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Friday, October 12, 2007

Raila Campaign Team Moves To The Next Level

Thousands of Kenyan were bitterly disappointed last night when Raila Odinga failed to show up for a live NTV On the Spot show with Julie Gichuru. Instead he sent Gachoka legislator Joe Nyagah with some lame excuse.

What many did not realize was the fact that this was a strategic move on the side of the now highly alert team of advisors handling Raila Odinga’s campaign. And these gentlemen (and possibly ladies) do not miss a trick.

It appears that Raila Odinga’s bid for State House has now moved to another level. And this is where the candidate has to look as presidential as possible. President Kibaki does not appear on these shows and my bet is that Raila will now only appear on a show where President Kibaki also shows up (a presidential debate would be great, but that’s impossible because Kibaki can’t handle such an event after his stroke in 2003). Incidentally the President has always shunned TV interviews even in the days when he was as fit as a fiddle complete with a razor sharp mind.

Any keen observer will notice that Raila’s interviews on TV have changed a great deal and so have his statements.


Anonymous said...

Raila is being interviewed on Kass fm right now

Anonymous said...

I beg to differ with your observation. Raila has just finished an interview with a local vernacular station. so there must have been an excuse to avoid a nationwide televised interview.

Vikii said...

And everything Raila does is "strategic" --Come on Chris. Man, even propaganda requires a little bit of intelligence.

Anonymous said...

That was so dumb of his "strategic planners". For (One Dangerous Man) to go hiding beneath skirts of a vernacular radio station was a miss. It wont wash!!! We need that sloth to appear on TV and we there shall be a volley of nerve breaking questions for that matter. It was a shame, hata Julie felt belittled interviewing a couch-potato. The idiot had stories to tell but no factual figures to back his dreams, he think he shall see that gachoka seat again?? Dream on brother, dream on...

What we need is a strategist not a socialist. We've had enough socializing to the extent that villages in Nyanza are just grave-yards. What can this sloth put on the table other than just mere propaganda & fighting for MOU's. Kwani will the MOU improve the economy? The damn (wolf in a sheep skin) cannot articulately expound on growth strategies, the only song he parrots so well and audibly is "Majimbo".... Kwani majimbo is Aida's middle name. Damn sloth!!!

Then there is Chris, the guy who has proved beyond reasonable doubt that size-does-not-matter! Just compare for yourselves the rubbish he has "masterly scripted" versus what activity actually took place.... then tell me of what use is intelligence (if any) versus that calabash he claims to be a head!!!

If you feel very offended you can delete this post. I have no apologies to make.

(mr. steel pulse)

Phil said...

The problem with these Kibaki Tena chaps is they want Raila and ODM to come up with ideas before they quickly adapt them. It just wont work. Let those highly paid technocrats at state house come up with their own strategies.

Soon I wouldnt be surprised to people questioning when Raila goes to the washroom. Come off it, he is human.

luke said...

i regret to say this but Bwana Derek was right. this has truly become an election campaign about personalities and not issues, political parties and not ideologies, ethnicism and not successive leadership. i wish i could say i'm surprised but i'm one of you, a kenyan just like you and this darkness that stalks us all in our own backyards is also in me

Derek, amuka ndugu usilale sana. you are one person who's contribution to this blog is now noticeably silent. together with Kioko but i understand reasons why for the latter

Mkenya Damu said...

Kibaki does not have the balls to appear anywhere where he is not surrounded by henchmen/women and psychophants.Did he not send Martha to BBC when she totaly embarrased Kenyans with her temper.Then on KTN with Loui she had the nerver to justify ethnicity in government by saying ati"some tribes are more talented in some areas"' pleaaase give me a break.

Anonymous said...

Hehehehe PNU. Kwani did you inherit "Pumbafu, ng'ombe hizi, rega rega" from your boss?

Is going abussive a defensive mechanism? Thank God raila has reduced kibaki to "tafadhali munisaidie-kind of speeches". Atleast he can realise who is boss. My worry is that if given another chance he will abuse wanainchi with passion after all "mta do?"

Thank God kenyans are wiser.

The only way for kibaki to win back is for his guys to see kenyans are brothers but with the kind of statements made here by "special statehouse staff" sent to throw abuses at their opponents? By the time the finish abusing ODM, Kalonzo will have badly eaten into their share of the central province.

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