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Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Coming Slow, But is he Sure?

Many theories and explanations have been coined to explain Kalonzo's colourful launch of his presidential bid. One thing that stands out from all the analysis is that the Mwingi North MP is building political momentum that is threatening to upset the hitherto two-horse race.

Either the donkey has undergone a transplant and acquired a horse legs or the horses' legs have gone jelly and soon transforming themselves into an ass. Give it to Steve the confidence he exudes betrays any sense of losing. And in the even that he fails to make it, his attitude makes for a very respectable loser.

The change in Kalonzo's political fortune can be attributed to many things. One either his composure is an indication he knows something the opinion polls are not telling us or he has a watertight fallback plan B. Being an astute politician, Pauline's sweetheart cannot be naive and he knows the benefits of foolproof fall back when the chips are down.

Three-party Kenya
Behind every political dark clouds may just lie some national silver lining. May be, and just may be, the present division and tension would help herald a three-party Kenyan state. What a blessing in disguise that would see the tribal outfits die a natural death? That would be a marvelous wishful thinking which is realizable if only the parties would have their foundations premised on distinct ideologies unlike the present Kanu clones they shamelessly are.

Kalonzo’s bid to State House may be the unconscious button that would elevate Kenya to another level of political maturity. Staying the cause would certainly see his respectable regardless of the outcome. Were he to lose, he would definitely be in a class of his own not comparable to one Mr Simeon Nyachae in 2002. Go Steve go.


Phil said...

Horseless my foot! Ukiwaona hao, wanajitokeza wenyewe.

For the first time since I started commenting in this blog two years ago, Taabu has come out openly to declare his preferred presidential candidate.

I had suspected that Taabu was in actual sense supporting Steve (as he prefers to be called these days). Because of Vikii's numerous goofs, Taabu has appointed himself Vikii's defence lawyer. We know which camp they belong to.

That same camp that cannot ell when they are being taken for a ride by Mois or ODM or PNU or Kenyattas. That group that have convinced themselves Kaonzo will be the fourth president of kenya.

I have news for them: Kalonzo will never be voted president because of his dubious reform credentials.

One - What was his contribution to the 2nd liberation. Was still singing KANU yajenga nchi and glorifying detention without trial (0%).

Two - What was his contribution in the parliament constitutional amendment bill? Nil, he disappered into the toilets. (0%).

Three - What was his constibution to the Bomas Constitutional Conference. He never voted for or against the zero draft - he actually never made an appearance at Bomas on that day. (0%)

Four - As ODM-K presidential candidate, he is talking about economic devolution and not executive power devlotion. Pray, what the hell does that mean? (0%)

ODM-K Anti-Corruption agenda? He is opposed to re-opening past corruption cases and the Ndungu Land Report. He considers Moi the best Statesman in the entire African continent. Prefers an dictatorial and authoritarian presidential system that has caused untold suffering in Kenya for the last 40 years.

Thanks Taabu for coming out in your true 'horseless' colours!

Taabu said...

You may be right Bw Phil in most of your takes but on horselessness you are dead wrong bro. I hold brief for nobody and you have no reason to feel HOT under the collar.

Respecting your competitors and appreciating them makes you a respectable winner, ama? You don't add any value to your course (candidate) by trashing your opponents, or do you? It is called REVERSE LOGIC and running on empty. I am still HORSELESS and you have no right to think otherwise.

And finnaly respect Vikii for what he is, I am his BB afterall and will never allow you get away with character assassination. Horseless yes I remain so by choice and no amount of bad-mouthing will change that.

Anonymous said...

I think only time will tell whether big crowds transform into massive votes.

If that is the case Kibaki should be leading by.........

Everywhere he goes he pulls pretty massive crowds

Lets wait for this "second miracle"

Anonymous said...

Following Kenya 's 1982 coup attempt - to overthrow Moi's government - whose Ringleader was Raila Odinga, the Moi agents took things a bit far and castrated Raila (and forcefully circumcised him too!). Rather than kill him, they reckoned that they were being kinder by taking this action.
Following the above, Raila, who neither smokes nor drinks has put all his energy into politics with the aim of getting to the top, something he is quite obsessed with. Indeed his energy seems boundless. Unfortunately, he is also a very dangerous person. Moi knows this and always cringes at the thought of a Raila presidency. Personally, I understand Raila's mind very well since I was his personal counselor during the years following the above events while practicing psychology.

Moi's fears are not unfounded! Many of the government officials of that time (1980s) are not safe either. I also fear for other Kenyans in general. Reason being that Raila is determined to avenge his pain, his shame and his loss of manhood. This has been his singular motivation and drive since those days.

I have no apologies to make for enlightening Kenyans on the above facts since I believe the world has no place for another Hitler. Your country is too wonderful to be exposed to a deranged mind like Raila's in the form of a leader. We Germans are still living with the infamy of the first Hitler.

Please think seriously about your country's future and make the correct choice in the coming General Election. In the years to come, you cannot claim that you were not otherwise forewarned.

Also kindly pass on this message to as many Kenyans as possible for the good of your own country. God bless you.


Anonymous said...

What are you ranting and raving about if your preferred candidate is wining by a landslide?

My take is that while the rest of you losers are sleeping thinking you have the presidency lock stock and barrel, one Steve Kalonzo will have the last laugh!! Hah ha Take that!!

