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Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Is Maj Gen Hussein Ali Telling The Truth?

Over 500 bodies dumped in mortuaries country-wide: who killed these youngsters?

Before we examine this disturbing development where there is a war of words between the police and the Chairman of the Kenya Human Rights Commission (over the issue of 500 dead bodies) , let me tell you a little background story I know you will love.

My knowledge of the police and the way they operate is rather deep although I have never been a police officer myself (I almost became one though, but that is a story for another day). You see I grew up living with a very senior police officer who happened to be the man who sired me.

Police comissioner Maj-Gen Hussein Ali

In primary school I distinctly remember my Dad, suddenly, and out of the blue starting to carry a large automatic firearm around with him everywhere he went. I was puzzled and did not know why until many years later.

You see the old man was trained by the colonial government and for some reason certain basic principals stuck with him that were to put him on a collision course with the new direction the police force took shortly after independence. He probably only survived because he was quite senior and had a very powerful friend in the Kenya Army who was equally principled and had to step in once or twice to “cool down” things for him.

In this particular case my dad as a matter of principle refused to look the other way when coffee belonging to Mama Ngina Kenyatta came in and those escorting it, cockily demanded a police escort to Mombasa for it (it was during the coffee boom). I hope you’ve seen the very funny joke here—police escorting criminally smuggled goods.

The old man flatly refused and played it by the book, in fact he impounded the smuggled goods. Naturally he received threats and this was not a joke because he was dealing with people closely affiliated to the then dreaded Jomo Kenyatta kitchen cabinet. I have told you many times about the kind of things those “nice” guys used to do to other Kenyans, so I will not repeat myself.

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Anonymous said...

Huyu Raisi wetu naye kwani bubu? Hajatamko chochote kuhusu hilo jambo...
Na si mara yake ya kwanza, mamluki vile vile hakutueleza, uvamizi wa kituo cha Ktn na kuchomwa kwa magazeti ya standard na kuharibiwa kwa mitambo
Anglo-lising pya vile vile ametupia kisogo.
Je, kwani huyu ni kiongozi wa kutegemewa!
Mbona ametia doria hapa pwani na kampeni zaendelea huko bara na nchini kwote?
Mbona hatembei na vigogo wake wa siasa wamsaidie katika kampeni?
Huyu mzee hana chake!
Othaya expessi.
Samahani wenzangu kwa lugha niliyotumia, kimombo bado sijaimarika.

kalamari said...

I did not realize Mama Ngina was just a common cross-border smuggler. Why did she have to dip into lowly crimes? It's like asking Patni to take on the auspicious reins of the retiring and distinguished village chicken thief.

That said, I repeat, why waste a bullet (or high court judge) on Mungiki folk? A very sharp pick axe swung to the top of their heads is good enough. The same recipe of damnation should follow all violent gun-totting carjackers, simi wielding burglars, land clashing arsonists and insatiable rapists (child rapists must be split in half by use of a very blunt pen knife). On this I support Ali. Extra-judicial execution is a terrible and even primitive thingy, however, given the spate of violence, fear and thuggery that an average Kenyan has had to live by, all sane citizens must assist in identifying Mungiki folk, capturing them alive and locking them in slow roasting ovens (you remember the KenChic window on Moi Avenue..opposite Jevanjee). The same feast of fire must be visited upon all criminal and tribal gangs/armies that sanction blood-letting as a means of making a point. The way I see it, drivers of passenger laden buses or matatus driving well above the speed limit... with mouthfuls of mirra…. while sipping sprite...must be stopped, tied up and their heads placed in front of the rear tire as the makanga is forced to depress the accelerator. The makanga should then be whipped to oblivion. These people are killing us!!

My point is, anyone willing to take a life must also willingly accept to give up his. It does not matter what drives one into joining the ranks of Mungiki…it could be poverty, joblessness, boredom, peer pressure or all in one; once you subscribe to a life to a life of taxing the very poorest of the poor only to turn around raping and killing them in efforts of expediting the transfer of 'power' from the old guard to the new as your history dictates, my friend, you deserve a Michelin necklace.

It is not as if I do not appreciate the civility or intentions of the law and the acclaimed judicial process; the fact is that in a country where the law is really and truly an overgrown ass, why should Kenyans, thirsty for justice, await an explanation from the likes of Ndura Waruinge? Can anybody answer that? For those who can, what will you tell the mother of the little boy whose body was found dismembered in the outskirts of Kibera? Remember that his head had been skinned. The boy had not even decided whether he'll become a doctor or a lawyer. Mungiki must burn in eternal flames.

The caveat. Of the 500 missing persons, if it is found that the cops picked jamaas indiscriminately and that indeed some of the bodies recovered were of innocent law abiding citizens, then I not only condone but recommend the public stoning to death of my buddy Mr. Ali alongside every one who took part in directing and executing the entire operation.

You see my dear friends God left Kenya long ago such that 'Do unto others as you would have them do unto you' no longer applies. As the devils weaves in and out of the Nairobi streets, it's more like 'Do unto others before they do unto you'. Remember that the next time the headline screams, '40 year old HIV infected man defiles 2 year old baby'.

It's unlikely that you will get used to the heat even if you live in hell. Au vipi wasee.

Phil said...

Police Comish may not even have been aware of this operation Chris. If senior cabinet ministers and PS's, some of whom hold sensitive dockets, are themselves self confessed members of mungiki - how do you expect due process of law to be observed when mungiki members?

Did you know, for instance, 'former' Mungiki chairman, Ndura Waruinge is running for the parliamentary seat on (can you believe this!) under the PNU/KANU banner? We can vividly remember how Uhuru kenyatta, trashed his personal relationship with Mungiki in 2002 when he was presidential candidate, and mungiki declared their support for his bid.

Ali should have gone back to the barracks when the Arturs saga exploded. These fugitives where holding police badges of the rank of deputy/assistant commissioners without his knowledge, and it is shuddering to imagine they had a fully stocked armoury at their residence in Runda, again 'without the knowledge' of the comish. That was after the infamous standard newspapers raid. Whether these guys were executed by police or not, it should not surprise anyone that the commish is unaware or ignorant. It just shows you what the true chain of command is in the security forces of this country.

Vikii said...

You know what Kalamari? You are the freaking Bomb. Man you can write stuff! I have been juggling between laughing, crying and leaving the comment halfway. Lemmie ask u dude, have you been reading a lot of Harry Porter or what? Jo, wee nawe umeshinda.

I endorse every single word in that comment.

Anonymous said...

Mungiki needs to be obliterated. Good job Maj-Gen Hussein Ali. The silent majority of peace loving kenyans salute you.

Phil said...

Crying wolf for what, Livondo? You must be joking!

The same law allows the eck to conduct voter registration through out specific times. It further allows existing voters to transfer polling stations.

In any case, I am not quoting the law, but ECK regulations Do you have an updated copy, Mwalimu Taabu?

Just read what Vikii and Dreoo are posting elsewhere on the blog. You will see what I mean. And why must you always run to Vikii's defence Taabu, is there something we are missing?

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