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Monday, October 15, 2007

Why PNU Is Working Itself Into A Tight Corner

Both Raila Odinga’s presidential campaign and that of Kalonzo Musyoka are working hard to steer this campaign in the direction of issues. PNU on the other hand are determined to reduce this campaign into a tribal insult-hurling contest.

After Finance Minister Amos Kimunya told Kenyans that the stock exchange has lost a staggering 200 billion because of fear amongst investors that Raila may end up being president, the ODM candidate made a surprise appearance at the Nairobi Stock Exchange this morning and reassured Kenyans that his government would embrace the NSE and its objectives as a way to empower more Kenyans to participate in the economy of the country.

Meanwhile the PNU crowd have not responded to claims from both Raila and Kalonzo that they are preparing to rig the forthcoming polls. Nobody has moved to reassure Kenyans even after the appointment of a brand new inexperienced Vice Chair to the electoral commission. Something rather strange to do when we know that the chairman’s Samuel Kuvuitu’s tenure is bound to expire before the polls. So why would the government want inexperienced commissioners handling the most complex election in the history of Kenya? This is something that rattles investors much more than the face of one Agwambo, that you can be sure about.

So as Raila and kalonzo continue to raise issues and avoid insults, the PNU train is bound to run out of steam pretty quickly. This kind of thing needs a response to remain oiled and to run properly and so far the opposition have denied the government that.

It really is fascinating watching a government that ran out of ideas a long time ago, also run out of ideas for its’ campaign. In my view this thing of the president’s daughter...

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kalamari said...

As for the rigging part, Kibaki, Kimunya and Michuki flanked by Murungaru and assisted by Tuju and Karume could call an urgent international press conference to announce their staunch commitment to a free, fair and rig-less election; On the very next day, Kenyans will still ask the same question, "Is PNU planning to rig the elections??".

The point is, the Kibaki administration has lost all credibility. Kibaki, kneeling at the center of the alter of St. Peters' Cathedral in the Vatican, could swear that he has nothing to do with a man called Livondo… and nobody would believe a word he says.

Vikii said...

I think Raila, Kalonzo and everyone else for that matter are free to say whatever they want to say. They are entitled to their own feelings but they, together with their supporters, need to understand that the president is under no obligation to respond to their cries. Mwai Kibaki has repeatedly said that he and his government are committed to free and fair elections and if they dont believe it, then they can use this "knowledge" they seem to have to make sure they will be fair.

Chris, I will tell you one thing. When Gabriel Mukele signed his contract, he knew very well that after the expiry of the contract, the government would choose to renew it or not to. People should stop dictating to the president on what to do. I think this 'know-it-all' attitude exhibited by a section of the opposition leaders and their followers should stop. If they need things always done their way, then they should wait until such a time when they will be in a position to make decisions. Why did we not complain at the time when these fellows signed their contracts and yet we knew the expiry dates? Samuel kivuitu and Gabriel Mukele are men of impeccable integrity, no doubt, but as far as the president is concerned, renewal of their contracts is discretionary. Let people do the jobs they are paid to do without outside inteference!

About how people are full of 'insults', well, I have my opinion on who the most insulting politicians are. I did not start hearing grown men hurl insults at others with Kombo, Nyachae and Mwakwere. I have always heard grey-haired men insult their colleagues and probably these old tired men are just being good students.

The kenyan press as much as they "dont make news" as someone keeps saying here, are full of shit. Selective justice seems to be the only concept they understand.

Anonymous said...

PNU and the government is trying all it can to remain in power. There are rumours that in their strong holds such as Central province and part of Nairobi like Kikuyu/Dagoretti area they have issued Identity cards to youth who are not yet 18 years, like some are 17 years. Those who registered this year in ODM strongholds are yet get their records. When they check on SMS their names dont appear. People should check ECK website for their records before its too late.

Mkenya Damu said...

While everyone else is busy on the campaign trail , PNU is busy rigging and their isnt a better time to do it.Vote buying , double registration, stooge at the ECK,Districts issue, and all manner of state bribery.We are trully lost.

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