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Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Amos Kimunya Insults ODM: Could He Be The Mysterious Kioko OF BC?

Kumekucha tech experts checking if IP address leads back to the Treasury

I am in shock.

I have carefully studied the recent utterances of the Finance Minister of the Republic of Kenya to the press and they have left me numb with shock because they bare an uncanny resemblance to the abusive comments a notorious commentator here called Kioko of BC has been leaving in this blog.

Amos Kimunya, the cabinet minister with very shifty eyes: Can he be trusted at the Treasury?

Amos Kimunya you know, but for those who have no idea who Kioko of BC is, let me introduce him. For quite a while now we have had one crazy infamous commentator who visits Kumekucha daily without fail, called Kioko of British Columbia, Canada (or so he claims). It is through this man that I first came to hear of a place called Kavirondo Gulf and if you check most of his abusive comments here they are bound to include the word kihii. Several readers suggested that he should go and launch a foreskin blog since that seems to be his pet subject and obsession.

Looking at the utterances of one Amos Kimunya recently they bare an uncanny resemblance to the words of the infamous Kioko here. Could they be the same person? Is the Finance Minister leaving abusive comments here in this blog but not using his real name?

Sample this;

“There is fear amongst investors over these other people taking over government.”

“These people do not understand the stock exchange. This is not a fish market.”

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Proud Kikuyu Woman said...

That's the most hilarious claim I've read so far....hata sikuenda page 2.

Na si I thought you asked us to email you so you can regulate comments and weed out the abusive ones from Kioko, sorry, Kimunya? I mean you literally handpicked us contributors but the guy still exists??? Kwani what happened bado he is able to post his pro-foreskin comments, your censorship notwithstanding???? My claim that he is a Kumekucha insider planted to make 'us' (guess who) look bad was compounded by his presence after your 'attempts' to get rid of him 'failed'. Just as funny, I guess.

Anonymous said...

This is all pure shame for your Dangerous Man!!!! and Chris an Obambla like you should know better! You keep whining like a 5year old over remarks that rightly deserve to be put across. Or Raila is your next door fish-monger and identities were uncovered?

The fishmonger doesn't even have the slightest idea of what goes on in the NSE & shamelessly drags his daughter-in-law to a fire-fighting scheme. Shock upon him to receive cold & hostile reption. Fishmonger defended himself saying he was "misquoted" by the media... bure kabisa! As if that was not enough shame to pack in a day, he attacks a highly learned, dignified but humble, self-made financial consultant of our beloved country... surely hata Kimunya's remarks were just child's play. The man (of course, Kimunya) had just flown in from receiving a coveted award for his country. Then the fishmonger was all over the place like there was shortage of Obambla.

What part of the whole scenario don't you understand, Chris? Hata wewe ni Pumbavu.... mavi ya kuku!!!

(mr. steel pulse)

chris said...

I am NOT surprised that the usual crowd can not see a tongue in the cheek approach even with a magnifying glass... or even when it hits them in the head.

Here I am trying to put a light touch to a very serious issue. The idea is to play down the possible tensions and emotions this story is bound to provoke amongst Kenyans. So what better way to do it than introduce a light side to the whole thing while passing on a message?

Of course it is of no consequence to some Kenyans that a full cabinet minister insulted another Kenyan and in fact a whole community.

Am also trying to get Kenyans to see that Kioko's thinking is not unique. Kimunya is telling us that it is also the government's official position. Let us fcous here on what the man has said about ODM.

About Kioko's comments, PKW you seem to have misunderstood issues here. About 25% of the comments that Kioko makes are usually rejected. (I have just rejected one where he talks about a ceratin political party changing its' symbol to a condom). So there is some control. However you now see why it would have been a mistake to shut out all his comments because it has now become quite clear that they have sympathy in the corridors of power.

In closing thank you for consistently suspecting that Kumekucha is in fact Kioko. Firstly I am just too busy keeping this blog running even as I earn a living elsewhere. Secondly the truth is that even with my lively imagination, I cannot in my wildest dream reach the levels Kioko has in his abusive insulting language. That requires a special talent that I don't possess.


chris said...

