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Thursday, October 18, 2007

Vijana na Kibaki

Vijana wazee! Who is fooling whom here?

Moi - 1924
Awori - 1927
Karume - 1929
Michuki - 1930
Kibaki - 1931
Nyachae - 1932
Muhoho - 1938
Muthaura - 1940
Kombo - 1944
Makwere -1945

Mean age = 73

2. ODM Pentagon
Raila - 1945
Nyaga - 1950
Musalia - 1960
Ruto - 1966
Balala - 1967

Mean age=49

South Africa : Mbeki - 1942
Uganda: Museveni - 1945
Tanzania: Kikwete - 1950
Nigeria: YarAdua - 1951
Ethiopia: Zenawi - 1955
Rwanda: Kagame - 1957
Burundi: Nkurunziza - 1963
DRC: Kabila - 1971

Mean age=53


kalamari said...

Taabu, It is obvious that the only reason you omitted the ODM-K corral is because you did not want to be seen as supporting them. I believe their mean age is below 35 years.

Anonymous said...

Indeed Mwalimu, the "age-old" (excuse the pun) argument African leaders use as an excuse to still grasp at power even when they are already well past their sell-by date is "its not the years in your life that count its the life in your years" Its no laughing matter that these octogenarians/near octogenarians call themselves "old" when really they are patriarchal tired veterans who do not deserve recycling
Anyway, i respect my elders and as they wish, so it will be done

Proud Kikuyu Woman said...

The mean doesn't mean much.I'm poor at stas- give me the range,median,standard deviation of EVERYONE on every team, not a convenent selection,then we will start talking.

Anonymous said...

Youth has no correlation with the ability to lead neither does old age. Can anyone say that because of Museveni's youth that Ugandans are better of today? Or that Zenawi's youthful regime has been kind to the democratic rights of Ethiopians. I suppose the point of the post is lost other than it provides some interesting statistics.

Vikii said...

I fully agree with the PNU lineup. I have noticed an ommission or two in the ODM, BB:

Mugane Njonjo---1920
William Ntimama---1930
Peter Castro Aringo--1927
John Keen----------1931
Martin Joseph Shikuku--1931.

We can then cap it all with the Dangerous Man himself----1945.

Mean age= 77 years.

And raila Odinga never seems to stop talking about age and how it is time for the young. Just like democracy, youth is a very flexible concept to him and his followers.

Anonymous said...

I like it when your deliberate ommissions are brought out; ODM-K and the list by Vikii.

Your post is a poor way of campaigning for ODM coz its baseless.

One by one day by day ODM propaganda and gold-coating is crumbling down as people start questioning their promises and allegations.

By the way since Kalonzo launched his campgain the euphoria generated by opinion polls has disappeared. Even ODM are starting to think twice about it coz it my just be irrelevant.

Rift Valley votes are not yet bagged by any team and the scramble is just starting.

Raila knows that unlike 2 weeks ago he is starting to lose the smell of state house.

My prediction come January:

Mudavadi: elected MP
Ruto: elected MP
Balala: defeated by Taib
Nyaga: defeated by Musyimi
Raila: defeated by Livondo

You wait.

Phil said...

For me this post is NOT about age but rather about identifying those people who were in leadership positions from colonial (pre-independence) days and still purport to this day to be the only ones who can lead this country. What the hell, Michuki was a colonial home guard in the 1950s!!! Kibaki was KANU Executive Office in 1960s!

They have actually turned this country into a monarchy and enriched themselves in such a way that ten generations of their coming families will never have to break a sweat working for anything.

To the anon who is interpreting this post to tell who will win and who will loose their seats in the forthcoming elections; Why don't you also count for us who will win and who will remain in government side?

What chances, if any, does Saitoti stand against one Ole Sakuda? How about Raphael Tuju who will fail his parliamentary seat whoever ODM chooses to field against him? If Livondo were to beat Raila, everybody knows that will be because of electoral malpractices that are going on as we debate here. Does Danson Mungatana or Chriau Ali Mwakwere, or even your new health minister have any hope of seeing parliament again? Lets be honest with ourselves - afterall research has shown that over 90% of current MPs will not be elected back to parliament. Of that 90% the GNU enjoys a wide majority in the national assembly, which means they will suffer the biggest casualties.

If you have followed ODM's history, you will see that even those who lost (or were defeated) in the ODM nominations have remained in the party and offered useful services. This is democracy not a one-man takes all without nomination process that has been perfected by Moi and Kibaki.

Raila, Nyagah and Balala remain individuals within ODM. With or without them, the party remains a mass movement and even with high scale rigging, the GNU/PNU shall never defeat an idea whose time has come.

macs34 said...

Hey Phil!!! Thumbs up 4 u! I wouldnt put it better...

I hope they got the point; its NOT about age nor omitting some ODM-K its about setting the records straight and that Taabu didnt have to include them in the list. For when you ask something from God there are always 3 answers available; (1) YES (2)NO (3)Wait.

Anonymous said...

Who says Rift Valley votes are not bagged? ODM is essentially now a Kamatusa party with Friends in Nyanza, Western , NE and coast.Kalonzo is trying the Moi/ Gideon Moi axis but if Kibaki abaki is failing how much will he achieve?And Livondo hashindi Langata ashindwe huyo!!

Anonymous said...

I first Posted this list on MisterSeed a few weeks ago! I am guessing u knowingly or otherwise missed out Uhuru...

Anonymous said...

Phil, thanks for your clarification to the first anon post, however even as you point out the length these people have been in office you also forget to mention that ODM too has a similar legacy, what about Odinga Snr, Mudavadi Snr, Nyagah Snr etc Aren't their sons following in their footsteps in the same way a monarchy would? RAO's family is not about to go broke and certainly not for several generations to come. What about Ruto? YK92, that group that caused inflationary changes to Kenya's economy that are still evident today, not to mention his pending 200 million plus corruption case. Lets not forget Kosgey (KNA, 4th All Africa games etc). In short due to RAO choosing certain associates, ODM is little different from the antics practiced by those in PNU. Kibaki and Co, were also young at some point, they took over, and now they are the old guard, RAO and Co. are not getting any younger either and they will also be old guards. What Kenya needs is untainted individuals running for political office, while ODM's youth is good, it is untainted youth that are needed to take this country in the right direction. It is a pity that those who stood for principles and did good things are punished by being kicked out of office eg Tuju. 2012 is looking more like the time when Kenyans may be liberated from bad leadership. Until then let the youth not go to sleep but work on fielding independent and untainted candidates for the sake of the country's future.

Anonymous said...

How many of these so called leaders are circumcised and how many are not? Please complete the table to include this important Bantu measure of Leadership quality. Kioko. BC, Canada

salf said...

Either side has propaganda. ODM's propaganda is more intellectual, thus appealing to young turks. However, PNU boasts of a proven development track, while the counterpart is hyping about what it will do. So, the so called idea whose time has come is belated, since it found another idea at work!

Vikii said...

I hereby ask Phil to define the word "Monarchy" for me. It is people like Phil who, though they always deny it, are firm believers in dynastic politics.

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