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Thursday, September 20, 2007

Can President Kibaki Survive This Set Back?


In politics, timing is everything and the message is always much more important than the reality on the ground.

Picture this. When the president is busy campaigning in Western province on his second tour of that province in almost as many months, a major Western province presidential candidate and a Western province political party suddenly turn round and pledge their support for the president’s main challenger.

For months I have been saying here that the true feelings of the people of Kenya will be made known when the campaigns start. In fact this is only the beginning of many other embarrassments this president will face in his campaigns anywhere outside Central province. That is a biting statement, I know, but it is true.

A president who has locked himself in State House and avoided meeting the ordinary people of Kenya and a president who has done that immediately after taking over from a previous holder of the office who as corrupt as he was criss crossed the country meeting ordinary people is a candidate asking for trouble.

According to my information there are many presidential advisors who are currently carrying around a smirk on their faces that say; “I told you so.” Their advice has all along been ignored but now they are going to be vindicated big time.

This is politics and no matter how much the people love you, you can only make so many mistakes and still get away with it. In fact if...

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Phil said...

Chris, arent these the same things we talked about here just over a year ago. At that time I remember the likes of Mulwaa and Derek insisting that a laid back style works best. It prompted Luke to start admiring a growing economy. These guys never thought 2007 would come so soon, and they'd be forced to go back to the same people whom the head of state has insulted as pumbavus and shenzis on several occassions!

In my opinion, Western Province, home to more than 1.5 million voters, has made a very powerful statement to Kibaki and Kalonzo in one week. I am certain this is the same message they will get in other parts of the country.

Even more astounding is the reception Kalonzo received today in Busia which is Uncle Moody's hometurf and Kalonzo's running mate, Julia Ojiambo's home district. A sweaty kalonzo was confronted by a huge crowd at the Busia Bus park and accused of having split the orange! He simply had to take off! I know Vikii will be quick to blame "hired goons". but those hired goons happen to be the voters too. And what we are saying is that Kenya is by no means Machakos. A presidential candidate must be brave and be prepared to venture to areas perceived to be hostile just like Raila to Machakos and Othaya. We must not forget just a feww months ago, a presidential candidate had the audacity to tell-off a chanting mob at a public rally, forgetting that he shall soon be wanting votes from the same people who were also called pumbavus and shenzis many times in the past. Have they forgotten? Of course not! The people are the employers and not vice versa.

All I am asking, lets wait for Raila/Mudavadi/Pentagon ODM's homecoming rallies to Western this weekend in Kakamega and Mbale, and it will prove that ODM is the party of choice in western for those peasant sugar farmers. It is also a taste of things to come in other provinces. Then we compare notes on this forum on Monday.

Anonymous said...

The easiest province to get votes from is western Province. Just give these fellows sugar and food two weeks before elections and you will see the difference. you can also try the trick on some Baluhyia girl, Buy her Chicken and chips at Munyiri's and the goodies are all yours for the entire weekend.

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