Sadly I expect that many of the comments to this post will dwell on non-issues like the IP addresses at Treasury and why Kimunya cannot be Kioko (although they seem to hold the same views about a certain community in Kenya).

Please surprise me! Please!!


chris said...

By the way, proud Kikuyu woman, if I had handpicked only contributors who share my views (as you are insinuating), then I am sure you would not have been one of the them.

Despite my many weaknesses, at least I am not only tolerant of divergent views, I accept them and eagerly seek them out.

Taabu said...

Kioko must be laughing all the way to his nether parts. What a pronounced publicity his murk has earned him? And Chris you have inadvertently done him that great favour.

For the records Kioko just makes this blog complete with his obssession with matters penile. The unfortunate bit is he fails to acknowledge the fact that the human body has many organs and his PRICED CUT one at the junction of his lower limbs is just one of the many.

What is more! Kioko fails to acknowledge that the projection below that he fancies so much apart from being a WEAPON OF MASS PRODUCTION/DESTRUCTION is both used to expel WASTE and CREATION. But asking him to appreciate this facts and keep his tool to himself would be akin to kumpigia mbuzi gita. His upper faculties are irrepairable impaired and before he blinks he will shout kihii.

But man Kioko is in good company and has a handful of fans here. He is occassionaly goaded into his pet subjects with hints like Bantu and he promptly picks the gaunlet.

We are in a market and the chap completes the humna equation in giving us views from the mentally- challenged folks. That is Kenya for us and we have no choice but to put up with all her WARTS.

kalamari said...

Kimunyas' anti-Luo comments should not surprise anybody. It is really not his fault. Blame for such utterances lay squarely on the way his parents and his community brought him up. As a young boy, he was made to believe that Luos are indeed inferior chaps from the 'Kavirondo Gulf'. He, like Kioko, was advised by his community that an uncircumcised man was not really a full man. Through lengthy talks, Kimunyas' village elders encouraged him to despise all Luo men because they were unclean and fearful of the knife.
Kenya, and especially Nairobi, being cosmopolitan, Kimunya had no choice but to hide his distaste for Luos in the deepest part of his heart. All through the years, he has been forced to study with Luos, live and work with them and in fact have them hired. With much reluctance, he has dined with some of them and even allowed his children to be educated by some choice Luos. Throughout his career and within his business circles, Kimunya has been forced to accept stints of Luo leadership. He has indeed been very bitter at the mention of Luos in the forefront of the struggle for independence….and now, liberation. He has managed to hide his true feelings for a long time.

Despite, his trials and tribulation in dealing with and encountering Luos every which way he turns, Kimunya has never forgotten the golden rule that was whispered into his ears by his beloved late grandfather; 'Jalou is a useless fish eating mjinga'.
Studies have shown that in times of desperation and in the face of inescapable defeat, man will resort to everything at his disposal to stay afloat. In many cases, feelings and beliefs, vaulted in political-correct environments, have the tendency to surface.
That said, in the person of Raila Odinga, Kimunya sees a powerful Luo man bound to invalidate all the advise his community has force-fed him throughout his life. The thought of an uncircumcised man occupying the highest seat of the land is terrifying to Kimunya and indeed his soul is heavily troubled. Might his father, mother, brother and community be all wrong? It is this sense of defeat that Kimunya involuntary talks of fish in the NSE. It is not his fault. Let us just forgive and move on.

Anonymous said...

Dream on..

Vikii said...

Very cheap dishonesty. You guys will have to give us a break.

Kioko has been unfairly treated in this blog. Every mad man in this blog has been sneaking from the Rehab to come and hurl insults at him. That's overwhelmingly unjust.

I am in no way saying that I approve of Kioko's comments, no. But the truth is that everyone in this blog probably with the exception of Jeff and to a lesser extent Phil has been insulting. The difference between Kioko and most other people here is that he is a little bit more candid than most of us.

When chris talks of insults, that's a typical case of "speck in neighbour's eyes". Chris is very insulting but he does it 'intelligently'.

In my opinion Luos suffer from a very serious inferiority complex. I am not naive, I know the kind of response such truth would elicit. I know even my own friends in the blog will be up in arms against me either in words or in silent curses. But I dont care. I believe I have concrete reasons for my belief.

