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Friday, October 19, 2007

Think Twice

I received this mail in my inbox in response to my article about tribalism (
I have reproduced it here in its entirety.

Bro. have you ever stayed and worked with a kikuyu? These people are triblist(sic). Pliz help this nation bye(sic) voting Raila.


Anonymous said...


The trend being set by ODM is a precursor of dangerous things to come. The claim that top government officials hail from one region is unfounded and aimed at misleading the electorates and creating hatred. The behavior to incite people along ethnic lines should be condemned by all peace loving citizens. This has the capacity to inflame tribal animosity which can result into civil war. KenyanS  should not take the peace they have cherished for many years for granted. We are surrounded by warring nations and therefore in a short time,war cries,pain and devastation can be turned into reality through such reckless allegations. Kenya can be plunged into a civil war by the road ODM has opted to take. Hence,Kenyans should not trust ODM at all with the leadership of the government.
It is not lost to Kenyans and indeed people in the region that there are exerted efforts to make kikuyus look bad in the eyes of all other tribes. While the tactic seem to work momentarily, ODM should remember that you can only fool some people sometimes but you can't fool all the people all the time! However,such a dangerous strategy should not be taken by a leader who claims to be a nationalist and have the best interest of Kenyans at heart. After Moi took over from Kenyatta,it the leaders in ODM who attempted to topple his democratically elected government. A crime committed against innocent Kenyans by selfish individuals. No amount of apology would make Kenyans who lost loved ones ever forget or forgive the heinous death of their loved ones.
My advice to all Kenyans is not to vote ODM for peace and tranquility to prevail. President Kibaki has done what no other president in Africa has ever done. His administration enabled the MPs through  CDF to empower the locals to determine the projects close to their heart. This ensured equal distribution of resources to all corners of the nations. Free primary education enable all children every corner of the nation to get to school. Now he has expanded to High school free tuition for all. I cannot imagine what more Kenyans would want from a president. He has been voted the best African president in terms of economic growth and development.
His style of leadership is commendable. Unlike previous administrations,he allowed Cabinet minister freedom to run their dockets in the best way they found fit. This enable the minister to utilize their innovative and creative skills to realize effective projects for the ministry. Many ministries have achieved tremendous growth and a great deal for the Kenyan people.
Kenyans from all walks of life should vote for President Kibaki so that the nation can realize greater prosperity and growth. If you do not vote for president Kibaki you put the country at risk of being led by tribal out fits organized by untested people who are trying to drive the nation into ethnic or civil war.
Kenyans have not forgotten how ODM leader organized mayhem in full coverage of national TV when he fought the late Kijana Wamalwa for FORD-K leadership. When he failed to capture the position he broke ranks and formed his own party. He later broke his own party when he failed to win presidency and married former president Moi for convenience as he hoped to be given the presidency through the back door.  When this did not happen,he divorced Moi and joined President Kibaki on conditions he becomes the Prime Minister irrespective of the constitution.
I am a Ugandan living in the USA after being driven out of my country by the war during Idi Amin. I am married to a Kenyan who makes sure I am abreast with Kenyan politics. Having experienced war first hand,I see lots of parallels between Raila and Idi Amin. Idi Amin just like Raila had insatiable hunger for power.  Raila like Idi Amin,would do anything to get the power. Machiavelli theory of ends justifies the means was what he practiced. Raila just like Idi Amin accuses his opponent falsely of the evils that he practices. My guts feelings tell me that Kenyans should not dare give Raila a chance to meddle with the regional peace.  Dear Kenyan, never say your neighbors never warned you of imminent danger on the horizon.
The only way to preempt the imminent threat of civil strife is by voting president Kibaki and ignoring ODM euphoria.
Suzzette Simiyu - USA

Sue said...

Tribalism is a major problem in Kenya, it is bad that it’s featuring so much in this campaigns more than other issues. One funny thing is Mzee Moi was in power for 24 year but when time came to remove KANU his party from power, the main issue was to get KANU out and not his tribe the Kalenjin. From the information that has been circulated, I can say this government went overboard to give top public jobs to people from Mt. Kenya region mainly Kikuyus. The road to Western Kenya is pathetic and they are not bothered, resources are not distributed fairly in all parts of the country. After only 5 years people are fed up and I shudder to imagine how it can be if this government get back for another 5 years.

May God help Kenya!

Anonymous said...

