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Sunday, October 28, 2007

Majimbo Jokes

Some of these statements are not really jokes because some Kenyans and politicians have been heard misinforming others with them. Still it is Sunday, please ENJOY... whichever side of the divide you fall.

Majimbo will cause marriages to break because if you come from a different Jimbo from your wife, her jimbo can easily direct her to divorce you the “foreigner.”

Majimbo is good because Kenyans will be able to get passports faster since you will require a passport to travel from one jimbo to another.

Majimbo is bad is because it will cause suicides to increase over jealousy as a hated tribe does a better management job than a previously chest thumping good for nothing one.

Does the constitution allow intermarriage between people from different jimbos?

Majimbo is bad because certain jimbos will make circumcision mandatory while others will make circumcision illegal.

I am married to a lady form a different Jimbo, what Jimbo will my son belong to?

Majimbo is bad because criminals will be committing a crime in one jimbo and then running to another.

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...


Chapter 14 of the WAKO and the BOMAS draft covers this issue of devolving power and resources to the people
This means that both the government and the opposition are are agreed on this issue of devolution

The issue of majimbolism should be well articulated. civic education is very necessary
The Bomas draft put it more better.It is devolution, and not Federism.
Kenya can not afford federalism.
Politicians and the church leaders should be honest and explain to the people that devolved systems are not same as federalism and that they are working well in small countries like the UK where we have regional assemblies in scotland,wales and Ireland.

If the CDF has shown positive results ,Its expansion through a more instutionalised and well structured devolved system will perform more wonders.
The centralised system in Kenya has not controlled tribalism. Neither has it controlled corruption amongst other unfair practices. A devolved system may be the solution we need.
Corruption and Tribalism are a result of the greedy and unfair scramble by those in power for what the centre holds.(Power and resources are centralised since Kenya attained political independence). Decentralisation may just control this evil.
Catholic priests know this. Catholic church is the real example of a Devolved system.while the vatican is the centre, countries (diocess?) are the regional assemblies.
Cardinal njue participated during the BOMAs draft constitution. is he not aware of this chapter14? .It is sad fro the church/njue to be seen as partisan.The best way is to give facts and allow the flock to make informed judgement.Better still, seperate official position from own personal opinion.All are allowed this personal freedom.
That is one of the greatest legacy that Kibaki will be remembered for.Expanded freedom of expression.
I trust the cardinal's was personal view,oherwise he is making dangerous damage to the church that i belong to.

Let the clegy and politicians( who more then not are not principled) be honest, and give the Kenyan voter the options. the pro and cons of the system.Then let the voter make informed decision.
Am sure if PNU mentioned/supported chapter 14 before the opposition, this woulld not have been an issue.
Time has come when we demand that the clergy and politicians see through the eyes of the wider interest of the country. not for polical expendiency.

Whoever wins this general election knows that majimbo can never be wished away.What matters is how well it is implemented, with a noble end to equitqble distribution of national resources.

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