Amos kimunya talked of fish in NSE. Of course 'fish' may have been in reference to luos. But my question is, what would be wrong with quoting their economic activity? They have always done it themselves or are they special? I will give a case study to show how insecure luos are. "Mere Director" Kalamari for example has the temerity to go on and on about Anti-luoism. Kalamari has always talked of "Kitui honey" when talking about ODMK. Nobody has ever complained coz there is nothing to complain about. Why is he and his brothers now crying foul when people talk of fish-mongering? The same old Luo Victimhood Mentality.

Raila Odinga has very little understanding of what the NSE is. Amos kimunya should not shoulder the burden of somebody's ignorance. There is no apology to make. I will endorse his words that indeed the Nairobi Stock exchange is not an open air fish market in kibera.

Anonymous said...

You cannot be serious Chris! I am beginning to lose respect for you! Why would a minister spend his idle time posting up on blogs. Unless you can substantiate your suspicions with valid reasons this blog entry should never have seen the light of day.

Anonymous said...

Vikii Luos do not suffer from any inferiory complex. Luos are the personification of perseverance. Successive governments have attempted to hold them back, some government officials have even had Luo leaders assasinated. Why? Because people fear what they don't understand and hate what they cannot conquer. Further more Luos don't need a ceremony to for circumcision, like the rest of the progressive world they have the procedure done in hospitals. Those that know their history well, will remember that Jaramogi could and perhaps should have been the first President of this country, but since he was a nationalist he said No independence without Kenyatta. Similarly Raila significantly helped Kibaki get elected when he declared Kibaki tosha. What ended up happening in those cases? Look at Kibaki re-election campaign under PNU. Haters go on and hate cause Jaluos are busy brushing our shoulders off!!

kalamari said...

Vikii, even you must admit that the audience determines the speech. The language you use in the jam rescue pub you frequent will never be funny in board meetings…esp. those that require the participation of mere directors making $180,000.00 per anum. Why would I willingly accept abuse from a man charged with the duty of distributing my hard earned taxes? Have you heard the latest from Mr. Chris Mwebesa? If so, are you in agreement that the man whom you pay with your very own taxes must consult with experts before making wild statements that have the likelihood of destabilizing your very own stock holdings? Me thinks we should all require accountability and professionalism, esp. from those charged with addressing issues touching on our pockets…..even though they spend more time concocting ways and means of fleecing tax paying fishermen and bee-hunters.

That said, equating Kitui honey to fish mongering at the NSE and or to kihii, HIV infested, stinking foreskin, uncivilized (help me out) is very misleading. If not audience, then humor. If not the two, then hate.

I in fact would prefer that Kioko be allowed to write everything and anything without fear of censorship. Hate speech must also be protected. The repercussion of such speech should also be guarded. After all, are we not all brothers and sisters from different mothers?

sayra said...

Not that i like what Kioko posts but i must say that he represents what many kyuks think. Go to any place with people from central and one of the big reason they will give you for not wanting ODM will the issue of kihii. And many of the comments he has been posting are similar to what i have been hearing from the kyuks all over. So if Kioko sounds like Kimunya ... it does not mean its him, i would say he represents a large number of voters.

Anonymous said...

chris, this is very interesting. people here are really getting emotional for no apparent reason. kikuyus did not start calling luos kahii's the other day nor did all the kenyan communities learn to live kikuyu conmanship and criminal tendencies.neither did we learn about the kambas love for bright colours hence the kamba obsession or should i say confusion with the bright colours like the orange colour. we all understand each others tendencies. so why all the emotion. back to kimunya or should i say kioko!! last night he was on a popular tv show and tried to explain how untribal the treasury is. i was impressed with his sentiments on how our good proffesor has relatives employed there.and true to his word the treasury is untribal. there are not only kikuyus and luos employed in treasury but people from other tribes as well.infact there are also kalenjins employed at the treasury. not only in low positions but in higher positions as well. but wait a minute. the good old kimunya oh sorry kioko whichever comes first, mentioned a name that even our good learned friend from kambaland fidgeted in his seat.that name was of one mrs esther koimett!!!! she is the investments secretary at the treasury!!! my question is this, could she be the same person who is the daughter of total man nicholas biwott?????


