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Sunday, October 28, 2007

Kam Lets Party Dear Linah

The first Minister from the Marakwet community has also become the first party leader from Rift Valley after Moi. Linah Kilimo has defected and become the deputy national chair of Kenda Party whose chairman is Kamlesh Pattni aka Paul.

The smart wheeler dealer Pattni must be a savvy Kenyan with his eyes trained on results. After his third visit to Marakwet East constituency in under one month, he netted his priced catch whom he officially received at Chesoi trading centre at the weekend.

In endorsing Kenda's manifesto, ex-minister Jebii declared it is people friendly and suits the needs of her people. After consulting community leaders, ex-Mama Orange now has a party to politically bargain with while campaigning for Kibaki.

First stone
While Linah may be selfishly accused of party hoping, may the first saint of political fidelity cast the first stone. Predictably all politicians accusing her of plural loyalty will have all their stones 'unthrown'. As the theatrics enter penultimate stage, we haven't seen anything yet. Na bado


Anonymous said...

The People of The Republic of Kenya hereinafter referrred to as "The Landlords hereby notify Emilio and Lucy Kibaki hereinafter referred to as "The Tenants", that your tenancy of the following premises, to wit: The property at L.R No........... along State House Road, Nairobi, hereinafter referred to as "State House", together with all buildings, sheds, closets, out-buildings, garages and other structures used in connection with said premises, will terminate on 31st December, 2007 following the general elections, and you are now hereby required to surrender possession of said premises to the undersigned or Orange Democratic Movement hereinafter referred to as "The New Tenants" on that day.
Dated; this 19th day of October, 2007.
THE LANDLORDS( kenyan Voters)

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

I would prefer Pattni to Raila as he is more intelligent and has repented his bad ways. God has already forgiven and he can now become the Westlands MP. Raila needs to repent although i doubt whether he can be forgiven after shedding blood in August 1982. May the innocent blood of Hezekiah Ochuka hunt Raila Odinga and his family forever. Kioko. BC, Canada.

Anonymous said...

Kioko Pattni will not succeed Imedically or divine) in helping you spit the cut choking your small mind.

Give it to yourself Bw. Kioko, you are the smartest and most consistent FOOL who has no elementy of shame in raw hatred. Your obsession in being anti Raila only succeeds to betray your immortal fear for the chap. You are not fooling anybody but yourself goon in trying to draw Raila's name in any of your cheap sentences.

Together with the cut choking your small brain, I can't sympathize with you, may your insane mind persuade you to stop a vehicle on highway 101 across BC if not a bullet. Raila is no saint but you poorly disguise your hatred for him in the well placed fear that he is SINGULAR threat to your OGRE like pet Kibaki married to some genocide-faced Lucy. Endelea na kazi of coughing hopefuly you will spit the cut and find something intelligible to think of outsuide Raila and FORESKINS.

I pray for your mum in making the mistake of letting the nurses throw away the real human being Kioko and taking the after birth you home.

Bruce Roba

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