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Thursday, November 01, 2007

Pirates On The Web Throw Wild Allegations At Kumekucha

There is a joker and his wife who are spreading lies about Kumekucha on the web.

They claim (the Kenyan man and woman are running a book publishing company and are based in the US) that we are serializing plagiarized material in the form of an original work titled Kenya Betrayed which has never been published before. An earlier version of the same story published as The Shining Star and done by the man in question (Sam Okello) used original material from Marianne Briner but left out the real names of the persons in the story.

Let us leave aside the issue that the same writer has to date sold many books but never remitted a cent to the originator despite many false promises. The issue here is that no matter what angle you look at this thing from it seems that their view of the word plagiarized contradicts the definition of the word in all known English dictionaries.

I have decided to ignore these wild allegations but just wanted to inform our readers about it in case they come across it through search engines or elsewhere they will at least know what is going on.

I suspect that the trick being played here is to provoke me to link to the site where the story is carried for traffic reasons. I will not do that.

But what is even more distressing is a claim by the man’s wife that the originator of Kenya Betrayed killed Dr Ouko. Apart from such remarks being very distressing to the person being accused of this very grave matter that is not something to joke about (can you imagine what Mrs Ouko would feel reading the remarks?) it clearly shows that they have an ulterior deep hidden motive in this affair.

Read the full story of this saga HERE.


Vikii said...

Ashindwe yeye!. We are firmly behind you Kumekucha (Though I have never read a word in the serialization). Tell that good for nothing son-of-a-biscuit we are ready to meet him in any law court of his choice. The submission by that brother is incompetent. The incompetence is laughable.

Taabu said...

The web is one uncontrolled market and you only sample what you want. Those of us in Kumekucha and others are there by CHOICE. So whatever somebody else want to say they ahve both lips to mouth anything.

Many (falsely) agrieved Kenyans have taken MB's stories so personal it defeats you where the objective or purpose is. But take heart most bloggers are above such petty mudslinging.

The beauty of reading lies in appreciating the spirit but disagreeing with the message. Go on brother do what you know best. Swams of flies never stopped focussed pedestrians from taking their path. Serialize anything you fancy and let those interested read. No read is a worthless read to the open-minded. Go Chris go.

Anonymous said...

i agree with Vikii(there is a first time for everything) and Mwalimu-
welcome to the internet accuser of Chris

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