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Thursday, November 01, 2007

3 Key Appointments Raila Needs To Make If he Lands In State House

Somebody sent me the following list of key appointments that Raila Odinga should make if he is elected to State House. I couldn’t agree more so I’ve published them here.

A.G. – Wanyiri Kihoro

P.S. Ofice of the President (Office and residence at State House for Security) – John Githongo.

To spear head new constitution – Yash Pal Ghai


Vikii said...

One, Raila will never and can neVer be president.

If I were to become president myself (I know that just like Raila I cant)mine would be as follows:

Justice---Wanyiri Kihoro

Constitutional Affairs--Jim Orengo or Mutula kilonzo

Finance minister--Amos kimunya

AG--Patrick lumumba

Chief Justice--Yash Pal Ghai.

Chief co-ordinating Minister---Wangari Mathaai

Idleness, story telling and propaganda---Raila Odinga.

Anonymous said...

unforuntely for u, raira has the chance ... and some millions behind to try

u my dear friend. will never. not even wish. u wont even win a youth group election.

Taabu said...

Nice hypothesis Chris. But being political appointments the effect would cut both ways. Positively such appointments would be the genesis of renewal and retracing our most optimisstic steps of 2002. Negatively JG and YPG would send (guilty, perceived or real) people scampering for cover thinking that it the begining of WITCH HUNTING in earnest. But for the good of the motherland it would be a brilliant idea-YOU CANNOT PLEASE ALL and change has a price-head must roll too.

Sikh said...

Idleness, story telling and propaganda---Vikii.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Vikii.
Here is my List:
President & Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces: HE Mwai Kibaki
VP- Mutisa Kituyi
Defence- Uhuru Kenyatta
Internal Security & Prov admin- Nyachae
Foreign- Tuju
AG- Mungatana
Finance - Mwiraria.
Assistant Minister for fisheries- Raila Odinga. Of course with Kalembe Ndile as Minister.
kioko. BC, Canada. Kazi Iendelee

Anonymous said...

I agree. Wanyiri Kihoro is a good choice for AG or Justice Minister. He has campaigned for human rights and democracy. I hope RAO remembers him when we elect him as Prezzo.

Anonymous said...

indeed, very good choice for PS office of the president in John Githongo Chris-anyone who cries foul have some skeletons to hide in their closet

Anonymous said...

Raila as an asst min for fisheries? Oh! and the thug working under kalembe! Kioko, U make my day....

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