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Thursday, November 01, 2007

PNU Propaganda Causes Christian Church In Kenya To Panic

The web is both good and dangerous. Good because we are all able to keep much closer tabs on what our greedy politicians are up to and dangerous because great damage can be done by people with an ill motive.

I have just received reports that a major church in the country with over 100 churches scattered all over the country has taken the email forward below by some clever PNU propagandist very seriously and chances are that the votes of faithfuls in that church that were headed in the direction of Raila Odinga will now be reversed.

The issue is that not everybody is Internet savy enough to question the source of the said email before passing judgement and it is apparent that this piece of PNU fiction has hit home and will have an impact of sorts.

If you have not seen this email, read for yourself and...

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Vikii said...

One, nobody can verify the authenticity of such emails. So, when Chris calls this propaganda, the 'certainty' surprises me. Likewise, we should not believe it as the gospel truth. All we can do is to speculate based on our knowledge of the man, Raila.

In my honest opinion, Mr. Raila can do anything to seize state power. This man can use even more unorthodox means to reside in State house. I do not believe most of what I read on the internet, but I would not be suprised if this was an informed email. There is nothing wrong with people being extremely determined to get power but the truth, and this is very unfortunate, is that people like Raila would not know what to do with power if by some stroke of bad luck to Kenyans, they got it.

It is important that people learn to separate the state and religion.All the craze about muslims backing ODM, PNU, Shirikisho, KENDA or whatever is bad news to every right thinking Kenyan. When religious leaders betray their faith by engaging in political connmanship, I ask myself many questions. We are in for very interesting political times as Kenyans.

My only question now is: Can the Muslim community, with a registered voter block of about 1.4 million and a perennial voter apathy --- about 42%(If we can estimate it by the turn out in the Coast Province)win any candidate an election? They have about 600000 votes and out of these, no single candidate can get more than 65%. Is that the number of votes people are signing MOUs of such magnitude for?

Anonymous said...


I'm a Muslim and let me tell you that the contents of the e-mail are mere fabrications and falsehood peddled by forces of hatred, religious bigotry and also Islamophobia. Kenyan Muslims lived in Kenya way ahead of any other Abrahamic Faith yet they have never created any problem or forced anyone to be like them. This hard fact was supported by the State Departemnt September report that praised the co-exsistence, intermarriage and acceptance between Muslims and non-Muslims in Kenya. I'm really disturbed religious bigots and forces of hatred who see to have trooped to PANUA are propagating bunkum and balderdash claiming that Raila is set to launch an Islamic State. Kenyan Muslims don't need an Islamic state to be better Muslims, all they want is food, hospitals, roads, electricity and security. This is their Islamic State. And I wonder if it's wrong to demand the above. The Kadhis court exsisted for 1,000 years way ahead when Christianity was known to Kenyans, yet Muslims never intruded on others. There are many Kenyan Muslims who are supporting Kibaki, the fact the majority of them are supporting Raila can't be a campaign tool for PANUA hatefuls to lambaste at Raila. They have the right to support whom they deem fit. Suffice that Raila is not a tribal demagogue like Kibaki or one who tries to cheat Kenyans through miracles like Kalonzo. Wako Draft was rejected by Muslims too, remember. Balala represents the aspirations of his people and when he says mabadiliko, would he have said "conformity"? I'm really faling off my chair laughin at these PANUA buffoons who have no inkling what manipulations means. How will you effect the purported above changes without 67% of parliament support? I think PANUA forces of hatred, bigotry and greed are panickng, and they are looking for every way possible to scare people. Only that Kenyans have come along way to be cheated with such silly and baseless propaganda.

Taabu said...

Give credit to the author of that email. S/he is such a smart propagandist. And hey winning political support depends much on how smart you package your lies-the end justifies the means.

But that ends the joy in reading the hilarious piece. Assuming that any sane Kenyan will buy that cheap is to insult the collective intelligence of all Kenyans.

Come on Chris, Kenyan voter has become of age and no amount of cheating can wash. A part from few village lunatics who like out high school CU recruits (with due respect) are so gullible that they appear and behave insane at anything religious.

Otherwise on the whole there is really nothing to worry about. Such balderdash can sell cheaply depending on which part of Kenya it is sold. Our elections is all about tribe, stupid. The mixture of intellectual deceit that Kenya has become that fundamentalist won't see the light of the day.

Just remember Moi tried all trick in the book including clips from Rwanda genocide to no avail. the same way people have been scaremongering here about chaos. Kenya is too far ahead of these cheap propagandists. Washindwe pepo mbaya.

Anonymous said...

In my early comment. I meant to say its not just a mere propaganda. Its true. From the fact that the Raila MOU with Muslim has been shrouded in mystery and secrecy.

Anonymous said...

Chris as you know better than anyone, its always open season on the internet for scams such as this clearly phony e-mail to make the rounds via e-mails, blogs(such as this one) and websites. i'm surprised that a phony scam such as this one written without a single shred of evidence to prove its authenticity in the slightest way would pull the wool over anybody's eyes!A fake piece of written mischief such as this when read by any right thinking Kenyan citizen should not in any way make them believe that the mysterious author of this e-mail(if indeed said author exists) is serious. The e-mail is clearly a means to an end of fooling around, of that anyone who reads it will be certain. The intended end is a silly superficial goal that quite honestly shocks me to think in this day and age something more creative couldn't have been invented by the unmasked scoundrels behind this
In regards to whether or not this is a campaign strategy by PNU to sabotage ODM's own election campaign, i think that all 3 political parties need not try this hard to carry out any more blunders than they have already unwittingly goofed to remind voters how unworthy all of them are of winning these general elections. A growing number of patriotic kenyans are already alarmed and concerned that the december generals will not herald the much anticipated and desired break from the past brand of old school thinking and usher in a fresh way of doing politics in Kenya. Too bad these thinking Kenyans do not form the majority in a country which massive tribal voter blocs have pre-determined to blindly repeat the same mistake over and over and vote in small-thinking tribal kingpins-why are we playing russian roulette with our future?

Anonymous said...

Many atimes I've come accross this accusation and felt amused. Christians in this country are some of the worst pretenders one can ever come accross me being one of them. They prefer half truth and some even confuse christianity with having a whiteman's name after some baptism?The important thing should be the siginifance of the baptism to the life of the person and not mere name changing. Muslims in Kenya i have alot of respect for even the smallest of Children will fast during Ramadhan and are taught the tenets of Quaran. Let me go back to the x-tians, see below off the head figures for the categories we have:
55% of Men in Kenya do not attend Church every Sabbath or Sunday irrespective of being baptised, they prefer to relax with the boys at Nyama Choma joints.
25% of Women also do not attend for one reason or another
Of the , 50% Women & 30 % Men are only church goers. They go to church bcoz this is the right thing to do and this how our parents brought us up.
20% of the Women and 10% of the Men are the ones that go to church are saved.
5% of both Men and Women only attend Church on Easter and Christmas days.

Above does not take into account those church goers that really have bible studies or pray at all or just dust their bibles on Sabbath/ Sunday.
So you can see most Kenyan christians are really hypocrites and should not even question their next neighbours religuious affiliation and if they read the bible they would also know a verse that says '' Judge and you shall not be judged''
To crown everything did we not have apresident who went to church every Sunday for 24 years with full TV camera and all yet people died of hunger, there were clashes and our Money was looted.
If we need a preacher why not just vote Pastor Muiru??

Vikii said...

What are you talking about, bro?

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