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Sunday, October 28, 2007

Kumekuchans Seek To Sponsor Candidates For MP

Okay Luke and company… I have finally thrown in the towel and agreed that we need to focus on 2012 to get the right kind of candidates into parliament.

However I hope that you agree with me that that does not mean resting until the 2012 elections is around the corner. Work must start NOW!

For starters we should all work as hard as possible to get as many progressive candidates into parliament as we possibly can. Irrespective of what political parties they are standing with. We will openly campaign for such candidates. PKW (proud Kikuyu woman) I am with you concerning your preferred candidate for Kieni. Can you please start posting info about them here in Kumekucha or pass it on to me via email so that I can organize it for posting?

I also have a preferred candidate for Cherangany, but first a little background on this constituency. News from the ground indicates that Kipruto arap Kirwa will have great difficulties making it back to parliament like many others who were in the Kibaki cabinet. Interestingly for the first time in his long political career Kirwa was actually booed by a large crowd two days ago. This is very ominous for a candidate who has been very popular in the past.

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Anonymous said...

Chris, i know that the only reason the people who flock to this blog in droves do not want to think of the 2012 elections is because either secretly or openly they are all rooting for one of the 4 presidential candidates in ODM, ODM+K, PNU or KPP-now there's no harm in that except...people get real!These dinousaurs of the past have nothing NEW on the menu to offer!How then do you expect things will be any different-i mean really different not Uhuru Kenyatta fake opposition different?
Those old timers and old school thinkers of the past are totally inadequate for the modern and demanding challenges of steering our country well into the 21st country.Due to old age, old thinking and CORRUPTION, they are inefficient and heavy laden, moving with great difficulty and unable to rise to new occassions, choosing to settle for nostalgia of the past-how dare you tell me i have to wait 23 YEARS for you to build ONE measley road that should have been built 43 YEARS AGO!Take your vision 2030, 2020 and stuff it down your throat
PNU, ODM, ODM+K and KPPs problem is that they cannot dare afford to think anew and act anew-how can they rock the boat when they are in it?On the left we have the incumbent President Kibaki with former president Moi as his side-kick-what real corruption can PNU fight if it comes back to power?NOTHING-and in the equation its INTEGRITY NOT THE ECONOMY STUPID-take your economy and stuff it down your throat-in any case, why did you bring down KANU and Moi only to join hands and co-operate (sic) with them again?what has changed since 2002?
On the right we have ODM luminary Raila Odinga-not only does he have a questionable case of Molasses plant aquisition against him, but he is surrounded by former stalwarts and henchmen of KANU-damu ya yesu imeosha watu safi kama OMO sasa? what corruption will he be able to prosecute?How will you convince known thieves like the Kroll report indicates to bring back loot they stole when they don't want anyone to know they stole it?Your majimbo recipie is easier to swallow than your corruption agenda-you will fail and i am not a prophet like Kumekucha but if ODM wins someone talk to me and remind me what i said so my posts can also make it to TOP 5 kumekucha hot topics of the day
ODM K presidential candidate Kalonzo Musyoka-my son, you know in Kenya age is respected above education, background, looks and experience-utaweza kweli to stand up against charismatic bullies like ODM who if you win will form the crux of your opposition?Besides, your party outfit is looking a little less national a lot more Eastern province based.but what do i know?i am a pumbavu
Chris, 2012 campaign ianze sasa-before then, can we please have a moment of silence to mourn for Kenya come January 2008 she will still be the same drinking water and having to pretend it is wine

Now let the footsoldiers advance at a time...

Taabu said...

E-cop here. Luke you risk being fired if you don't measure to my PREDICTION/PLEA on you and Chris jana. Unless we draw pleasure on arm chair siasa, you must soil your hands and start it now, are you ready?

Chris you take is noble except I will term it a solid idea on on wrong premise. Leadership must not come as an accident. The new 36-year old New Jersy governor of Indian extract didn't just appear on the scene. Caucasing and networking is a must before your plunge and that doesn't costa limb, ama?

By setting money to Masai at this hour before knowing him is akin to propping patronage politics which we are demonising on one hand. What will stop us from chaperoning him to do our bidding and sing our tune after paying the pipper? Just a thought.

Our scoundrels are smart and they are not sleeping waiting for our faint-hearted attempts to dislodge them. We need FOCUS premised on solid ideologies and not mere sloganeering. So what is the foundation? We better lay it now. Luka unasemaje? Fire or the seat?

Anonymous said...

I am extremely happy to learn that Obama the jaluo nigger is now lagging behind in the US democratic party race. His evil cousin will soon face a similar fate in Kenya. Kioko. BC, Canada.

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