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Thursday, November 08, 2007

PNU Manifesto Launch : Another Chance Lost?

President Mwai Kibaki is all set to unveil the PNU manifesto this Saturday at Uhuru Park grounds at 14h00. The PNU secretariat in the Hurlingham area is reportedly a hive of activity preparing for the big day.

While the common man, prospective investors and even the members of the opposition will want to follow events keenly in order to get the real message from the organisers of function, it is almost customary that the state broadcaster KBC, the Presidential Press Service as well as the other private ‘state broadcaster’ Citizen Media will go to great lengths with day long live broadcasts so as give the event maximum publicity on the multitudes that are sure to be transported to the venue from all corners of the country.

As a political group that has on record having borrowed and adopted revolutionary ideas from the visions of opposition leaders like Kalonzo (ODM-K) and Raila (ODM), it will be interesting to see what fresh proposals the highly paid technocrats at state house will come up with on the PNU manifesto. More importantly, the manifesto must explain how complex issues that the NARC regime failed to implement will be satisfactorily implemented in the final 5 year term of President Kibaki’s regime.

The PNU must stay away from 'building castles in the air' and instead make pledges that will make many an insecure, poverty and disease stricken Kenyan a real hope towards enjoying life on the average like their counterparts in several other sub-Saharan Africa countries. Kenya, like most of third world countries, is far behind in achieving the UN Millennium Development Goals with the world having passed the halfway mark to the deadline set in 2000. The much hyped Vision 2030, so far a 'paper project', is more than a good two decades away and even its implementation remains subject to conducting feasibilibity and environmental impact studies, before identifying willing investors and commencing construction. For instance, five years ago, proposals for mega projects like the Lamu free port upgrade, Mombasa - Western Kenya dual carriageway and the South Sudan Railway Link were initially started with much gusto only for NARC MOU politics, corruption and government incompetence to torpedo these development plans. These failures have left a bitter taste in the mouths of many Kenyans.

One also hopes that overzealous and unsecure members of the GNU will not misuse the platform of unveiling of the PNU manifesto to throw unpalatable insults at opposition leaders or their parties. While it is quite normal to campaign for a preferred candidate, it is absolutely irresponsible and a serious diplomatic gaffe for a member of government to publicly hurl imagined accusations at members of the diplomatic corps more so at a presidential function.

Indeed, PNU affiliate party leaders will be expected to read mature political speeches and at the same time display a sense of purpose and unity amongst themselves while assuring their own sceptical supporters that all is well within the Party of National Unity even as they struggle to face the nightmare of joint political parties’ nominations. The world is watching!


kalamari said...

As we eagerly await Kibakis' very first 'miracle', let us do ourselves the favor of keeping children below the age of 13 away from Uhuru Park. In the spirit of 'taking it a notch higher', we cannot determine what Kilimo will tell us this time around…… especially at the omnipresent sight of renowned televangelist, Brother Paul Patni placing both of his two holy hands upon the balding head of a kneeling president Kibaki while praying for victory….in tongues.

Phil, I think we must quickly accept that there exists a bankruptcy of ideas in Kenyan leaders (esp. in PNU). It is for this reason that we should never entertain a presidential debate on Kenyan soil unless we want to see fist fights. You see, the whole idea of the Uhuru Park rally has nothing to do with explaining anything to Kenyans. Rather, it's a play on the voters psyche. If Raila can pull half a million jamaas to Uhuru Park, so must Kibaki. Further, the entire PNU team needs a confidence booster…esp. now that affiliate members are acting up and Lucy is being heckled all over the place. PNU candidates need to be reminded of the affluent grandeur that Kibaki 'commands'. Let's face it, the wrangles in PNU were just about to render Kibaki irrelevant. You see, the lights at State House remain lit all night because if PNU actually degenerates into an 'everyone for himself' affair, who will have the time to campaign for Kibaki? His worst nightmare is facing the ODM onslaught complicated by a mixture of PNU orphans purporting support. That's enough to make loyal subjects like Michuki to remain holed up in Kangema for the remainder of the campaign period. Politicians are selfish.
Whereas I cannot promise you a discussion on the litany of failures seen these past 5 years, I can bet you that people will walk back to their homes with a brand new revamped word and definition of 'majimbo'.

deroo said...

Kalamari bwana, hiyo hapana. Kibaki has people who support him. Is it? Nothing euphoric, nothing trumped like the voters from Limuru, Solai, Kericho and the people who ply their trade in lake Naivasha and Sagana.

The thing is that the launch will be as spectacular as it will have been (on your part if it was Odinga Dictatorship Monoply)

I wish I was there!


Anonymous said...

Most predictions including the so-called NSIS figures give PNU 65 seats in the 10th parliament. It is now emerging that the party is unlikely to get even half that number. And don’t think for a moment that those seats will do to ODM or ODM-Kenya. NOPE!
Who is this mole leaking to you empty figures?

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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