Anonymous said...

Vikii. Thanks. It is a time like this you know who your friends are. (1) Now, i have asked this question several times and nobody has ever posted an answer. Is it an insult to call a cow a cow? I am sure it is not!! then likewise, is it an insult to call a kihii a kihii? You do not need the wisdom of Socrates to answer this question. Does the jaluo language have a name for Kihii? Please let me know so that i can be using it from now on. (2)I am pleased that through my postings Chris has become the wiser on a geographical sense. He now knows that the Kavirondo Gulf is on the fringes of our country and not somewhere near the Persian Gulf. (3) Lastly, I have no apologies to make to anyone. (4)Again, thanks to vikii for standing up for the freedom of expression that the ODM aims to suppress. Kioko. BC, Canada.

Anonymous said...

The unfounded claims by Chris are insincere, foolish and stupid, childish and other words which i cannot find words for.

It is clear to all that Raila doesnt understand a thing about the stock market. He appeared with his daughter in law, who has turned out to be his campaingn tool against Kikuyus, to say ati prices in the stock market OSCILLATE up and down.....Kwani prices are a pendulum? Such words are used in engineering (in business we say fluctuate etc) and indicate that the dude knows nothing about the financial markets. Throughout his speech he fumbled and hesitated showing he was completely out of place.

The problem with odmites is that they kinda see the stock market as a symbol of Kikuyu economic dominance and hence want to destroy it. No one is forced or blocked from investing in the NSE.

Ati Raila is a good businessman. Apart from spectra, which is a family business in which Raila is completely not involved in, which other business of repute has he successfully run.

Omera bugger off!

Anonymous said...

Kumekucha (Chris et al)

Because of your open bias i know you wont post my comment, but thats you business, at least you will have read it.