Ritchie, your brains must be growing mould coz of staying too long in a dump area. Get out and get some sun, may be you'll get to think deeply & productively. Rather than just send a one liner ati ".....pliz help this nation by voting Raila" kindly put some flesh onto that clam-shell you claim to be a brain-container... pass regards to Chris!

(mr. steel pulse)

Anonymous said...

To know how Kiuks can get tribal, look at the kiosk opposite Nairobi Hospital you would think you are somewhere in Nyeri or Muranga. The kiosks have names like mama mwaura, mama mwangi and all are in kiuk names. Yani Gakuo only built better kiosks for his people.

Wacheni ukabila

Anonymous said...

I hate to talk about this topic and I think Xris is always not sincere in just throwing in our face issues we feel are petty.


I had an opportunity to work for KQ in Mombasa several years ago when when a Kostarian was the head of the station. Things were easy going and witch hunting was something I have never experienced before.

When I was trasnfered to Nairobi things were different and I was new there but while working at the baggage control during our free time, all my fellow staff were talking about was how they felt frastrated by their supervisors who were kikuyus. Story was told where the station manager fellow kikuyu had to call some porter who had stollen about 7million kes in a passenger baggage and warned before hand of the consequences.

Anonymous said...


Am really sorry for my fellow kikuyu brothers, but they have never respected diversity in their work places.

Even the kalenjin have never been this was during the moi tenure. I guess you get born with such traits.

Once again, sorry my fellow kikuyu brothers

kalamari said...

Is it truly Kenyan to celebrate our different languages and cultures whenever the opportunity arises…whether in government offices or at the pub? To answer this correctly, you must first accept the fact that there's no such thing as patriotic nationalism in the midst of entrenched tribalism. In other words, the larvae in tribal cocoons breed no beautiful butterflies.

The problems that bedevil Kenya have much to do with endemic corruption, unfair redistribution of resources etc. However, these iniquities are manifested by the existence of tribes and our reluctance to devalue the cultures that separate us. ‘Our people’ are not Kenyans but our very own tribesmen.

Is it a long shot to propose the illegalization of tribes and cultures? Is the fallacy that one cannot move ahead without knowing/appreciating history still relevant in Kenya today? Should we look for and kill the jamaa who said, “Culture defines who you are”.

Anonymous said...

Majimbo did ot precede tribalism in Kenya. Put differently, in the absence of Majimbo Kenya is/was always tribal. Majimbo NEVER EVER created tribalism in Kenya but Jomo Kenyatta and his Kiambu Mafia did in 1966.

MM said...

I have never made any comment on this blog though am a faithful reader but I must say the strong tribal sentiments that are now being exchanged leave a bitter taste in my mouth. Please let us stick to issues. I am a luo married to a meru and dont take kindly to either side being bashed. On my part as a person working in development I am of the belief that a country cannot develop if this development is not equitably distributed regionally and within the citizens. Gini coefficient ranks Kenya as one of the countries with highest income disparities. Living in a developed country I see that the social security systems they have are as a result of a strong middle class. Kenya needs a strong middle class a good mix of luo kamba kikuyu luhyia you name it... no one tribe in Kenya can spiral economic development of the country on their own...we need each other...

Anonymous said...

How I wish Raila had never uttered the words 'Kibaki Tosha'! If we hadn't had a Kiuk president succeeed Moi, tribalism in this country would have been vanquished forever. These Kiuks think they are God's gift to Kenya and that Kenya cannot grow without them in power....All I say now is Kibaki toka - we've had enough of you and your lot!

Taabu said...

Mr Simiyu of Uganda thanks BUT NO THANKS for your unsolicited and cheap advice. You may be the mouthpiece of your Kenyan wife but please keep that between your sheets.

You are lucky to have escaped Idi Amin but sorry Kenya doesn't have one. By the way your reflection based o 1970s is not only outdated but a collective insult to all of us here.

Kenyans know a cheap short like like miles away and someply put yours is below our street talk keep it to yourself. We have a record of sustaining political heat in Africa and your scare mongering belongs to your village. Thank you are peddle your two cent advice elsewhere.

We will really try to miss you but I can assure you we won't succeed. Good riddance to a cheap neighbour.

Vikii said...

This Ugandan fellow needs to be told one thing: Ugandans are not qualified to advise kenyans. Both their political history and their currrent political situation outrightly disqualify them from participating in fora where democracy is discussed.

Dont get me wrong, what Mr. Simiyu is saying is the absolute truth. I agree with that stuff a hundred percent but Mr. Simiyu just lacks the moral authority to lecture us on democracy. They have a bigger political problem back home than we do and it would make sense for him to put all his energy there.

