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Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Will Moi's Second Project Work?

The First project, Uhuru Kenyatta failed miserably in 2002. Has the former president and self proclaimed professor of politics learnt anything?


Former President Moi still does things the way he used to do them during the 24 years he ruled Kenya.

For instance we know that he made his mind a long time ago to back President Mwai Kibaki but yesterday he gave the impression that he had thought about the matter long and hard and really agonized before finally reaching a decision.

He however stressed that he would remain in Kanu and that he would be actively campaigning for the party in the run up to the forthcoming general elections. The former president who now walks with a distinct limp (although he has stubbornly refused to use a walking stick, at least in public) moves much more slowly these days and hardly looks like he is up to the task of indulging in a rigorous campaign, even if that campaign will only be within the borders of the expansive Rift Valley Province.

This morning all Kenyans newspapers are analyzing the impact of Moi's declaration of support for the incumbent. I have deliberately avoided reading any of them at least not before I write my own analysis of it. One of the reasons why Kumekucha is so popular is because we DO NOT recycle information from the daily newspapers like many other Kenyan blogs do and always like to give our own independent perspective.

Moi's move now clearly shows us what President Kibaki's game plan is. Although there are those in the opposition who see Kibaki as Moi's game plan and in fact his project in the upcoming elections, just like he had the Uhuru project in the run up to the 2002 elections...

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Proud Kikuyu Woman said...

It MIGHT work, now that Ubako has support from some other 'regions' in the country, not just the Kikuyu vote. I await to see myself being elevated from just another Kikuyu woman to a prophetess, at least in December. Anonymous 'Jane!!', are you reading this?

But I read malice, nay, opportunism in Moi's endorsement of Kibaki. My thinking is, Baba Gidi wants Uhuru Muigai wa Kenyatta to get Baba Jimmy's 'support' after his official second term, after which it'll be 'our time to eat' again for 'akina Moi' through Gidi, Jona or even Nicolas Kipyator Biwott.

For the umpteenth time, do we have REAL political parties in Kenya? What I see is the same individuals in different political permutations (thanks, Taabu) every election year. It tends to reach a feverish point just about now.

Finally, I think history (you know whose, though!) has shown that during the second term for most presidents,its really not very important what they do or don't do, they have nothing to lose. Lets think, think, think.With our brains, not 'stomachs'.

John Maina said...

the earlier kibaki is kicked out the better for kenya to move on rather than recycle old corrupt men.

Sue said...

Chris unapenda kujisifu sana na kuchongoa bloggers wengine. Wacha pride.

Anyway on your subject about Mzee, I call it Old Fashion politics. He has waved his magic wand like he did with project Uhuru.

It never worked and history may repeat itself.

Sue said...

I also forgot to mention Kenya ni ya watu wote wazee na vijana. Kwanza vijana ni wengi kuliko wazee.

So these old politicians should stop playing games with us.

Taabu said...

Chris stop spoiling the party and being a RUINER. Baba Gidi is only doing what a father would do, secure his stable for his sons and kin. It is EXPEDIENCY albeit pragmatically clothed as objectivity. And you cannot blame these dinosaurs. We are not better than them because they pocket even our brains. Do you see how people swear and sweat here in their names. Make you they cannot even pronounce the names of people ready to stop a bullet for them. Did somebody say the other day that we are cursed!

Moi is simply trying to fit old wine into new bottles and the result is very predictable. He has Gidi's future in mind through project UK re-incarnation with Emilio's support come 2012. And the beutiful game of musical chairs contunues albeit without rythm nor medody. We are simply turning into a monarchy without the Queen/King.

Moi and co epitomizes the adage politicians make strange bed fellows. The good Lord's name has never been misused so. The global embarassment on Dec 30/02 and being ordered to shut up and admire Harvad-inspired RULERSHIP is not messaged as forgiveness.

