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Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Deceitful Kenyans: Memories from 2002

Date: December 2002
Place: Kenya
What: General Elections

The above image IS KENYA A MONARCHY OR A REPUBLIC? was published in the third quarter of 2002 when KANU was still in power. In Kibaki's 5th year as Head of State, it has surprised many that the individuals who supported Kibaki and helped build a strong coalition to uproot KANU’s 40-year-vice-like-grip on power are now out of government while the Uhuru Kenyatta, Daniel Arap Moi and Nicholas Biwott plus Nyachae, Karume and others are firmly in Kibaki’s camp. Oh yes, we ask again; Is Kenya a monarchy or a republic?

After Moi’s reign, we were promised; Comes security, comes prosperity, comes time to give back, comes health, comes jobs, jobs, jobs. YOTE YA WEZEKANA BILA MOI so the song went. But hey, hold on a minute! Moi is not only Kibaki’s lead campaigner, but we also ask; Are those people who have live in terror country in areas like Mau Forest, Mt. Elgon and West Pokot really citizens of Kenya? How about Kisii where opposition leaders escaped death with severe injuries at the hands of a private army whose general is a cabinet minister in Kibaki’s government? Or Sondu were villagers cannot sleep in their houses anymore for fear of attacks by armed raiders merely because they support opposition side. How can we ever forget the numerous Mungiki beheadings including that of a one year old boy who belonged to Kihii community and that we have not seen or heard of any convictions in court many months since the crimes were committed. Instead of being housed in maximum security prison, the same Mungiki leaders are now being given nomination tickets and funds to contest against opposition figures. That is Kenya for you.

NO CONTEST they said. Now the President attends National Delegates Congress of KANU to pledge loyalty to an opposition party, while pledging support and co-operation with the same individual who was once Untried, Untested, Unelected, Inexperienced. The same one who has completely let down the opposition and has absolutely NO idea what it means to be Leader of Official Opposition. Meanwhile, the incumbent has been tried, tested, elected and experienced. That bitter pill shall not be swallowed again.

The above image WHO’S FOOLING WHO? could well be in reference to the NARC and not KANU regime. One of the biggest corruption scandals that engulfed Kenya during President Kibaki’s reign is the so-called Anglo-Leasing Scandal. This 'deal' shocked Kenyans and the international community that senior Ministers in Government and top civil servants could conspire in such schemes that were designed to pay huge sums of public money to non-existent international companies under the pretext of procurement of security equipment and materials. This is the mega corruption that almost literally brought Kenya to an economic standstill in 2005.

We remember all that. More will come soon.

How convenient, KAZI IENDELEEE.............

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