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Wednesday, September 19, 2007

The Dirty Game Of Politics


This is a rather fascinating photograph taken in the late 60s shortly before the assassination of Tom Mboya.

The photograph tells a very long complex story. Let me start by introducing the “players” in this “game”. Far left is former president Daniel arap Moi, then Vice President. Next to him is Tom Mboya and the person next to Mboya who seems to be the one who has delivered the joke is one Mbiyu Koinange (grand father to former CNN correspondent Jeff Koinange—this photograph does not show the uncanny resemblance the two have, especially in their eyes and facial features). Far right is Mwalimu Julius Nyerere, founding father and the first president of Tanzania.

At the time this photograph was taken President Kenyatta’s kitchen cabinet were finalizing plans to sort out the “Mboya problem” once and for all. Mboya on the other hand had just completed a clinical operation that had wiped out Jaramogi Oginga Odinga from the political scene into oblivion and irrelevance. The efficiency with which it had been carried out caused the Kenyatta cabinet to fear TJ even more. The three major players in that kitchen cabinet were...

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Anonymous said...

Chris, going by what some geezers are posting here, and that which you are seemingly unable to filter, those 'generals' in that photograph may well have been asking Mboya if 'he is man enough'. HA!

Ladha ya majadialiano katika jukwaa hii ime sambaratika. Na hii ni kwasababu ume tusaliti sisi wazalendo na ukawakubalia wana matusi kuleta aibu kubwa hapa kumekucha na kwenye nchi hii kwa ujumla.

Tafadhali, tusaidie sisi wanao taka kwendelea na gumzo za kisiasa katika mazingira ya utaratibu, heshima na amani. Waliobakia waendelee na matusi wanavyotaka kwengine. Hii ni maombi ya ndugu Phil

Pole ndugu kwa kumtumia hayati mboya kukuelezea mambo haya.

Anonymous said...

Chris. Could you please let us know whether English is the language of this blog or is it some tribal languages like swahili and kikuyu. I have also noted some sheng from our 8.4.4. contributors. I suggest you delete these shallow 8-4-4 contributions and impose some language restriction. I have never purchased a copy of the Daily Nation only to find taifa leo centre pages. it could be irritating. Kindly take action.

Joe said...

Please let that anonymous complainant about the language to be used in this blog understand that the blog's name is "Kumekucha." That is NOT a tribal language, it is called Swahili! And what makes my complaining friend suppose that English is not a tribal language? Let free Kenyans in this blog use whatever language they feel comfortable to communicate in. There is no greater freedom than appreciating the language (even tribe!) that God created you in! And there is no greater brainwash, slavery and bondage than to think that English is a better language than any other! Be liberated my friend! Najivunia kuwa Mswahili na kuongea kiswahili!

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