Chris started padding your skin because more flak are coming your way. Moi is now a democrat per excellence. Emilio's choir will shower hi with all superlatives oblivious of their previous vitrol that he ruined Kenya. Is it plastic memory or selective amnesia? Somebody help me here.

Kenyans are no fools to be hearded into blind support of selfish interests anymore. Toro may have just inadvertendly punctured Emilio's politcal balloon. Not that supporting the opposition would be any better. We are prcariously dangling on the edge of political opportunism.

One thing is for sure, Moi is out of tune with present Kenya. Even the RV he believes to control is not his for the taking any more. And I should know better. The impending embarassment may juts be natures way of hastening his final journey to meet his marker (God forbid).

derek said...

I will not shy away calling the person who posts porn here a moron. I will never and never will I refrain from calling on others to condemn this animal.

Kindly, if you have a problem with anybody who participates here, can you kindly think of a better way of doing it? Posting porn will not help you at all. It shall never take you anywhere and for me, posting porn will not reduce my thinking ability, will not stop Chris from running his blog and will never stop others who participate in their own free volition. My kind advice and this stems from Taabu's advice the other day. Please seek help. Emotional, mental and psychological. It is true that one who frequents a porn site or reads porn is disturbed. I believed that you are DERANGED and NEED HELP. FIND HELP please. You often visit a porn site! SHAME

derek said...

Susan, which magic wand has Moi waved? I don’t think he has. He has just put it plain and simple, he is supporting Kibaki. That does not mean he has installed him. Kibaki won without Moi's support and now, he could still do it without Moi offering support. If you read politics, you will see that Kibaki designed his campaign team more than a year ago. Did what? Picked his pointmen from the early beginning, divided country by allowing Shirikisho to form, doled goodies to Westerners, allowed ODM to blow up, and consolidated his backyard.

Have you read Uhuru's statement? They will field MPs and Councillors, it means, the deal is sealed. Now we are changing the course of River Nile, sorry we can’t change it, but like the Okavango River in Southern Africa, we are waiting to see where it will pour into the Delta in Kalahari Desert, not even the Pacific

Taabu said...

Anonymous please replace your pastime with something useful. Stop indulging in juvenile fantacies hosted in porn sites. You clearly have a problem and until you accept that you are steadlity halting to hell with all your factes. STOP POSTING PORN HERE please. You seem to have such a narrow width for a brain and if only you knew that accessing such a website in itself is illigial in most countries out here. But I am not naive and I know I am shouting to somebody mentally deaf. Save us your madness please and keep the teenage joys to yourself. What an unchallenged OAF you are?

luke said...

Chris I think this is strike 3 for anonymous. He/she/they already KNOW where we stand as far as their vulgarity is concerned. This is the start of my(our) petition:- please do not allow them any more access to this blog from hence-forth delete their entries immediately

Vikii said...

Let me talk about Moi's support for Kibaki. First of all Daniel Moi, just like Vikii, Derek, Phil,Chris, Taabu and his deputy Luke, is entitled to support a candidate of his choice. Democracy entails being allowed to make your own choice and also respecting the choice of others. We should not villify Moi for exercising his democratic right. For heavens sake Moi is a Kenyan just like you and he has preferences just the same way you guys do. Moi has never signed any contract that he will support your candidate so I think it is only fair that people accept and respect his decision.

Only a loser can call Mwai Kibaki a 'project'. Mwai Kibaki is a tested political performer. I laughed yesterday when greenhorns like Balala and even raila Odinga started reviving words like project. This is an individual who is only second to Moi when it comes to serving the country in elected capacity. Someone who has participated in and won every single parliamentary election since independence is not your average politician. Someone who has lost presidential elections to only Ken Matiba and Moi is not someone you want to attribute his victory to anyone else. Mwai Kibaki is not Daniel Moi's political project. He is an equal, independent and smart political heavyweight in his own right.

