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Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Why I am Dumping the Kibaki Campaign


Guest post by anonymous

Read a desperate Kikuyu sentiments below!! What is it Kikuyus see in Tinga that other tribes don't see??

The govt knows very well the reason they'll be losing the December polls yet Tinga is still being used as the scapegoat!!

Ok its official I have defected from supporting Kibaki The man does not want to win I can't support a man who doesn't want to win .

However i will not be voting for odm Because i cant find anything of value to support in it . I like many young people in Kenya will be staying at home

The one thing that came out glaring from last week's news was the fact that Mwai Kibaki will lose the General Election, even with all the advantages of incumbency and the inertia he enjoys as head of state.

Mwai Kibaki is not a bad man; he is no more corrupt than Raila Odinga. He is no more a tribalist than our first President Kenyatta ever was, and neither is he a violent man. By all accounts he is a God-fearing, kindly family man with an excellent educational background and a long career in politics. What he is not by a long shot is a leader...

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Taabu said...

What an eloquent epitaph? The problem remains, where and when will the coffin be ready?

Anonymous said...

Whatever your sentiments are, just remember that by now every Kenyan has already made up their minds whom their voting for.

Your cheap opinion doesnt count, you can even stay at home and abscond voting & non of these presidential aspirants will notice a surge in the tally!!!

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