Horseless or not, even Jesus rode on a donkey when he came to liberate mankind

Yes some of you have contributed immensely in this our beloved country including in the looting of our public coffers, and other related vices how clean is one Raila Amollo Odinga anyway, Wasn't he involved with all those KANU clowns he is purpoting to prosecute once he is in power?? And again, just look at his front men right now??

My cry is to all women to support Kalonzo Musyoka as his will be the first Kenyan Govt to have a woman as Second in command. And again a brother is damn Good Looking!!

Anonymous said...

What did this subject have to do with Raila? Do you have to drag his name even in subjects that involve everyone else?During Moi's time everyone was a evil but him. I vividly remember during the days of Mwakenya our classes desks and dormitories were ransacked our headmistress fired bcoz 3 of our teachers were said to have had Mwakenya docs. Pray tell me how does a 14 year old become a revolutionary. He had to work extra hard to potray Raila as a rebel and the result is pple like Dr whoever( i doubt u r even a doctor).
Look Kalonzo tries to ride on ODM and when things are getting tough he is using religion- oh I'm clean kwani ulikuwa unafanya nini kwa Kanu watu wakiwauwa if u r clean? A friend reckons his ratings will go up on the nxt poll to 11%, then down again to 7% by the time we are voting.

Anonymous said...

Women, u see first religion then women u think women are dumb or what?If it's a matter of looks they'd have chosen Ruto or Mudavadi any day. Wacha upuzi huo!!

Anonymous said...

Ha ha ha ! the donkey is only walking not racing as yet.Where are the horses? what will the say when they start seeing dust? that dust can never come from the ground?
Do not be fooled, the Raila pre-1997 (the victim) died together with NDP.The post 1997 Raila ate Kanu's Ugali and got transformed to Agwambo. Agwambo is an opportunist who will ride on anything leading to statehouse.destroyer-yes, reformer-no.what has he ever reformed? do not be fooled. atajikaanga kwa mafuta yake mwenyewe kama nguruwe.
look out for the donkey!

kalamari said...

Even the most ardent Kalonzo supporter puts forth the two greatest reasons for doing so as follows; 1. He is incorruptible. 2. He is honest. That’s it. Seriously, that's it. Period.
Of course, with more probing comes the litany that includes his staunch Christianity, 'good' looks, 'young' turk, scout master, experience in KANU and Moi govt and Sudan peace stint. Any further probing results in emphasizing the first two qualities…...then silence (or a song in soprano).

My point is, Kalonzo is not becoming president because the man has not earned any stripes. He has never been bold enough to engage in a fist fight ...and if you agree that change (the type brought about by liberators) is what Kenya needs, then you must also agree that Kalonzo's role in this race is to provide comic relief as the rest of us seriously look for ways of liberating Kenya.
That said, I see Kalonzo as president in 2017. Truth is, the man does not fit the bill right now. The stakes are too high for him. Kalonzo will be the best president ever.....provided the govt. he takes over has been revolutionized and sanitized of the evils currently associated with it. The way I see it, Raila Odinga is 'John the Baptist' to Kalonzo Musyoka.

Taabu, your insistence on indecisiveness, though borrowed heavily from Kibaki-fence-seatingism, can be fatal. Do you recall a fellow by the name Humpty Dumpty. Be careful when the earthquakes caused by Railas footsteps on his grand match to state house shake that fence you are sitting on.

Vikii said...

Phil, for your information Mwai Kibaki didnt play any role in the so called "Second Liberation" and he is your president today. I differ with you and wish to tell you that it is your candidate Raila Odinga who will NEVER be president, not in this world. Neither you nor your last born child will ever see a Raila Odinga presidency, Phil and I am not kidding.

"......Raila who neither drinks nor smokes...". Dr. Berndt shnyder u are telling lies. I have seen Raila odinga drink with my two eyes.

Kalamari, are you sure of what you are talking about? I dont think so.

Anonymous said...

The problem with these Raila goons is that they belittle everyone else and consider them non entities. Kalonzo is a man coz he stood against Raila, unlike the other cowards(Mudavadi,Ruto and sissy Balala)
Wote ni bure kabisa, not worthy men. Kalonzo asimame whether he will win or not. Raila, ODM na Phil Kwendeni huko!

Anonymous said...

In these day and age where there is so much transparency and we have the internet, mobile phones and even blogs like these, how can you all advance such primitive arguments for all three Candidates becoming or not becoming President? Personally, I think Raila is the best candidate to bring change to this nation. I also think however that given an alternative, I would not choose any of these leaders but the given alternative and definitely not Pius Muiru. Kibaki was Finance Minister for 10 years, Vice President for ten years and leader of official opposition for ten years. In 3 decades of being in Kanu and even the opposition, he did nothing concrete for this nation. He is the one who castigated multi-party politics saying removing Kanu from power and making Kenya a multi-party democracy would be as hard as cutting a mugumo tree with a razor. He never at any one time fought for democracy. remember that he resigned in the wee end of one party state in December 1991 to form the DP and run for president. As for Kalonzo, he was in Kanu for 25 years. When people left in LDP, he was hesitant to leave and now you hear rumours of emissaries coming from him to Kibaki via Moi. Young people should be more realistic. We should have had our own leaders by now and not these politicians. I will give my vote to Raila because of the time he spent fighting for democracy and change. If he fails I do not thin I will vote for anyone who has been a leader in Kenya before again. We need a fresh new breed of leaders. The sooner we realize this the better.

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