I am a Kenyan of Kikuyu descent and I do not regret that like former AG, Charles Njonjo. There is nothing wrong with anybody belonging to any community in Kenya . What is wrong, my fellow Kenyans, is to lump all your frustrations on Kibaki and by extension, the Kikuyu.
Just like the rest of the Kenyan ethnic groups, we, the Kikuyu, have our share of smart people, stupid people, lazy people, busy bees (by the millions), cute women (by the thousands), handsome men, ugly women, ugly men, thieves (by the thousands) and even saintly people(we have just earned Kenya a cardinal). In a word, we are like everybody else and we are not begging to be from the Luo community, the Luhya community, or from anybody else.
We only beg from God not from anybody. And unlike many other ethnic groups, our bonds are lose in times of peace and we prefer each to be on his/her own; doing their stuff and leaving the rest to cater for their own.
Yes, this trait is somewhat 'unAfrican' (where societies have strong bonds), but you've got to re-visit Kenyan history to learn that the British had an insatiable appetite for our lands and took everything that we had.
The impact of British rule, you ought to know, was heaviest in Kikuyu land than anywhere else in Kenya . By the time they were leaving, as attested by the book, 'British Gulag' they had killed more than 200,000 of us. They also 'uprooted' us, which is why you find us all over Kenya and elsewhere.
Even before anybody talks about Kikuyu leaders, they've got to understand the internal dynamics of the community and its class system, which has, more than any other community, produced extremely rich people living side-by-side with extremely poor, but hard-working and hopeful people. Again we are like every other Kenyan community.
And I'd like to reiterate that we do not go around begging in this world. We like doing our own stuff, which is why we are silently going about our business and saying nothing even with all this anti-Kikuyu activities/ sentiments.
The reason? It is simple, we do not consider this to be any threat to us. Indeed, most of us will definitely vote for Kibaki and if all other Kenyans want to sack him, then let them go ahead and do so. WE CARE LESS. After all, those who have cared to check electoral statistics will realize that when other communities came out in large numbers to vote for Kibaki in 2002, only about one million of us (a mere 30 % of registered voters) came out to vote. The figure was less during the 2005 referendum.
This apathy is why Kibaki had to go to Nyeri over the weekend to plead with us to go out and vote in large numbers ( which we also CARE LESS). But why the apathy? It is simple; most of us, -probably unlike other communities- know the deceit with which politicians treat ordinary people and we are not convinced that electing the Kibaki's, the Railas or the Mois will add any more sufurias in our homes.
Kibaki might have done some good for the country, but millions of ordinary Kikuyus know this can only be translated into real benefits for themselves if they WORKED HARD. We know and teach our children that nothing can come out of laziness. Just imagine, what would a road do to a community if its members do not have things to transport to the market. How would taking electricity to remote areas help much if people do not tap such electricity for productive purposes.
We, the Kikuyu realized long ago that what can benefit from our own sweat. That is why millions now own one or a few grade cows or planting coffee again after uprooting it when Daniel Arap Moi destroyed the coffee sub sector.
So Kenyans can go ahead and elect Raila if that is what they want. But they should ask him to seek votes by some other means rather than pegging his campaigns on anti-Kikuyu sentiments. We are not moved!
Raila should also know that for 24 years, Moi tried to kill everything Kikuyu (banks, tea, coffee, schools, land-buying companies, our sons and daughters in the clashes of 1992 and partly 1997 etc..) We did not surrender! Before Moi, the British killed hundreds of thousands; subjected millions of us to untold sufferings and nearly destroyed the entire community in a genocidal campaign that has little historical parallels.
Following what took place, we are no longer moved by mere posturings or shadow boxing..which is why we prefer to keep quiet; ignore these anti-Kikuyu campaigns, and go about our business as if Raila has never been. But we will welcome his presidency if he leaves us alone to do what we've always done; produce wealth for this country.
Those who care to re-visit history will realize that we, the Kikuyu, taught everybody else in Africa how to start an uprising and stick to some common understanding. That was then, yes, and we now want peace to bring up our kids like everybody else in Kenya . We also want a peaceful coexistence with our brothers and sisters in Luo-land, Luhya-land, Kalenjin-land and elsewhere.
We have lived harmoniously this far and our brothers and sisters have a lot to offer to us and we believe we have a lot to offer too. Please let us not be misled to think we can ostracize the Kikuyu simply because Raila says so. He is one person and if at all he gets to power, he will need all communities to pay taxes so that he can pay the police and the army, fund road projects or even get a salary.
He should not think we owe our existence to him or any other person/ community. We only reflect our attention to God and will be there even after Raila has come and gone, (that's if he comes.)

Anonymous said...

The problem with the PNU guys is they keep handing the ODM brigade ammo to thwack them with cos right now the ODM brigade is so happy Kimunya made that comment they will bleed it dry of mileage in their overall agenda to whip up anti Gikuyu sentiment.That's why they are kicking up such a storm about it even asserting that it was the whole Luo tribe that was insulted! Kenyans are clever and will see through this whole thing!
I commend you on your fertile imagination. Of course you expect everyone to believe Kikuyus are deliberately and systematically taught to hate Luos from birth. That is very irresponsible of you cos that is the type theorising that breeds more and more hatred. I think some of you people have never heard of a country called Rwanda.

sayra said...

To the Anon, the Proud Kikuyu Man ... your post is the boom!!!!!
But how i wish it were not so much of a tribal thing but an encouragement to all the Kenyans to always remember that politicians just talk. We have to do our part of working and only then will things change. That is why i get sic of the energy been displayed here as the bloggers bark to one another over none issues. If Raila gets in nothing will change, so is the case with Kibaki and Kalonzo. We the Kenyans have to make the changes. Till the day we realize that, tutabaki hapa hapa.

Anonymous said...

I got this email(below):I hope "Kioko" gets to read it and stops his stupid lies

Market Capitalizationx: January 2007 = KES 824 billion; March 2007 = KES 640.5 billion
NSE Index: January 2007 = 5774 ; March 2007 = 4791

This is in spite of two new IPOs, 1 rights issue and two share splits around December which should have substantially pushed Market Capitalization to the KES 1 Trillion mark.

Who was ahead in the opinion polls between December 2006 and March 2007?????? WHO?

