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Thursday, September 20, 2007

Vultures Circle As Old Trusted Moi Friends Jump Ship


Even I did not have any idea of just how bad things are currently for the Moi family when I wrote the article two days ago wondering if Moi had lost it.

The information I now have clearly shows that many of the people that the former president may have been banking on to make things happen for President Kibaki’s re-election campaign, have now switched camps and are supporting “hiyo shetani hapana taka kusikia” (that devil that I don’t want to hear mentioned) as the elderly Moi sometimes refers to ODM in private.

Kaddu chairman and party owner Cyrus Jirongo’s earthshaking declaration yesterday that he was stepping down from the presidential race in favor of Raila Odinga seems to have been but a tip of the iceberg.

We reported here in Kumekucha, about the initial “icy” meeting between Jirongo and ODM’s William Ruto and Musalia Mudavadi. Jirongo at the time seems to have felt offended because he was being asked to step down in favor of Raila Odinga without being offered anything. So the big question that is very important for Kenyans to answer at this point, is what has he been offered this time? But more on that in the next post.

Another prominent personality that has recently declared total support for Raila Odinga’s bid for the presidency at the expense of Moi and his project 2007 is one...

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Proud Kikuyu Woman said...
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Proud Kikuyu Woman said...

I'm pro-Kibaki Tena but even I was dismayed by his teaming up with Baba Giddy.
But, you guys always amaze me how easily you are surprised. Ati now Jirongo's 'earthsahking (!!) decision to quit the race to state house (what were his chances of getting beyond his constituency? I mean in the real, not ideal sense?) to join forces with ODM-yawa is news? The real surprise for me is just how selective our collective memory can be. Isn't this the same dude that rocked the economy in '92 when so many Ksh 500 notes were printed for him to hand out to 'the people', especially the youth, in favour of Moi? Kwani you guys never had the Ksh 500 notes named Jirongo because of that? Still, you won't stop preaching how this ODM-yawa government is the saviour of Kenya? Mapwagu hawa! Ain now its better the angel I know than the devil I know, jameni. I don't need an ODM govt in place for the next 5 years to see how bad it already is, never mind the 'lesser' thieves in its leadership. I'm already saying I told you so.

Proud Kikuyu Woman said...

'Chris', have you carefully considered what effects your revelations might have on your team's agenda? When you tell us the same people Phil 'the sugar farmer' was crying about have joined his own party...?? And that the tribal clashes masterminds are on your team?I don't know what else is in store, but anyone with a functional mind would ask themselves a few questions after reading this especially from YOU.

Anonymous said...

soory. i;m a kenyan living abroad but have come to the unfortunate conclusion that in terms of political power, anybody except a kikuyu is fine with me. period.

Vikii said...

I am freaking sick of these motherfuckers who never miss an opportunity to tell us they are abroad. Who the fucking hell do you fucking asshoes think is not? The other day we had a newbie telling us "they", yes those in abroad, are not conversant with swahili. The truth of the matter is that it doesnt really matter where one is. Yes, I dont give much of a damn what you brothers think now. I will say for the first time that I am also abroad here in "Kitui" and we are actually many of us out here but we dont mouth all the time about it. I have heard enough of 'I am in London', 'I live in the super power of the world', I have been in Nevada' and 'us Kenyans in the diaspora'. That is now whack and I am drunk writing this. Behavini jo na muache hizo sifa zenu za pesa kidogo.

That was just a point of serious concern. It fucking sucks and just so Kenyan. I am just fucking fed up up now.

Anonymous said...

Kenyans get the leaders they deserve and keep crying foul that the same corrupt people are being recycled.If no new people will come out and make a stand and compete for political leadership where do you expect them to come from? It's for this reason that we have same old same old syndrome.
You either stnd up to be counted or put up!
As far as Jirongo is concerned he has a right to support whomever he chooses just like Moi has a similar right. We need to learn to be tolerant to peoples views and choices because not everyone can like or hate you.

Vikii said...

I, VICTOR will be holding a very important press conference here in a couple days. I will be announcing the name of the football club we all should join. I have from today quit Chelsea Football Club. I wish Chelsea Football Club, The team I supported for the last six years after we bought Lamps and Joe Cole from west Ham United, every bit of success. I will be letting you know which club to join. Meanwhile, AC Milan is the team we are fully behind for both the Scudetto and the Champions League. The English premier league is a child's play now and if any team looks promising, then we will together decide the way to go.
Thank you.

Sammy said... petty and naive. The are only two tribes in Kenya...the rich (comprised of looters) and the majority ordinary Kenyans who struggle for their daily bread.

Now, the rich tribe has split into two camps, Kibaki verses the Raila brigade. You'll have to admit and support Chris on this one that the Raila group has the lesser thieves. The ultimate solution lies in voting in a different leadership away from these two camps. Sadly, this is not likely to happen this year as Chris would wish.

I personally advocate for change of Presidents every five years until we get someone ready to punish the grand theft of our resources since 1963. The Kibaki experiment is over and he should go home. Period.

Anonymous said...

