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Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Will These Guys Please Get In Touch Urgently

Can the following Kumekucha regulars please email me urgently at umissedthis(at) I would like to allow them to make comments in the system without moderation. Any other reader can send me an email applying for the same;

1) Vikii
2) Luke
3) PKW
4) Jeff
5) Benji
6) Kalamari
7) Any other regular whom I may have forgotten (kindly forgive me and email me)

I have already sent out invites to all those regulars whose email addresses I had.

Other readers who would like to stay in the shadows can still make comments and they will appear after being moderated (that means checked out by somebody).



Karol said...

Thank you Kumekucha for this priveledge. Will use it very responsibly for the love of the motherland.

Anonymous said...

Chris, I think it is unfair for you to select a few individuals as the engine behind this blog. What about Kioko? He is a regular contributor! Although he uses bad language the guy has lots of humuor. I may not agree with him on many issues, but and I would rate him us one of our most faithfull contributors.

Sue said...

Thanks Chris for your invitation. It�s a good step to stop porn comments that really put some of us off.

chris said...

Kioko is welcome like anybody else wishing to participate here.

Kioko can take adavantage of "7" above or he can still make comments and have them moderated before they appear. Either way, the door has NOT been shut on him and even our harshest critics. Please remember that this move is ONLY to shut out the porn poster and nothing else. Even those NSIS guys trying very hard to skew public opinion are welcome.


chris said...

Watch carefully and observe the guys who turn down the invitation to make posts here without moderation. The porn poster will be in that group. Poor sick guy. Please get help, my friend.

Even those with bad motives will not be happy with this new development. Pole guys.


Sue said...

Chris I thought this was all about comments but realised you have given me the opportunity to post direct on you blog.

Thanks I will use the opportunity wisely.

Anonymous said...


Recently, a friend of mine narrated to me an incident he was involved in while at a party of a close friend. As the time approached, they decided to tune into the live broadcast from KICC for the President's announcement of his choice for political party PNU later changed to PANU
Respectfully AS KENYANS ARE KNOWN TO BE, they all quiety watched the broadcast with little comments passing between them, but nothing majorly disruptive as to draw away attention from an important occassion such as this.
Immediately the broadcast finished, it was only natural that following discussion should border on what they had just witnessed. NOW ITS FROM THIS POINT ON I MAKE MY POINT ABOUT INTOLERANCE
not a few in the party were supporters of the incumbent. my friend wrongly(or rightly as he believes-we have debated with him many times before) supports ODM. When asked to give his opinion on the political landscape, he was not afraid or ashamed to state his preferred horse. poor brave soul, he was outnumbered, and from a simple request to give his own views, he quickly found himself in a face-off with one of the guests in particular, who even though he was a trained lawyer, was intolerant of views that opposed his, and was not able to hold forth a logical debate without causing temperatures to rise

what we saw here in Kumekucha prior to Chris' moderation intervention(albeit because of pornposter) is nothing new to any of us, and yet...are we numb to the reality of exactly what it is?intolerance, name calling,insults, swears etc in the name of debate is not debate but hate wearing the friendly mask of contribution to debate. This is my concern Kenyans - you cannot let politics divide you to the point where you will not here another's point of view. Over what? just because your tribesman/woman is currently temporarily in power?
That is why i think comment moderation is an unfortunate but necessary evil. By the time i type in the words RAILA or KIBAKI and someone immediately starts to see RED, you know we are in danger as a country
The worst gift our politics has cursed us with is ethnic division as Sue points out in her Jamii blog
Hence why i refuse to address any MPs as honourable or mweshimiwa if ever i were to be unfortunate enough to meet them. I may be young and hot-blooded but i am not a tribalist. if i ever meet you face to face please don't ask me "where do you come from?"as if i didn't hear them right, some stupid people go on and clarify"i mean what part of the country?" how is that any of your business? the next thing you should look out for is my dust in your face as i walk away

Anonymous said...

Hi Chris. I would like to offer my services as one of the moderators. I could ensure that no pornography is posted and I would also tame the rude postings from guys like taabu, derrick & co. Kioko. BC. Canada.

Anonymous said...

Xris hii ni ubaguzi. My name is anonymous and i would always want to drop a comment or and just to let you know that i have never said anything abusive. Let our voice be heard

Anonymous said...

Please do not censor kioko from bc,iam a bonafide proud luo and this guy's antics are healthy for our nation because better to know whats in the hearts of our brothers than to have them harbour this much hate only to turn catastrophic.

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