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Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Nyanza Man Who Tried To Get Rich Selling Hippo Milk


There was this fascinating case recently where a Nyanza man was charged with selling hippo milk (unfit for human consumption) to unsuspecting consumers.

You have to understand that a hippo is one of the most violent wild animals around and is commonly found around Luo Nyanza in the many rivers that criss cross the area. A Hippo will attack without being provoked. So for starters the prosecution had a problem convincing the court that the milk the accused had sold to his clients was actually milk from a hippo. How does somebody get to milk a hippo, the judge wondered?

Locals claim that the man was using witchcraft to hold the hippo in a trance so as to milk it. Apparently Hippo milk like any other mild does not taste very different from the usual cow milk. Luckily for the defense, the judge was not as superstitious.

It is said that most of...

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