Mwai Kibaki would still win the coming elections even without Moi's support. People should understand that there are 900,000 kikuyu registered voters in Riftvalley. This is not the number you would call 'some kikuyus in Nakuru and Laikipia'. Mwai Kibaki only needs to get 90% of the kikuyu vote and 25% of votes in all other provinces and he will be home and dry. The reason I believe Moi's support will not trigger an entirely new political dynamic is the simple fact that the opposition lost the plot long time ago. If I may quote Mutahi Ngunyi, Mwai Kibaki will not win these elections, the opposition will lose.

Let's get over the referendum hangover. That one million vote margin is something which was bridged a long time ago. The orange victory was a concerted effort by people who are in different teams today. Even Moi himself played a pivotal role in achieving that victory. That margin was too small and I was surprised when it got into opposition politicians minds. It is so much talked about you would think it was an outright white wash.

Why did Moi decide to back Kibaki? The answer is not hard to figure out. He wanted to claim credit for a success that had nothing to do with him. He wanted to be in the winning team and most importantly, in doing so, he negotiated for Uhuru Kenyatta's bid in 2012. Oh did I forget? He has a right to do that!

Wasilwa said...

Do not curse anonymous. He has described some of the steps Moi went through before hitting the jackpot (tosharizing Kibaki) - Mara ODM is a tribal party, mara ODM wants to cause civil war in Kenya, mara there is no one who can lead in Kenya, mara I will tell you who to vote for, Mara ODM people are power hungry despite wanting to lead Kenya for more than 24 years .... and finally he picks Kibaki. By supporting the incumbent, Moi has done the following:

1, Protection of his wealth is guaranteed.
2, He is looking far ahead like a giraffe for Uhuru and possibly Uhuru-Gideon ticket in 2012.
3, His support for a kikuyu president guarantees Uhuru a parliamentary seat in Gatundu even though he's in KANU
4, He has finally come to terms with the fact that KANU cannot win anything on its own. Hence, coalition building after the elections
5, As a KANU life member number 1 or 2, he nolonger has faith in KANU leadership. He knows no KANU candidate can win precidency at this time
6, He has endorsed Kibaki not because he likes him, but because he dislikes one Raila Amolo Odinga for reason known to all Kenyans by this time
7, He has shattered dream of a third force revolving around Kalonzo, Uhuru, Jirongo axis. This puts Kalonzo into a fix.
8, He guarantees Kibaki at least 25 % of the votes in Rift Valley province. ODM will get most of it though.

John Maina said...

It seems like the closer we get to the elections the more people are happy to engage in political and intellectual corruption

Taabu said...

Bw. Vikii that was well articulated. One question jo. Do you know of anybody who sits exams to come second best or justify failure by claiming later sucess? Just curious and got me thinking, ehe?

Proud Kikuyu Woman said...

Chris and Co. you are the guys with mass political amnesia. Talking of projects, anyone care to remind these men of 2002? In February 2002 RAO came to my college and dissed Kibaki live. A couple months later there was a merger of his party - really, an acquisition- with KANU to form New KANU.August came and he realized he had been used again, like a tool, hence 'Kibaki Tosha' and 'Mwai Kibaki; Yote Yawezekana'.

I think what ODM should be thinking is not even how but when to 're-marry' ODM-K before whatever party Ubaku will contest in woos her. Or before Steve Kalonzo openly endorses Kibaki.He has been given vague hints before.

Even if Baba Fidel Castro fails to be Kenya's fourth president, he has always played his anti-establishment role like a natural.Did someone say he is fighting to be leader of official opposition come next year?

Anonymous said...


You wrote:
"One of the reasons why Kumekucha is so popular is because we DO NOT recycle information from the daily newspapers like many other Kenyan blogs do and always like to give our own independent perspective."

Please rest assured that we will not crucify you even if you did not have original analysis. We sometimes just enjoy reading opinions and analysis of others, even if your post is 'lifted' from DN or EAS. Take your post on crime and one crime buster called Tyson on 27th, for example. There was little difference with what we read on DN. Whoever copied the other is neither here nor there.

