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Sunday, October 07, 2007

The killing of 14 Kenyans: Something just does not jell

It has been reported in the Tanzanian media that:
Plans to execute them had long been planned
Tanzanian police pretended to be robbers

The newspaper Sauti ya Watu Tanzania Daima (a Tanzanian daily) on Monday September 17th, 2007 carried a very controversial version of the story about the killing of 14 suspected robbers of Kenyan origin in Moshi a few days earlier.

According to the newspaper, the killing of the Kenyans was something that had been planned and staged. It is said that some Tanzanian police travelled to Kenya and posed as accomplices in criminal activities and succeeded in luring these people to Tanzanian soil

According to a source who divulged information about the whole plan, the ground where the police executed their heinous act was a clear ground with no obstructions. So the question is: If there was a shootout between the police and the robbers, why were there no police casualties?

It is alleged that these ‘robbers’ were taken to their supposed hideout in police cars that did not have number plates of the police force. Here the police sprayed their car and that of the ‘robbers’ with bullets in a bid to ‘hide’ the truth of what actually happened.

Just to show that the whole event was like a drama of sorts, a police car (registration number T 168 AEA Hiace GLX) was sprayed with bullets on the top of the body. Its windscreen was, incidentally, not broken. This is something that is very unlikely in the event of a shootout.

Questions arise here:

• If there really was a shoot out, why was there no glass that was broken in the vehicle of the police?
• In the alleged shoot out, why were there no casualties on the side of the police?
• If it really was a planned event, what was its aim?
• Was the aim of the ‘event’ intertwined with the supposed Tanzanian police’ heartfelt desire to show their president that they are working?
• Under whose direction was it?
• Is theTanzania Daima account a true representation of what happened on the ground? If it is true, what are its dynamics?

Can the Tanzanian police force come clean of these serious allegations? Kenya does not need nor does it deserve the heartrending bashing that it has been receiving from some quarters of Tanzania of late…

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Anonymous said...

Hannah was a thief. Why did she lie to her office staff that she was going to Naivasha yet she was heading for the Tz border? why? The office staff were suprised to her that she had been shot in Tanzania. Most thought she was going to rob a bank somewhere in Naivasha or Nakuru. Do you know her security firm was used to plan robberies all over the city? Hannah and her fellow thieves were planning to rob the Tz bank, but the Tz police got a tip off from Kenya. Let her filthy soul burn in hell for eternity. Why should we mourn thieves? Haven't they caused untold suffering to many Kenyans? The quality of this blog has been lowered enough due to the countless praises heaped on molasses thieves!! Those who think Hannah was innocent should write to the Vatican and ask for her canonisation! Kioko. BC, Canada.

Anonymous said...

Who cares whether thieves are shot fairly or unfairly? Why did you want the Tz police to get injured when executing Hannah and the rest of the thugs? what did you expect the Tz police to do? Take the thieves to a hotel and offer them chicken and rice? No! all thieves need to bite the bullets. These crooks show NO MERCY to innocent Kenyans. I was extremely happy to hear of the shooting of these thieves. I was only disappointed that the families were given a chance to collected their rotten corpses. The Tz police should have mixed their bodies with those of dead stray dogs and then burn them together!! I hate thieves. Molasses thieves included. Kioko,BC. Canada.

Anonymous said...

A thief has 40 days. The 40th day found Hannah in Tanzania. The police should be commended for a job well done. Why arrest the thieves only for the courts to release them? A permanent solution is to put them permanently out of action. Hannah Nyakanyi, I am happy.. you shall never steal or rob again.. never..You shall never again maim hardworking Kenyans.. You shall never shed innocent blood again.. never. At least some household will have sound sleep as you, and your fellow thieves burn in the fires of hell.. Kioko. BC, Canada.

Anonymous said...

Not having casualties on TZ police side just shows perfection, would you rather have a good,hardworking TZ police killed instead?, would that be fair enough for you and the thugs?,I can't believe this, may be it is the norm in Kenya but in TZ we prefer and aim for 0 casualties on Police side when it comes to this kind of operation. May I suggest sending Kenyan Police to TZ for training?, I mean if they could achieve what the Kenyan Police has been trying to achieve for quite a long time now then there are lessons to be learned here.

Anonymous said...

Thanks anon. I agree they should be zero casualities on the side of the police. Many Kenyans are happy with the Tz police. Thugs like Hannah have terrorised innocent Kenyans for a long time. May her filthy body rot and rot and rot..

Anonymous said...

I see kumekucha specializes in conspiracy theories - especially those involving T.Z. Hey Kenyans, get over yourselves OK? Are you somehow postulating that our cops kidnapped 14 thugs from across the border, shot them up on T.Z. soil, then framed them afterwards - making sure the scene was complete with their Kenyan ID's, illegal weapons etc etc.? Did we also create their criminal histories back home? That my friends is not only improbable, it's impossible. If you believe that unfortunate line of thinking then A. I want to know what you're smoking and B. I have a timeshare in Baghdad that you might be interested in purchasing from me. Why can't you guys admit there's a serious cross-border criminal element with Kenyans as the main culprits? Maybe it's because that wouldn't be in line with the M.O. of this blog, which always seeks to portray Kenya as the regional heavy weight, calling the economic shots in T.Z., U.G. etc etc. Maybe that was the case 40 years ago, but anyone with half a brain would tell you TZ is now East Africa's center of gravity. The fact that Kenyans are flocking en mass to T.Z. legally and illegally - the honest wafanyakazi along with the crooks - is more telling. Kenyans are voting with their feet and heading for greener pastures. Who can blame them?

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