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Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Comments In Kumekucha Now Moderated

My Dear Beloved Kumekuchans,

AS a result of the rapid increase in porn comments in this blog, I have been left with no alternative but to start moderating comments again. What this means is that if you leave a comment, it will have to wait until it is seen by a human and approved for posting. We will not be censoring any comments and will only reject pornographic posts.

I will try my best to make sure that comments are moderated as quickly as possible.

Kindly bear with me as I make arrangements to seek an alternative arrangement that will take us back to real time comments.

Bear in mind that as the mother of all general elections draws nearer, mischief is bound to increase, but take heart, we shall overcome.

Have a nice day.

For the love of the motherland,



derek said...

Thanx Chris for the message. I believe that that is the only way forward. Just back from Kenya. Had to nip off to attend to my sister's burial at the weekend. Sorry did not inform most guys but had a word with Vikii about it. The TRUTH is I missed KUMEKUCHA. I did not know that it formed part of my daily routine until I got immersed in the funeral arrangements in NBO. Sawa. May the PORNPOSTER DIE IN HELL!!!

Taabu said...

Checked by human did you say? I thought Kumekucha had a heart all along or have just been engaging in auto blogging?

Vikii said...

Welcome back Derek. We have also missed your contribution. I trust your strength and I know you are almost back to normal now.

Meanwhile Chris and his batallion are almost overwhelming me, join the fight.

kalamari said...

Derek, Pole sana. May she rest in eternal peace. Please accept my condolences.

That said, now that you have rescinded your own resignation to comment on the heart palpitating issues discussed here (and especially now that you are back from the very dry Ukambani landscape), I’m curious to know your answers to the following: 1. Did you experience the ODM aftershocks? Those earth tremors being felt all over the country are really Railas’ footsteps. 2. Is Kalonzo still taking his medication? His warped imagination that he will trounce Raila (and even Kibaki) at the polls reminds me of the hallucinating chap who attempted to walk across Nairobi River, avoiding the bridge….. like Jesus of Galilee. 3. Did you make time to visit Ruto in hospital? If you did, did you attempt to ‘hummer’ his other knee? I know you are capable.

But seriously, from the pit of your heart, having mingled with the common mwanainchi aching to cast a vote, what’s the feeling on the ground as regards ODM and PNU? Other than wanting you to voice your renewed opinion on Raila, I also want to make sure that Chris has not been telling us lies.


derek said...

Thanx, lakini kwa wote, please believe me and I have never been wrong with elections, Mwai Kibaki will win the elections. He will beat Raila Odinga, who will finish third behind Kalonzo Musyoka. Kalonzo Musyoka will be the next leader of opposition and as I said before, USHINDI ni wa Maendeleo.

Did I tell you to wait for the day the Young Democrats roll their sleeves? That is the day that you will encounter the best ever assembled election machinery Kenya has seen in the multi-party era. Siasa ya Maendeleo. And with those few remarks, retracting from my earlier decision to remain mute, I would like to inform all and sundry to ask Omingo Magara to hold a rally on my behalf in Kitutu Masaba and know who the daddy is.

Raila, is over confident and keeps shooting himself in the foot with every turn he makes. What talk of arresting people. Most of the people to be arrested are around him. Kosgei, Kosgei, Mudavadi and now Jirongo. Surely, who would like to be close to that team, if the sins of Jirongo are not forgiven and he has not repented?

Anyway, I will give me humble observatiuons as days go by. Tuko pamoja. Kura siyo math as Americans would say. It is development.

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