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Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Why Kumekucha Is Glad To Belong To The Lower Class

I take this opportunity to humbly thank all of you who came out in my defense over the recent venomous comment left in this blog by somebody whom I believe is an old school mate whom I know very well. I am only puzzled at their possible motives in leaving the comment which most of you hit out at.

To be honest I am shocked that some Kenyans still think in terms of the class they belong to. However I am delighted to discover that I belong to the lower class. No wonder I seem to understand the masses so well.

I am very touched by your strong support and faith in me. Let me also say that I am following to the letter, the excellent advice given to me by most of you that I simply ignore the “sour grapes” and continue with my work, which many of you seem to appreciate. Ahsante sana.

So the aim of this post is not to go back to where I have said I will not go. It is to highlight an interesting truth that has emerged from the whole incident.

The main point I want to draw Kenyans attention to is...

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Taabu said...

Well spoken Chris. But the TRUTH remains we are ropped into this shameless culture of HELL FOR LEATHER. We provide our backs for these chaps to ride. Success for Kenyans men only one thing: MONEY and nothing else.

Ever heard a 'rich' 20+ -year old being called Mzee because he is loaded? When that tag gets to his had he graduates to imagining that he own al and sundry and next stop is siasa. Here they spend (invest) by giving handouts/bribes so as to reap (LOOT) once in office.

We need to redefine our national values. You can't belive it when you see a form 4 chap who has qualified for university refucing to join with loan almost guaranteed claiming that the degree is marketless. Those characters would start touting while scheming to ROB and join the class.

I may sound as if I am mounring but it really pains me when our nation choses to invert priorities and make REA HARD WORK a crime. Shortcuts is all we learn and aspire to achieve.

Guys it is a rough andtough time. Even politicsis not meant for the averag guy. How can you traverse Marakwet with a 4 whell drive.And that is after coughing more than KES 0.13 million for nomination. It is Kenyans at their commercial best. The average chaop is condemned to die poor.

Anonymous said...

I will keep saying it Chris and i will never tire of saying it here again and again at the risk of BORING you-its INTEGRITY not the economy (fill in the blank)
We have raised more than 2 generations on a shameful menu of tribalism, condoned corruption and WRONG IDEA about what duty to country the chicks have come home to roost
Have you ever asked-what does identity as a Kenyan mean to anyone born in the 1980s era? the answers you will get shall shock you-we are an "aids ravaged, bowl-in-hand-begging, tribalist society that is corrupt" and no i'm not talking about what BBC or CNN reports i'm talking about our national identity crisis which cannot be solved by cheap slogans like "jivunia kuwa mkenya"

kalamari said...

Like with all things in life that come in stages, every low class chap aspires to join upper classes…in the same way every MP wants to become president and every stone mason aspires to become an architect. Content with self is a recipe for failure or stagnation. One must always be on the go…sleep is for losers. In this life we live, money is everything; those asking you to stop and smell the roses are most likely owners of flower farms.

Anyway, away from motivational speech, characters selling chalk to city council belong in jail. Whereas I fully and wholeheartedly embrace the consistent and steadfast search for the accumulation of the mighty dollar, I believe some ethics must apply.
One thing I strongly distaste is the prevalance of high school mentality in full grown ass men. I've come across some losers who really and truly relive their high school heroics on a daily basis. You all remember the 'us guys' syndrome…... most of these jamaas, whose parents have either died or retired, are mostly living in squalor all around the world. If your post is somewhat suggesting that we look for future leaders within this congregation of idiots, then I too cry for the ignorance that makes us think of that as a solution today.

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