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Monday, October 15, 2007

The Soaring Heat in Premier League

As the English Premier Leagues takes a two-week break for international fixtures a reflection of the action so far reveals mixed fortunes for both clubs and teams. The biggest absentee in during this break is of course ‘the special one, Jose Mourinho.

Like him hate him Jose brought a unique character to the game of football. His catchy quips always whetted the appetite of the English press. The impact of Jose’s absence at the Stamford Bridge is loud and the lack of spark and thrill is all traceable to this. Chelsea nose-diving performance has opened wide the doors to the mythical top four in the table standings. Terry’s cheek fracture only helped compound a bad situation.

Arsenal is the new kids on the block. The Gunners are surely harvesting the positive effects from selling their domineering ex-captain Thiery Henry. You cannot take away the fact that Henry was a refined striker. But the fallacy that a club perishes with one player starts from that disillusion. The demise of Henry’s shadow has let Fabregas and Van Persie to showcase brilliant football that has anchored Arsenal at the top of the table, a feat they have not achieved in a couple of years.

But the Gunners must count of luck and smile form their gods for a relatively ‘easy’ start to the season. Starting next month the young side will either prove pundits wrong or will simply sink when they meet Manchester United and Liverpool in successive weeks. With the defending champions breathing fire immediately behind them with a two points’ difference they Arsene Wenger’s lads have all the reasons to worry.

Over to Anfield, the honeymoon seems to disappear as fast as the vows were pronounced. The brilliant start of the season for Rafa’s men appears to desert them so fast. Is the ‘magical’ Torres perishable? The Reds need time to gel and Rafa’s limitless tinkering with his first XI under the facade of optimal rotation may be his undoing.

Resumption of action next weekend promises some thrillers as the league enter a defining moment. By December the surprise package in Manchester City lying in position three shall have stamped their presence and authority or dissipated as fast as Sven arrived in the North West.

In the meantime, whether Jose weaved himself into Chelsea’s middle name only time will tell. Roman Abrahamovich may be paying the piper but must he call the unpleasant tune? You cannot buy a legacy or history, or can you?

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Vikii said...

I agree. English football without Jose is crap.

Whether or not arsenal lose steam midway, they have shown all sundry what class they have. Nothing could show the potential those babies have better than the oustanding start to the season.

About liverpool, they will never win the title. Torres is not a spectacular gooal scorer as such but a scorer of spectacular goals. They need much more than that to win it.

About Manchester United, i hate them.

Anonymous said...

About Manchester United, i hate them.

Wow!! and you think you are intelligent person. The word hate shows how stupid you are. I may be a staunch supporter of Arsenal, but I cant hate any of their opponents. Its just football, silly.

Put another way, I may be an ODM damu but will never come that close to hating KIbaki, Moi, or Kalonzo. You are still entitled to your opinion but hating on others shows how crap you are.

Anonymous said...

Vikii. You seem to be a know it all. I wonder what you do for a living. Let me guess.. . You must either be a football coach or a lecturer in French creative writing at Oxford University? Am I right?

Anonymous said...

I am not an intelligent person. I never said I was. About my entiltlement to my opinion , I already know ant it. Thats why am giving it. Thnx 4 letting me know u dont hate odmk n pnu. As 4 me i hate odm.

As 4 what i do 4 a living, i receive unemployment benefits.

If u have any more qs, feel free 2 ask.


Taabu said...

Vikii, BB here. You can do better than that and you know it, don't you?

Vikii said...

Yes Taabu. I saw this one while working and decided to clarify some stuff for the complainant. After submitting, I regretted doing it.

Anonymous said...

Hi vikii, How is Oxford? I am sure you were busy preparing student tutorials for the French courses that you teach. Please enlighten lesser mortals like us about this great centre of academic excellence that few have ever and will ever grace the common rooms. anon.

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