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Monday, October 29, 2007

I thought I saw Artur Margaryan

I have been quiet busy lately but at least I can find some time to blog and share views on politics and other issue happening around. I was with a colleague in Industrial area last week, there was a small jam on Enterprise road, on the other side of the road I stared at 2 strange men in a partly tinted silver Forester, one looked very familiar. They were bald with very dark sunglasses. I concentrated on the one in the passenger sit more than the driver and started wondering silently where I had seen a similar face. Apparently the guy also looked at me strangely.

When the vehicle passed ours and just when I was about to ask my colleague if she saw what I saw, she just burst out “did you see that guy” pointing at the silver vehicle moving in the opposite side. I said yes, then she said “he looks like Atur Margaryan”. I couldn't believe she also saw what I thought I saw.

May be we were wrong but there is a high possibility that he’s around. Time will tell.


chris said...

In law when 2 witnesses give the same evidence it is assumed to be fact.

And the really scary one million shilingi question is; what's his mission?


Phil said...

Chris, “he looks like Atur Margaryan” does not mean he is Artur Margayan. You may also care to know that it is a crime to fail to report a crime.

While I do not want to be seen to be dismissing what Sue is alleging, in the absence of photos, I would appreciate if she could provide additional information to give credence to what she is saying. For example, what was the number plate details of the "partly tinted silver Forester".

Sue said...

Chris and Phil we could have been right or wrong but it was a coincidence that we both had the same thought about the guy. The only difference is that he looked shorter than the Atur we know unless he wasnt sitting straight. We only realised later that we should have taken note of the car's registration.

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