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Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Unspoken Truths About The Nyachae Election Violence Incident


Hon Simeon Nyachae who watched in glee as ODM’s William Ruto, Omingo Magara and Chris Bichagge formerly of Coffee Board Of Kenya but now an aspirant, were chased by armed youths stubbornly insists that he has nothing to apologize about. He further adds that the press has taken sides already in these elections and they seem to be overwhelmingly on ODM’s side.

Before we go into the events of last Friday that have raised so much heat, let us analyze Nyachae’s allegations against the press. The Minister gives as his evidence the fact that his incident has received so much publicity and yet the harassment of other candidates in Kisumu has not been covered by the press. He also insinuates that ODM seem to be getting more press than other political parties.

Now that last statement is true although it is not a matter of favoring but pure commercial reasons. The brand new Nairobi Star seems to have been struggling until they discovered the “ODM trick.” The truth is that any headline you put on any second rate rag of even gutter press publication that has ODM on it will sell like hot cakes. So what do you expect the press to do? I do not want to speculate at this juncture as to why this is so and why ODM headlines sell even in the heart of Central province. But I want to say that I believe in fairness and that the major political parties should get equal coverage as far as possible. However the headline business is serious business because it touches on the commercial survival of publications and my take is that publications have the prerogative on what headline they should carry.

Incidentally the East African Standard was first off the blocks on this one and...

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kalamari said...

Chris, Once again, Kibaki has let go an opportunity to gain political mileage by conveniently avoiding to publicly (but indirectly) admonishing Nyachae. It was reported somewhere in the press that the red/maroon clad goons were actual members of the infamous Chinkororo. That alone is reason to say something like, “All cabinet ministers must desist from associating with murderous gangs”. That’s all he had to say. You see, Chinkororo is the personification of evil in Kisii Nyanza. The atrocities visited on the common Kisii man and woman by these thugs has been inhuman to say the very least. For a cabinet minister to proudly assert his admiration for the actions of such a group can do nothing less but portray Kibaki and his administration in bad light. Is our president deaf, dumb and blind? It is such aloofness that

In all serious political reality, the heckling/stoning of Kalonzo, Livondo, Nazlim are none issues. Whereas, it is sad to see our youth (on both sides) in their best primitive behavior, we cannot continue to deny that this thing of ours is a two horse race; ODM and PANU (in whichever color). Please do not get me wrong, I too do not want to see Kalonzo with two bleeding knees. My point is this; to expect the same volumes of public outrage/ media coverage on fringe characters of the Livondo nature is like studying the alphabet while on the verge of writing your masters thesis. The faster we separate the wheat from the chaff, the better for our evolving democracy.

Taabu said...

Dinosaurs never grow up nor tire of chewing political cud. Nyachae and his ilk are trapped in a time warp and will only wake up to find Kenyans safe on the other side of the coast.

Here him mention the word Kibaki at the drop of a pin to gain political backing. Even with my horselessness I can suggest for free that these are the buggage Emilio doesn't need unless he is busy driving the nails into his political coffin.

But come to think of it. Nyachae has to clutch to straws to remain a float. He belongs to the old school of thinking and only wanted to provoke a party headed by one whose rercord for FORCE is unparalleled. But alas the chap seems to have learnt his lesson fast. Just look at the LOUD silence from his kkin lest their ABRASSIVENESS spoils the broth. Na bado as the heat sours.

Phil said...

Chris how could you forget Sue?

She published something about ths issue the other day and this what I told her:

I have read Nyachae's record as a public servant since his days as a PC in Central Province, to a powerful PS of the Civil Service to Moi's Cabinet minister and now as FORD-P Chairman and Kibaki's cabinet minister. Nyachae's history is one full of misuse of power, unwarranted decrees and a lot of arrogance and chest thumping.

It is a big disgrace as it is unfortunate and embarrassing that in this day and time, such a regrettable an incident of leaders being violently attacked by a private army could be allowed to happen in the glare of public limelight in a multi-party democracy like Kenya.

Nyachae, is the same individual who unsuccessfully tried to topple the NARC dream in 2002. He is also the same one who single handedly consigned, in my opinion, the best public servant this country has ever produced - Mr. Joseph Kaguthi, to early retirement because he disagreed with Kaguthi, then Nyanza PC on matters as mundane as the itinerary of President Moi opening an ASK show somewhere in Kisii.

Between you and me, I have to say Kaguthi has outdone Nyachae and many other public servants in his services to this country and deserves a medal for his efforts. Kaguthi has not shown any interest in politics and remains a humble down-to-earth fellow to this day.

I am therefore not surprised by the barbaric behavior of Nyachae - risking the lives of political rivals because they are a threat to his community chieftaincy. I am glad that he has at least received presidential rebuke without being named and without being sacked - a punishment which I think is child's play going by the severity of his crime. Nyachae and Kombo are the worst tribalist in this country.

chris said...

I did not forget Sue. I had her email and I therefore sent her an invitation directly.

If you read this Sue, please act Promptly you're in high demand.


Sue said...

Thanks brother's for remembering me, Phil I got Chris email and acted.

-jamii ya Kenya-

Anonymous said...

Xris, home you have forgotten me brother? I love reading mashada but rarely comments because most of the time you have said everything that need saying.

My name is anonymous

Vikii said...

Ok, maybe nimeanza kuiva macomps. Ahsante sana Chris

Anonymous said...

The biggest problem with Kibaki is that he is has will continue to be held hostage by his perceived allies. Here in the US, Reagan was considered a hands-off President, but when important matters arose he addressed the public who is responsible to. As a leader if you want to call Kibaki one, he should question why those who are not even in the same party are so keen to support him yet maintain there status in other parties. Though at this point it seems like Kibaki needs all the support he can get, regardless of how disorganized it may be, KENYANS should vote for Kibaki if they support him but not his allies becuase all they are offering is give Kibaki another chance, they are not even telling the public why they themselves should be elected. Simply put his allies are lazy and want to continue to earn their salaries while doing nothing. On another note the economy might be performing extremely well,but the common Kenyan people are not seeing any trickle down effect. To make matters worse, Kibaki has remained silent on all the key issues that his election platform stood on, these are the reasons I believe Kenyans should not vote form him. You can say what you want about Raila Odinga but he has fought for change in this country, even those that say he is power-hungry, don't all politicians aspire to gain some sort of power? Some politicians kiss ass to get to parliament, then do nothing for those that voted for them, others conspire to loot the country to secure that they come back to parliament to do nothing for another 5 years. People like to call Raila tribalist, even if this were true and it may be to a certain degree (as with all politicians in Kenya) but how many of the big name leaders represent cosmopolitan constituencies? How many can really stand on their own on key issues without back-pedling and seeking deals that ultimately hurt democracy in this country as well as our image abroad. One thing I truly believe in is KArma, my oh my is it a motherfucker!

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