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Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Tanzanians, Give Us A Break


It is becoming increasingly clear, that the 11 Kenyans who were gunned down in Tanzania were "executed" and were highly unlikely to have been participating in a robbery.

I am aware that the vast majority of readers of this blog are in support of extra-judicial killings as a sound strategy to fight crime. As much as I hate violent crime, I DO NOT agree.

It is better for 10 genuine criminals to face a fair trial and be acquitted rather than have just one innocent person going to the gallows. Let us not be short-sighted folks. The next time your company unexpected sends you to Moshi and you end up in the same hotel as some Kenyan thugs and then the police burst in and arrest all Kenyans in the hotel and then shoot all of them dead, will that be fair?

It is no secret that the Tanzanian police and the government have for a long time been...

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Taabu said...

Yes and no Chris. Senseless shooting is bad no matter who the victim is. But robbery is henious and exporting the vice paints the whole country as populated by thieves. It amounts to mixed felling akin to what you experience when confronted with facts about a sibling thug - simpathy and irritation, ama?

kalamari said...

You see Chris, you are really NOT part of the problem…. but you clearly could be. If you were to divulge the personal details of the Tanzanian drug dealer that you know PERSONALLY to let’s say the NSIS (or local FBI branch), you could really save lives.

You see, one day, this Tanzanian drug dealer will visit a hotel frequented by many innocent Tanzanians. The NSIS may decide to ambush that very hotel killing the drug dealer (personally known to you) alongside ten other innocent Tanzanians. In the larger scheme of things, should you not bear any slight blame on the blood of the innocent Tanzanians?

That’s the root of insecurity in Kenya (and TZ). We all know the common thugs strolling within our estates but have no will to act decisively.

- For those who lived in Kile in late 80s, early 90s, you remember a thin makanga called Jose (mzangala)? Yes, how come you did not report him? (me excluded).

kalamari said...

Well Ok Chris. Maybe that was an unfair vindictive jibe at your person, but let�s face it; if these Tanzanian drug peddlers are known, what are they still doing in Kenya? If lets say the Kenyans leaving in the estate where they reside set precedent by holding an anti drug dealer demonstration, si hao watizedi wataishia. Now if the same thing was done in Mathere against mungiki�..

Anonymous said...

@ Chris what is this thing they have WMD perhaps??

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