The truth still remains though. A vote for Raila Odinga is a vote foe anarchy and backwardness.

Anonymous said...

Lol this is getting interesting and absurd at the same time.initialy it was that Raila was unelectable and when PNU with it's owners are being shown dust we hear threats of civil strife! Be warned that the desire for change by by the right thinking citizenry is unstapable and those agitating for statusquo will be boxed in one corner when the votes are counted.The second diagnosis will clearly show the how the regions will have voted...and the losers incidentaly will be compossed of three quarters of a particular tribe bent on pedling tribalism as their wares!...only time will tell.

ritch said...

I believe you should know better than to insult my intelligence. What I posted was what one of the commentators in this blog sent to me in the form of an e-mail. All people have the right to say what they think!!

Anonymous said...
Ritchie, your brains must be growing mould coz of staying too long in a dump area. Get out and get some sun, may be you'll get to think deeply & productively. Rather than just send a one liner ati ".....pliz help this nation by voting Raila" kindly put some flesh onto that clam-shell you claim to be a brain-container... pass regards to Chris!

(mr. steel pulse)

Anonymous said...

Kwenda! when did it become tribal to use you name in a business? Is it tribal for kikuyus to operate kiosk business in Nairobi using their names? How comes no one complains of the dominance of groundnut hawking by jaluo nuts? The toothless kavirondo natives also dominate the car body repairs and in carrying heavy ngunias at the Mombasa port. Why have these idiots been allowed to replace donkeys in carrying of goods at the port? why? I think some of the contributors have fallen victim to Raila's agenda of kikuyubatching. Let us vote out this molasses thief who aims to divide our country on tribal lines. Ritchie or whatever you name is, who tells you that salvation comes of Raila the stinking molasses thief?? why can't he deliver his idiots from the AIDs menance that is killing about 700 kihiis daily? Kioko. BC, Canada. kazi iendeleeeeee!

Anonymous said...

If you bothered to inform yourself then you would not have wool pulled over your eyes by the nonsensical ODM propaganda being spread by cowardly ODM foot soldiers on discussion forums. The government already produced a list of all the positions in Kenya. No single individual has come forward to discount the list and show if the list was a forgery but the stupid, nonsensical propaganda continues. Why don't you ask your MP ask to how he has spent his CDF allocation? Either way your comment here betrays your rabid tribalism.

@anonymous2 Kenya can only progress if characters like yourself used common sense and got an education. Have you ever had about sole proprietorship where one uses their name as their business name? Are Buyusuf and Brothers or Patel and Sons etc now tribalists by your definition?

@anonymous3 Stop blaming other ethnic groups for your short comings in the work place. Learn to take responsibility for your shortcomings and if you can succeed in a job change employers or go back to college. Come 2012 you'll probably still be blaming xyz superiors for your shortcomings.

Why would Ritch bother to pay attention to such a tribalistic low life by glorifying their comments through posting them prominently? Or is this way of Ritch telling us he endorses and supports such rabid and uncouth comments that betray the writer's level of intelligence?

sayra said...

Am confused and somebody pliz un-confuse me. When am in western and people there are talking kibukusu in the streets as they go on their businesses ... does it equal tribalism? When i go to garissa and all tha guys there are
talking kisomali ... does that equal tribalism? When i go to
kitui and all are talking kao ... does it mean they are tribal? or when they name all their kiosks in their tribe? What is been tribal coz from what am seeing here we do have a different description of what tribalism is.
If tribalism is what you people are talking abt here then am sorry to announce that you are fighting a battle that will never be worn.

I think this whole issue is a personal matter in that, you guys have a problem with too much kikuyu people speaking wherever you are. Its not about fighting tribalism ... and you all should stop it.

chris said...

Ritch my bro,

Please take it easy. Remember that some people are paid to insult others here and to make it look like the Polls are all wrong about the popularity of their preferred candidates.

Notice that the guy gives his identity away by telling you to say Hi to me. He's probably part of the intelligence community who are aware of the visit you paid me recently. I don't intend to scare you but this is how these people operate.

I am sure that the guy does not even believe that you are pure Kikuyu. That is why only the younger generation like you and me can save Kenya. These old men should all just pack up and go home (even the ones in ODM).

Take care bro, tuko pamoja and thanks for your excellent posts in Kumekucha. Many of them like the Aids one have gotten very high traffic. Please stay focused.

Keep it up and remember that for every tribal abusive Kenyan here there are many other out there who share your views and mine.

Take heart.


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