Regarding Moi's endorsement of Kibaki, there was really nothing newsworthy. We have known this all along. We should also not read too much into his action. Like you and me, he has only one vote, can decide to support whoever he wishes (demo-crazy!). By making his choice, just like i have made mine, does not necessarily mean he has anything personal against the other aspirants. It's just his choice, and politics, period!

Let's also not vilify the guy or make fun of his advanced age. Furthermore most Kenyans had already made up their minds who they will vote for. There is nothing like project this or that. But possibly his action may have made a few undecideds make up their minds, either way.


luke said...

New improved deputy Luke the ruiner,now with added powerful political amnesia.(available in all good Kenyan stores wherever the economy is found growing)
i like my new moniker, it has a nice ring to it(hat-tip Vikii)

Famous quotes-who said? "ODM is a tribal grouping of peoples with different identities coming together but with no common vision"? BRAVO!no words spoken have ever been truer,good crusader.... except that those words apply to any, every and ALL political parties that have ever graced the political landscape of Kenya! no substance, but alot of people!
And so the political magic jig continues, weaving its mystical powers over frenzied and fanatical Kenyan voters, hungry to even just be able to attend the up-coming Ksh 1 million per plate presidential campaign meal for the incumbent ...stay tuned for more famous political quotes, gaffes and blurbs in T minus 115 days and counting
(meanwhile, the Kenya athletics team is soundly crushing all opponents in Osaka, where the real heroes of democracy reside)

Phil said...

Whether Raila will be accused of jumping parties (whatever that means) or not, am updating you guys it is a beehive of activity at Orange House in Kilimani area of Nairobi.

Imagine even I has been asked to give up my observer accredation for Saturday's nomination exercise because there is demand even from outside Kenya, with flights from London and other European capitals fully booked for Sato's ODM National Delegates Congress. Everyone is excited here. This is in reality 'a government in formative stages' according to wananchi who have been camping here since 4am this morning.

Bill Ntimama just advised us that 'more big name' defections are expected to join ODM tomorrow and next week. More are awaiting the president to dissolve parliament. The latest significant catch for ODM is former cabinet minister Dr. Amukowa Anangwe who is presently at Orange House trying to get a an observers accredation for saturday from Prof. Nyongo. It means ODM have all 'the names that matter' from Butere constituency in Wycliff e Oparanya (current MP), Amukowa Anangwe (former MP and official in Biwott's KANU faction) and finally mzee wa Kazi Martin Shikuku (Lancaster House veteran, former MP, and Katiba Watch founder).


This is Phil reporting for Kumekucha Blogspot from ODM Secretariat, Orange House, Kilimani, Nairobi...15h00 EAT

You read it here first!

Anonymous said...


Thanks for the "real-time" update. Am one person who admires your contributions. At least you have left everybody here without a doubt which side of the divide you belong, enthusiastically.

Just some clarifications, though. Why do you pretend ignorance when someone says Raila is a party-hopper? Having been one of his fanatical followers (i can tell from your posts and enthusiasm) surely you cant do this to us! Even you know that if Raila loses the nomination on saturday (of course he won't, he has made sure) he will immediately look for another 'vehicle'. That's him, you can't change a determined man.

Secondly, the wazees scrambling for positions at Orange House: you said they are 'significant'?. Ole Ntimama, Amukowa Anangwe and Martin Shikuku, significant catches?. What i fail to see is the unique selling points for ODM, i.e., honestly is there a significant difference in what ODM, Nark-K and ODM-K are selling, or is it just power and more political power, at all costs? Notice that ODM is just recycling politicians who have been there, done nothing. I assure you that none of these will achieve anything other than 'average' performance we are witnessing currently.

Don't you think we need a completely new fresh breed, untainted by past politics, whose focus is only Kenya and not who should get which favours? People like you, Phil, should be in the forefront and not these wazees.


Phil said...