If the issue is a class issue why don't we have some down trodden Kenyan standing up and saying enough is enough! It could be naive but are these leaders not elected by the Mwananchi?This is just similar to Women and the Youth complaining that they need affirmative action when data shows the majority registered Voters are women. If they cannot stand they should shut up, same goes to every other Kenyan! And Plz this is a warning to those who will respond saying this is patriachal society etc etc, look Women raise the Kids they need to tell the Boys from day one- Look I'am yr Mother and You have to listen to me !
So there Vote wisely remember your choices will affect tomorrow. Do you need same old same old or do you want to dream and see where the new dream takes u?

I'm fed up of the young people's complaints, waki sell kura zao who do they have to blame.
Make politics a career of choice and change the face of leaders period!

kalamari said...

This is classic. First comes some hateful vitriol directed to all Kenyans living out of the country (if they disclose it i.e.). What follows is the absolute show of affection and love for imported sporting events. Poor Chelsea United.

Even poorer is Gor Mahia, AFC Leaopards and Mathare United.

The excuse will of course be, the even more classic, “I was drunk when I wrote this”.

John Maina said...

after realising kibaki is loosing vikii has finally lost it, expect more insults from him as the side that butters his bread is on its way out.

Taabu said...

Kalamari and Miana tafadhalini spare Vikii. Please just understand my small bro is TRAUMATIZED and he has already confessed to be DROWNING his frustations. And you don't indulge to be sober, do you? Jose was making an institution with a passionate global following but alas we are in a dog-eat-dog world.

That said Chelsea FC's (not United Kalamari) case in an apt case study of never personalizing institutions. The boss leaves and all the glory melts. Just cut and past to your favourite take and you get the vibe. Otherwise the warning is timely - DON'T "ADMIRE" STONES IF YOU STAY IN A GLASS HOUSE.

PS: Is Karuri (of Emilio Tena) getting his match in CJ?

kalamari said...

It would greatly benefit Raila if he turned away the dubious characters desperate to take pictures with him…..esp. those with no votes. My question to you Chris is this, has Raila accepted the Sayyad and Bawazir endorsements? Might this be a ploy to link Raila to illegal sugar importation?
You see Chris, special interests and politics go together. It’s good business to hang around people with power. That said, I’m somewhat comfortable that Raila’s shrewdness will see very little benefits landing on the hands of dubious characters.
Unlike, Kibaki’s aloof and ‘I don’t care attitude’, I have a gut feeling that Raila will remain accountable to the people if elected. You must also not forget that for Raila, this race is extremely emotional and passionate. Even he knows that the devil himself will deny him if he pulls a first one on the Kenyan people….. unlike Kibaki who at first we thought was mentally sick (car accident and strokes). Then we thought it was just his style of governance (loud silence on everything). Now we know for sure he just didn’t care about us (reappointment of Mwiraria/no word on mamluks etc)

Vikii said...

While I dont mind any jibes thrown at me by Kalamari (I had already foretold it here), I do not understand this John Maina guy at all.Who are you Maina? first of all, I do not fancy any exchange pitting the two of us, no. You are probably one of those people I should not bother responding to. However, while your talk of Kibaki loosing the elections is the usual day-dreaming common with all Raila Odinga supporters, the analogy about which side of the bread is buttered cannot and should never go unchallenged. What exactly was on your mind bro? Do you ALSO believe that someone is gonna give a check to you "after Raila wins?" I butter my own bread, yes I do. My interest with Kenyan politics has absolutely nothing to do with any personal gain. That was a correction.

Mwalimu Taabu thank you for understanding my predicament. You see when a millionaire is drunk on success for many years he often gets tempted to test life without the very source of that success. That is what that zombie called Abramovich is trying to do now. He will be in for the shock of his life. And something else taabu, why did you not show up for or send a representative to the meeting?

Kalamari, I have no problem with ANYBODY 'abroad', none whatsoever. What sucks, yes it does, is the quote that you are abroad when that has no relevance to what you are trying to put across. Read that Anonymous comment and tell me what connection is there between his problem with kikuyus and his being abroad if there is any.That is just a little way of intimidating people forgetting that over 95% of those who leave comments here are abroad.

OK I am sorry if that was unecessary, I guess I was sleepy.

Anonymous said...

How can a fool rule an advanced country like Kenya? Listen to his speeches, they are full of petty fish politics. I keep on asking, Dear Kenyans, when this idiot was Roads minister, how many inches of tarmac roads did he construct? Look at the road construction going on everywhere in the Republic even in the Kavirondo gulf.. Thanks to Simeon Nyachae and to HE President Mwai Kibaki. The silent majority have said no to molasses thieves. kioko. BC. Canada.

Anonymous said...

kalahari. What is mamluk? is it food or drink that you keep on singing about it? Don't you have another song except this tuneless nyatiti? I hope someone can pluck off your lower six teeth to make is easier for you to feed on rotten fish! kihii giki. Please come out of your closet and use your real name. of course it must start with a zero to signify the much you know about leadership.

Anonymous said...

Kioko have you accepted that you are an imbecile and closet homosexual yet?

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