...

I think you guys are fad mad! Why is it so important for you to keep asking about the MOU signed between President Raila and the Muslims while the MOU that was signed by all Kenyans in 2002 was trashed by one Emilio who is soon becoming the former president and the MP for Othaya!

All Kenyan's and I mean all voted so that Moi and his cronies of devilish tribalism can end......What did we get? 42DCs from One tribe? Treasury led by one tribe? Anglo Leasing done by people from one region?
Is it fair for us to ask about something like MOU with muslims while we keep mum as to the cause of Elgon Clashes?
You guys...let's be sober not a Luo, a Kikuyu or any of those big tribes, but the only thing we need in this country is a change of system not personalities....and the only man who can do that is none other than Raila Amolo Odinga....Kazi iendelee kitu gani....Excuse me! Majimbo Oyee!

Am so disappointed with this man Emilio...Am so dissapointed with how most of us Kenyans think....It is time we change the system and we will never be concerned of who is the president of Kenya...hata kama ni nani? Tupatie Tinga Amolo Raila Odinga Kura!

macs34 said...

the first anonymous person meks me wonder if these are the only reasons, she or he has against a potential President!

Anonymous said...

Kazi iendelee! Hatutaki maisha bora, we can get ourselves Maisha Bora by Kufanya Kazi. Majimbo, though a good idea, has a bad history. And any peace loving Kenyan would like to have majimbo explained well to every Kenyans, before dividing the country into REGIONS. DO NOT RUSH into it. President Kibaki deserves a fair judgement, and Raila the Incumbent who were to be, should come slowly.
Kazi iendelee for Life! Majimbo, MOU with moslems, jobs for ODMers SHINDWEEEE.

deroo said...

It is that bad for a man who cannot keep his words. I am sorry to tell the Odinga Dictatorial Monopoly guys about this.

Raila, has assumed the presidency of the country to the extent that he has already appointed Archbishop Gilbert Deya High Commissioner to London (I can authoritatively quote Deya on this).

Just days after Raila was allegedly elected after a road show across the country in the company of all the contestants, he said that he was going to jail Moi. Days later, he was on his way to Baringo to try and appease the Tugen and even tell him that he has helped Moi on many occasions. He even said that he did not say so!

He came up with the Majimbo debate to try and get the Coastal vote, which he believes that can carry him to State House. He has tried changing the tonality and the texture of the debate to no avail. From devolution to majimbo and back. Majimbo is majimbo, the same way a cow is a cow or a pig is a pig!

Thirdly, he said that drug money was boosting the Nairobi Stock Exchange. When challenged about it, he said that it was a general comment. Cheap of him to do that. Very cheap that an aspirant for the country’s top post can do that.

Is it not the same Raila who has been quoted as saying that figures about economic growth are fiddled to show that there is development towards that directing in the country? Recently, he said that it could have been better. How? The country’s economic state cannot allow a 0-20% improvement in one year. Even the economy of Congo with the entire mineral endowment found there cannot have such a change.

Dual citizenship is not in the constitution. Raila has been running around telling Kenyans abroad that he will implement that. To him, these are pertinent issues that have to be included in the constitution and in 100 days that he is planning to give Kenya a new constitution it cannot happen and will never!

Just to remind people that I once said, that with every turn he makes he shoots his foot, just to lend a shoulder of support to anonymous 1, it will be the same things that will eat up his campaigns when it gets murkier and people says openly what Kioko writes here.

Did Raila say that Ruto has a criminal case and cannot be elected president? (Sorry it was campaign time). And thanks to history and records, Ruto said that Raila is unelectable. But now, each is lending the other one a hand in the road to political oblivion.

Parting shot. Duirng the trumped ODM selections/rubberstamping, raila was on record as saying other contestants have criminal record (he should have said ODM is full of people with criminal records). Overnight, Ruto (of all people) wants to be a PM, Goldenberg Mudavadi wants to be VP, Henry Kosgey is campaigning and they are forgetting that the are the same people who have been saying that Moi is out to protect his family.

Remember the USA election in 2004 and the flip-flop thing. Iko njiani. Kazi iendelee!

deroo said...

Voting for Raila is like DANCING WITH THE DEVIL at midnight. I have no regrets for saying that.
Kazi iendelee

njoro- mzee wa kijiji said...

Jane thanks for the MOU site. Have just read it and am like !! convinced Raila cannot append his signature to such a document. On the other hand, he should make the real document public for all to see, otherwise this could be the killer punch to his campaigns - a lie severally told has the potential of becoming a truth. I bet he is not that naive to get himself into this. This (2007) is Railas elections for the taking, unless he does not dispose these disruptionsquickly. They can be nasty. He should be advised to come straight on this one. Hii ni kali if its true.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Deroo. You have great words. We need kenyans like you. Thanks. I will sms your wise saying for PNU promotion. This is Kioko, the person all Jaluos hate because of his love for our country, our Bantu culture, and our President. We stand for unity not fragmentation of the country. Kioko. BC, Canada. Kazi iendeleee..

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