Raila's move from FORD-K to NDP was a resignation 9as opposed to a defection) principally due to a compromised Chairman Wamalwa giving Goldenberg International a thumbs up as Chairman of Parliamentary Accounts Committee. (Hold on to your sit Derek!). Elections of FORD-K in Thika were never fair and Wamalwa himself was never 'elected' as FORD-K chairman by FORD-K members at anytime during his reign. NDP was dissolved into forming new KANU, so I wouldnt call that a a defection or party hopping. Nearly every other person, including the president, was elected back to parliament on NARC pre-election pact. But their parties of origin were different. Now that is not party hopping or is it? Now with coalitions becoming the order of the day courtesy of none other than Raila, all political parties are looking for suitable coalition it is something that is not unique to Raila as you allege. I take it to be the evolution of Kenya political landscape because this regime frustrated the Bomas Constitutional Draft which could have been a turning point in our national politics.

Yes of course, I agree with you, a little injection of youth is needed in leadership - and when the ODM manifesto is released, you will see that it is well covered in affirmative action plan. In any case, a lot of youth a working in the background at the ODM secretariat and they will principally be carried forward to serve the ODM government as technocrats, rather than as politicians.

The significance of catching Anangwe, Shikuku and Oparanya in ODM is similar to having top guns like Kibaki, Raila, Kalonzo, etc in one party and therefore living the opposition (if it exists) very little chance of emerging a winner.

Enthusiasm is not fanaticism. Am just a faithful party member with a preferred presidential candidate. I guess its not undemocratic to do that, or what do you think Jeff?

chris said...


Thank you very much for your real-time virtual news report from Orange house. Please keep on updating us.

Now there is a rumour (that is obviously false) floating around that Raila will at the last minute outfox his enamies by declaring Mudavadi Tosha.

Have you heard the rumour and if so, is there a story behind this rumour?


derek said...

No, they went for elections and do you remember James Orengo defeated him. Sawa. Lakini, the break-up of Ford-K was after the Thika Fiasco that left known Ambrose Otieno flashing a panga the front pages of the daily newspapers.

Phil said...

derek is a sycophant. look at the zest.

Phil said...

Hey Chris,

You are right, that rumour is very true, but in my opinion such an action is premature.

And again, only Raila himself will decide whether to drop his candidature or not. Besides, his commitment is so deep that we know he is running at least three fully fledged campaign secretariats and he has his own personal council of professional advisors.

Though everyone, including Raila, is in agreement that an ODM win overides all other interests, because no one wants another stint in opposition benches!

I think it would be suicidal to name Mudavadi on Saturday and make him an obvious target for Kibaki and company. (Remember they have all the Goldenberg, NBK and KCB files).....Mudavadi as a politician, a business person and family man cannot fight the goverment machinery on his own.

Another rumour is that ODM aspirants could all drop their bids at the last minute for another Kikuyu candidate. He may be voted in through the Dagoretti constituency seat. He will appeal to the youth, other tribes as well as donors. His name is John Githongo. And in his first public speech as an ODM candidate, he will unleash the mother of all bombshells - a recorded discussion with the Head of State urging him 'to look the other way'.... Moi,Kibaki Tena crowd or even Derek here will not hava an answer to that tsunami.

Am told that Uhuru Kenyatta is having some serious soul searching about recent political developments and is weighing implications of throwing his weight with the ODM, and to a lesser extent ODM-K lot. He may even make an appearance at Kasarani today or tomorrow.

Yes, Chris, I'd say it is a possibility for Raila to drop a bombshell, but not so soon, probably towards end October, early November when the picture will be much clearer....right now it is still a little fuzzy. Let Kibaki declare his party of choice and launch his vision, then you will see fire works.

Remember NO ONE, including our famed NSIS saw the recapture of original ODM party from Lawyer Mugambi Imanyara...could he have been Raila's long term strategic plan?

PS. Chris, Some guy is impersonating me up there Chris. But I will get solution soon and let you know.

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