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Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Strange Kibaki Re-election Campaign


This is going to be one confusing general elections. We have the Democratic Party (the president's old political vehicle), then we have the brand new Narc and now we have the PNU (Party of National Unity) all supporting President Kibaki's re-election.

It might be very clear to me and you that the PNU is the umbrella party but it opens the doors wide open for mischief. For example if I was the DP parliamentary candidate somewhere in Central province and there were other candidates in Narc and other parties, all you need to do is put doubt on the electorate that they cannot vote for Kibaki without voting for me in DP.

Sounds unlikely, then you don't know politics in rural areas. By the way I would eave this rumour to very late in the day. Just before polling day so that there is no time for people to confirm.

This is just one trick. There are dozens of other things that could go wrong with the president's current strategy. It is a basic rule in management and...

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Taabu said...

Strange did you say? Me not think so because what you term strange may just be a new idea you are not familiar with, ama?

Chris you must attribute comments to the right people. PKW is the one who has vigorously questioned your baptism of 2007 polls as the female parent of all. I think your sense of insinuation and inference is either impaired or biased or both. What is your take? True, Jeff consistently challenges your take on many issues but on the mother of all election please give it to my dear sister PKW shhe deserves and earns it.

Now on your three reasons to qualify your tag, only one stands: Kenyans voters will surprise all and sundry. From there you miss the boat by a river. Surprise implies embarassment premised on prediction. Unless you know a thing we don't then swearing on the face of Kenya's 10th bunge is naivity at its best.

kalamari said...

Chris, your astuteness addresses one caption in the larger comical picture. Man like Obaks is simply borrowing a leaf from Museveni. The idea is to flood the local scene with many Kibaki friendly parliamentary candidates (read independents) with intentions to slice the orange votes in very many small pieces. In plainer terms, it’s a free-for-all frenzy at constituency level politics but a ‘single’ candidate for president. Put your ears on the ground, very soon the PNU mantra will be “three piece voting”.

Let me explain. You see, after the impending acrimonious ODM parliamentary nominations, all losers (bar none), will form millions of Kibaki tena fringe parties who will receive PNU funding provided they support Kibaki. So let’s say there are ten clans within one constituency in Northeastern province. ODM may field one strong candidate from clan 1. One the other hand, PNU, will field weak clan based candidates from clan 1 to 10; all supporting Kibaki. Now when you coagulate this mess with three piece voting, you clearly see what Kibaki sees. This is no longer tribalism….it’s clanism.

Proud Kikuyu Woman said...

Of course anything Emilio does and will do is wrongly advised,unconstitutional, bordering on evil.How could he even get a political party registered when word from 'credible sources' was that his GNU/GoK had outlawed the very democratic right of every single citizen? Its not like the saint has switched politrickal parties and tribal alliances before. Re-read Kenya's very recent history,actually only in the past 10 years. You can re-write it if you don't like what you see, but I have my version and seek that you please tell me what's so new with contesting in FORD, FORD-K, NDP, KANU, LDP, Ho Ndi Hem, ODM yawa and everything in between, unless you are Mwai Kibaki.

Taabu, thanks for taking offense on my behalf bro. Thanks too, for defending my right to be wrong, again! In case you missed it, the only comments from PKW that deserve reply from 'Chris' are the non-existent ones, in which case she is busy working for the NSIS, if not scared for her life leaving comments here(you guys refused to enlighten me on the NSIS, what's up with that? National Security...what? National whatever Internal Security? Or are we all scared for our lives?).

As for the other comments 'Chris' is and has always been welcome to take ideas, build 'brand new' , 'explosive', 'informative', 'late extra','issues', 'new direction' etc etc posts around them, and forever hold his peace. It wasn't polite threat the other day,Taabu, it was a clear observation. Very, very creative.Nation and Standard could surely learn a thing or two, need I repeat?

Kalamari, pole, I was still under the impression that you were the porn-poster, with your IP address traced by online forensic experts to some obscure locations in Nairobi or SA,or wherever you were hiding at the time, unwise as you are, not to hide in a cyber cafe.

I fully missed 'Chris's' justification of this being the mother of all elections. I think because he is a man and I a woman, we mean different things when we say mother. Mothering to me means conceiving a baby or embryo depending on your notions of what's yet human or not, carrying the pregnancy to term, going into labour delivering, and actually raising the kid.Kuzaa si kazi, kulea mwana ndio kazi. Once a mother, there is no end to the responsibilities it places on you. So, in MY opinion, the mother of all elections was in the 60s, but we did not take full responsibility.Maybe Kenya is polygamous, hence many mothers?? For, in all the three pointers that sought to explain why this year is the mother of all elections, only numeral ii) looked new to me. And only time will test that, luckily, in a few months, or any time now, we will tell how sharp the learning curve has been. Wasn't I there in 1991/2, even if I couldn't vote? Wasn't I a polling clerk in 2002? The vulture gathered for the second time, and the situation with those who can't actually leave comments here was pretty bad.
In the unlikely event that this does actually turn out to be the mother of all elections in Chris's definition, which in fact he needs to explain, as I totally don't get I will probably defend my right to be wrong. Again. In my opinion, Kenyans are likely to recycle the same old people, at least the prominent ones in the 10th parliament as are in the 9th. And if not, then their friends will appoint them next year. How about I bring reverse affirmative action and declare this the father of all elections?
That's just about it in the name of political debate from PKW today, men.