HON KIMUNYA, with all due respect, the NSE index has been going down due to a rise in Treasury Bill rates. The 8% T-BILL RATE is the highest the country has had in the past two years. Given general unceratinty in any country over an election period, investors will move from equities to T-bills/bonds which are less riskier to invest in and have a more attractive yield.

There are rumours that Kikuyu's are running away from the NSE. Yet
another fallacy, because everyone in the industry knows that they
operate under nominees accounts which cannot be trailed/traced (since the Law is on their side). Hence as at now can you believe the NSE is the SAFEST place for them to keep their stolen money.

The previous leaders in the Capital Markets Industry came up with very good laws, restricting holding by foreign investors in listed companies at the NSE to 40%. Thankfully this was a brilliant idea since, even in the remote possibility of foreigners doing a RUN, 60% of the market would still be local investors. Not like Mexico where the market collapsed because of 100% foreign participation.

Fourth, it is pension funds that control 70% of market business currently from the demand side, not Kikuyus. Haven't any of you ever noticed that the NSE GOES DOWN during election year?

NSE Index
1996: June 3144 points ; November 3042 points = decline
2001: June 1657 points ; November 1355 points = decline
2007: June 5147 points ; September 5146 points = decline

Raila is bringing down the market (How? With 1 pont of decline?)

THINK GUYS.................THIIINNNKKK!!!

We market insiders have enough dossier about operations and governance of the NSE to humble some communities. Be VERY VERY CAREFUL!!

NB. In the last three months the Index has bounced back from 4340 points to 5146. Do we share different statistics with the HON MINISTER???

samcon said...

Today i don't make any comment on the issues i have read but wish to congratulate those who started this blog as i think it is very useful.Congras Mr Author

Anonymous said...

There is nothing wrong with calling a Luo a "kihii" so long as you dont mind ethnic hatred directed towards u yourself...or any other prejudice like a white person calling u a "nigger" or "monkey" "kuukgggkkuugg... uugg"

samcon said...

I think kimunya was putting a light touch on this matter.Don't crucify him.when celtel and safaricom were rolling their services to parts such as Kisii, they would say something that we have gone bananas. Raila himself joked once in 2005 about the referendum that those who were in the banana camp wanted to make Kenya a banana republic! i am sure he did not really mean this. But that there aren't many luo Nynza` people in the NSE is a matter of fact. Out of the 23 Stock brokers, there in no LUO.There are 15 Kikuyu, about 5 or so banians, another 3 mzungu, one luyha recent entrant, Konzolo and that that is it.Kimunya must have challenging the Luo Nyanza`people

samcon said...

I agree with sayra 100% What was written by the anon Kikuyu is correct. Unless people roll up their sleeves and work , a man from their community becoming a prezz will not inrease the sufurias of ugali in their households!!!!!
Luos, kikuyus kisiis and kao etc, work hard and ignore the politicans.I for one do know peole workong with raila who are outright thieves but I am also certain that thse thieves are going to be nominated if raila wins. How can we expect thieves to change our lives.

Anonymous said...

Raila is working with known thieves that's right.How can anybody expect him to deal with corruption any different than Kibaki? And ati Kenyans want change? Raila will make it but I dont see any change coming. The baboons will be different but the forest wont change.

Anonymous said...

I fully support Hon. Kimunya. The stock exchange is too complicated for a fish monger especially one who can only talk about football and stupid MOUs. Who has stopped jaluo jingas from buying stock? These fools are more interested in buying TVs, Clothing, household items. They should not blame anyone if there have been unable to invest wisely.

Anonymous said...

Kiuks are being blamed for being in the stock market and locking out the jengs. You only need to go to any stock broker and see how elderly kiuk mamas throng that place to buy shares! And I mean old kiuk mamas. Their sons and daughters can only follow suit. And about ownership of stock brokerage firms, all of those owned by kiuks were registered during Moi's tenure, so dont blame Kibaki for it.
And please, will raila keep politics out of NSE? It is dangerous to play politics with peoples investiments! If prices shoot down and losses are made,jobs are lost etc coz of politicizing NSE, raila should get out of this country and go stay elsewhere.

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