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Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Big Fat Kenyan Politicians: They Just Don’t Get It, Do They?

Although none of them will admit it, all major political parties are in a crisis of sorts after the recent fiasco that some of them are calling party nominations.

What everybody is missing is the reason for the crisis in the first place. Before I go into that it is important for Kenyans to note that this is not a petty issue that can just be brushed aside. After all these are the same politicians promising us all sorts of goodies and the word “change” which we all crave for is on all their lips. But we need to ask ourselves a simple question. If these guys were not able to foresee the nomination crisis that was so obvious and forestall it, how the hell do we expect them to lead us with the increasing problems that we are facing as a nation? Chew on that one.

The reasons for the current nomination crisis include the following;

i) Contempt of voters by leaders of political parties and especially presidential candidates who do not want to respect the will of the people. Don’t even dare mention the word democracy.

ii) A determination by incumbent MPs to hang on to their political seats at all costs. The huge sums of money they have fleeced from tax payers in the last 5 years has blinded them to believing that they can fool the people and get back to parliament. These guys will do anything and I mean anything. Including murder, violence rigging, cheating bribing, witchcraft etc. These guys who have been a major thorn in the flesh to Kenyans over the last 5 years will not go quietly and are still a major pain (you know where) even as we go to the polls.

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Taabu said...

Political prediction is one minefield I would rather avoid if I can. Kenyans can continue serving the same menu come Dec 27 by voting in nondescript chaps with margins that live Munrungaru's yawning. None of them will have the (guts) to petition when they get less than 20% of the votes. But then Kenyan politicians are scoundrels per excellence and the have no element of shame. They can do the most ludicrous and anything to them in the name of power is fair game.

The firasco las week running for nominations may be the blessing in disguise. Mother nature may have given voters a lifeline to save their country from political auctioneers. The disorganization during the nominations is INEXCUSABLE. Pretending otherwise by branding it as TEETHING problems for an infant democracy is an insult to say teh least/

Instead of ushering in an infant DEMOCRAZY we have a STILLBORN which we have shamelessly and stubbornl refusing to bury. The stench from the decomposing body is nationally neausiting. Kenyans have been conned and robbed in day light by their parties.

But as worthogs known tobehave like robots trust same scandalized Kenyans to sing themsleves HOARSE and vote back teh same scoundrels. Speak of a self inflicted curse of circular charades bereft of any movements. Na bado.

Marianne Briner said...

tabuu you slowly become my favourite ...... and I hope you are not 'offended' by this statement coming from somebody like me!!!!!!!!!


Vikii said...

OK, Taabu there you go! Just have fun bro but in case you find your name on every freaking website,usilie.

Someone is head over heels here and I am happy for your new catch BB.

kalamari said...

Chris, If you are waiting for big fat Kenyan politicians to change tact and admit defeat whenever democracy dictates, please be aware that the second coming of Jesus will precede that cookie…. and before that Martin Luther King's dream has to come true.
With the exception of iv and your conclusion, I fully agree with all your reasons for the fiascos esp. contempt of voters. However, I think it's far fetched to imagine that many Kenyans are convinced that ODM will not deliver a fraction of their promises based on the success or perceived failure of their nomination exercise. What exactly is 'many'? You become a victim of miscalculation when you refuse to accept that the reason ODM is more in the papers with talk of the fiasco is simply because they had over three to ten times the number of candidates…as in more fires to put out. Now, could they spend more funds to make things fairer? Yes. But remember the PNU financial behemoth they are fighting against. In financial comparison to PNU, ODM is like most Kenyans, broke as hell.

I'm not saying that ODMs was a stellar performance but the fact that they have largely remained intact is in itself a miracle. 'ODM proper' has survived unscathed and ready for the final stretch. At least admit that no accolades have followed any ODM defector to other fringe parties. So what have we lost?

Anonymous said...

Chris, this is unfair-i also write many posts here in Kumekucha in hope that one day i will feature in "5 most popular stories on Kumekucha today" but it never happens-i also wish to for Vikii and MB to be head over heels with me

chris said...

Ha, ha, ha


Be patient my brother, be just a little patient and keep on posting and very soon...

I assure you it will happen sooner than the big fat Kenyan politician changes his ways (even after a humiliating defeat)


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