Taabu said...

I hear you PKW and thanks for the polished sarcasm. I stand to be corrected anytime by anybody provided we keep it civil. I have abrogated myself the responsibility of protecting you and sundry, right or wrong. My only alergy is SWEAR/SWEAT/HORSE. Otherwsie tuko pamoja, au sio sis?

luke said...

Chris(and whoever your co-conspirators include nowadays), why are you busy nursing high expectations in the name of hope&belief in the sensibility of Kenyans? i'm on record as having stated publicly here in this heavily NSIS monitored blog (with strong traffic from Canada B.C.) that come January 1st 2008 you are all(except horseless Taabu) going to wake up to the greatest disappointment of your lives. N-O-C-H-A-N-G-E. How i wish I had a real-life gauntlet to throw down so someone could take up my challenge (as Raphael Tuju told "saint" Raila Odinga during the now infamous constitutional referendum "i challenge you Raila, i challenge you...)
Ok, by a show of hands(or comments, in this case) how many think out of 210 seats in parliament, more than 5%(i'm being generous i should say 1%) will be snapped up by first time fresh new faces to bunge? ayes to the left, nays to the right (and all you ayes are sleep walking with your eyes wide shut wake up,you are rattling a snake.)i am not a pessimist but the truth is the cup is always half-empty. we are trapped until 2012 when stalwarts like Vikii, Lucas, Chris' MBA studying ex-presidential candidate, mzalendo Derek and modern-day kenyan hero John Githongo and others who i can't mention for fear of NSIS will come out from waiting in the wings and give Kenyan politics the much needed booster shot in the arm
I bet you i won't have to apologise come January 2008. MPs don't need the approval of kenyan voters to return to parliament. Magic&witchcraft is at work and we are helpless barring some massive display of mwananchi opposition ala 2002 to kick out ALL the oldies

Chris your ideal text book/wizened fed-up kenyan voter does not exist.all we are is too hungry and tired of lies. To go to parliament, all one has to do is appeal to kenyans saying "i never stole anything in my life. all i ask for is a chance"


Anonymous said...

Raila Odinga is a homosexual and a molasses thief and a kihii and a conman. Is this the type of thug to head even a consituency? No!! Kenya cannot be ruled by toothless fish eating kihiis. never! this could easily spark off a civil war as bantus can never accept the authority of a fish eating kihii. Long live President Mwai Kibaki. kioko. BC. Canada.

Anonymous said...


If i do sometimes seem irritated its none of my intention to be so...apologies are in order.

My point of difference with you in the coming elections being 'mother of all elections'...(for Taabu's benefit i had posted here arguing such reference can only be attributed to 1992, 2002, and 2012...i had given my reasons, please be fair to all, Mr. e-cop...)is in their impact or significance to the normal mwananchi... i can't foresee much difference with the current situation, we will continue experiencing 'average' achievements.. i might be wrong... but do you realise the significance of the political class coming together (in parliament) to stop all investigations into economic crimes before may 2003.

There will be no talk about Kroll report (opposition ranks are unusually silent), Goldenberg, Anglo Leasing, Land grabbing, land clashes, assassinations, etc, etc.

By the way ALL the current MPs have in one way or the other partaken the corruption cup, before that cut-off date, including the illegal parliamentary perks that they routinely award themselves...who would be willing to throw the first stone? Remember they are a class, they are in this together. As Lucas says...they tear into one another at the first sight of a microphone...they leave us tearing into one another...then when no one is looking, engage in all manner of collaborations, be it business, perks, etc.

Notice also that the current clamour for change is coz the 'average' returns we are getting are not trickling to all and sundry. This has in effect created a fertile ground for anybody who can promise to deliver canaan....

In the process some have developed very high expectations as to the ability of their horses to deliver, based on some 'promises'. My assurance here is that the promises WILL NOT happen...not with these horses.

But there i see some light at the end of the long dark tunnel. And the hope is not in the sceptics like yours trully to bring about change, but on those who are currently very passionate about their horses.

It will not be until 2009 when they realise that they were only used as 'vehicles' to acquire or retain power and those in power have sort of forgotten to invite them to 'eat'...they will also realise that the promised land is 40 years away....then they will rebel against the horses, unwilling to listen to further noise about promises, and a new political dispensation will be 2012 as the current overinflated balloons will pierced....


Anonymous said...

Jeff, what are you saying? I do not understand your contribution. You seem to have the style of the proud kikuyu woman (Kirigu) in writing pages and pages of nothing.

Taabu said...

Anonymous please be patient, it free. Don't trash Jeff's posts becasue of length. Read and give your perspective provided you have the onus to remai civil. And you have a choise should find his posts unpalatable, skip them.

And why denegrade PKW's posts where she does not even feature. Please learn to respect other's views and fourmute your in response. Couldn't ask for more form you, be accomodative please.

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