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Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Would She Join Long List Of Ouko Witnesses Who Died? (Kenya Betrayed)

Plus How I Met And Fell In Love With Moi
And then he had added that he would do everything in his power that I was not joining the list of so many other (Dr, Robert Ouko murder investigation) witnesses who had lost their lives during the last years. It was estimated that their number had in the meantime reached more than 100 …..

I felt that also he still continued being worried, so I risked a small smile, “I trust you and I trust your personnel – so let’s all hope that nothing happens.”
Before he could reply, a blue Volvo appeared at the first Security Gate and as soon as the guard opened the second gate, the Volvo roared past it and then came to a screeching halt next to the armored vehicle.

A lean sportive man appeared accompanied by three other plain-cloth sharpshooters together with a slim, blonde woman.

We shook hands and he introduced himself at Lt. Wolfgang. I recognized in him the Official who had picked me up the day before at the residence of my friends in Karen where I stayed during the last three weeks.

Lt. Wolfgang rushed me onto the back seat where I was swiftly sandwiched between the four Embassy Officials.

And suddenly the race was on.

Lt. Wolfgang sped through the streets of Nairobi, turning abruptly into unintended streets and alleys whenever he noticed a suspicious car behind him.
At a roundabout near the imposing Nyayo Stadium, we came up on a massive police checkpoint. There were three uniformed officers inspecting cars. Officially, they said a bank on Tom Mboya Street had just been robbed.

But Lt. Wolfgang had already warned via the internal radio-call between him and the Embassy and knew that this plain crap.

When we approached the checkpoint, he therefore drew down the window, put his head out and said, “This is the official car of the German Ambassador, Sir. May we proceed?”

The Officer, unsure what to do, shouted something into his walkie-talkie. He took a couple of seconds listening to instructions from the other end.
Finally, he turned...

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