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Thursday, October 11, 2007

Defection Watch: Johnny Never Comes Lately

Another day of high political drama saw a second sitting cabinet Minister decamp from the Government in one week. While Emilio has rolled his sleeves and showing Kenyans that he is also hands on, EA minister John Koech decided to shade himself under Orange tree leaving PNU after enjoying honey derived from Kanu's nectar.

Trust politicians to lie through the teeth with a straight face. After defending Mama na Baba for years and flying ministerial flag courtesy of Kibaki, he has the temerity to claim that the Government he has been serving is a fraud. His reason? The President has defected and Kenyans doesn't know to which party. And after initially rubbishing ODM, he turns around to proclaim that only Raila could bring meaningful changes.

Hear the baptized and now cryptic Koech: "There are more reasons to work with Raila and there are even more reasons to leave PNU. President Kibaki has people around him who do not listen." He leaves you asking who is fooling who here and whom was he serving all those years as cabinet minister. In my book his epitomizes the height of being an unparalleled scoundrel.

Granted, defection of a cabinet minister to an opposition party is no mean feat. The symbolic coup is massive. Now that the Makerere Alumni has deserted his comrade, whether his defection would add any value in a crowded field in Chepalungu chocking with close to 20 aspirants, only time will tell.

Also joining the Orange crowd from the Rift Valley vote basket were Former Cabinet Minister Andrew Kiptoon and ex-Prisons commander Abraham Kamakil. The two defection of these two underscores the Titanic battle ahead for ODM during nominations. They leave Benjamin Sogomo (former TSC boss) and Moroto looking over their shoulders for Baringo North and Kapenguria seats respectively.

Reversed Roles
Over in Sabatia, former Posta boss, Francis Chahonyo, has ditched Kanu for Hooh Ndhi Emmh. Sabatia is again promising to witness a battle of titans. What with UASU boss Edebe, MYWO boss and now Chahonyo challenging ODM deputy captain Mudavadi?

What baffles in all the above developments is the observation that roles appear reversed. Kenyans are used to seeing politicians quitting opposition parties to the government. Not this time round. While the President appear contended with receiving defecting councillors, the opposition is netting heavy weights.

Are these indications of changed times, things to come or merely a game political musical chairs that all amount to opportunism per excellence? I personally have no idea but time never lies and it will surely tell. I have the luxury of patience and watching keenly with both eyes open. Na bado.


Anonymous said...


Former Cabinet Minister Andrew Kiptoon and ex-Prisons commander Abraham Kamakil. Benjamin Sogomo (former TSC boss) and Moroto .

former Posta boss, Francis Chahonyo, UASU boss Edebe, MYWO boss and now Chahonyo challenging ODM deputy captain Mudavadi?

Anonymous said...


Chepalangu has 42 and not close to 20 as you have indicated. How do you think ODM will go through the task of nominating its aspirants? An uphill task, I can imagine.

Anonymous said...

Steadman poll: Raila stretches gap over Kibaki
By NATION Reporter
Last updated: 19 minutes ago

ODM presidential candidate Raila Odinga has widened his lead over the incumbent Mwai Kibaki in the latest opinion poll released today by Nairobi’s Steadman Group.

The poll gives Mr Odinga 53 per cent, Mr Kibaki 37 per cent and ODM-Kenya’s Kalonzo Musyoka eight per cent.

The ratings show that the ODM candidate has gained six points from two weeks ago when the same pollster had him at 47 per cent.

President Kibaki has dropped by one point while Mr Musyoka has maintained his eight per cent over the same period.

The polls were conducted between 10-11th October covering all districts countrywide.

The pollsters interviewed 2,736 respondents.

More details soon.

kalamari said...

The oiling of Kalonzos way to PNU has began.

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