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Wednesday, August 29, 2007

First Lady Lucy Forces President Kibaki To Walk 3 Kilometers In The Heat And Humidity Of Mombasa


The president had waved to the crowds at Mwembe Tayari and turned to go back into his presidential limousine. The door had even already been held open for him. Then suddenly first Lady Lucy blocked his path and gestured indicating that they take a walk. That walk in the blistering Mombasa heat and humidity ended up being a 3-kilometer trek to State House Mombasa. At one point, it was clear that the president—heavily dressed in his warm suit—was straining and pushing himself to the limits to keep walking.

First Lady Lucy on the other hand looked like she was enjoying herself immensely.

The problem with the first couple is that prior to the president being elected president the first lady took no interest whatsoever in her husband's political activities. Everybody knew that it was the president's other wife, Mary Wambui who was politically active. But when President Kibaki was swept into power, she suddenly became a domineering presence on the scene and everybody was forced to suddenly adjust drastically to accommodate her. Those who did not adjust quickly enough like one Matere Keriri quickly found themselves thrown very far away from their close proximity to the president. Everybody knows that you do not under any circumstances contradict the first lady.

That is why, although it was not...

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Anonymous said...

Quite suprised at the way you have reported this because in the Daily Nation it was reported that the first lady looked uneasy walking the whole distance and that she eventually retreated to the comfort of the presidential limosine leaving the President to walk the full distance. is this a case of one picture being interpreted in many different ways to suit the viewers opinion?

Taabu said...

Yes Bw. anonymous, DN must be the encyclopedia of Kenyan news and politics. Their take must be the gospel truth and dare you oppose it. Maybe maybe not.

Chris, keep your faith and belief for/against polygamy to yourself. It is neither here nor there. What is here and now is shameless deception for our leaders. They lead double lives- one for public consumption and the real private one. These chaps are dinosaurs who still entertain the CONQUEST mindframe. Moi littered all high schools with his libido and Kenyatta was a faul-mouthed villager. Emilio is only being a perfect student.

Phil said...

The altitude at sea level is good for someone who is recovering from stroke (ie. part brain dead).

But then, what Kibaki is trying to do is to integrate himself with the common man on the street. Its just too late! Even NARC-K attempts to mount posters all over Mombasa in praise of Kibaki and purporting them to be SHIRIKISHO support has backfired today when they were disowned by party top brass. Even Mzee Moi's support is more of a liablity than an asset.

Why do these people think they are dealing with voters who are stupid?

Integration with the common man to me means; the head of state attending sporting events like football matches at Nyayo or kasarani stadium in person when Harambee Stars are playing....and letting the 10% crowd in for free after half time, while at the same time sorting out the mess at KFF once and for all. It means making an impromptu stop at Burma Market and walking through jua kali sheds next to shauri moyo or cutting though to gikomba market and listening to artisans or hawkers problems 1st hand and doing something worthwhile to help them...(rather than sending police to teargas them or NCC askaris to clobber them) also means empathizing with mathare or kibera residents by paying an occasional visit to their areas of means visiting Mt. Elgon residents in person and assuring them of your government's commitment in protecting them and their means giving your security ministers firm and unequivocal instructions to deal mercilessly with mungiki or sabaot land defence force that have terrorised wananchi as if they dont have an elected means not selecting coffee and rice farmers in one region and writing - off their loan burden, while overlooking sugar and cotton farmers living miserably in another region of the country.

A head of state who insults enlightened voters, particularly those who have risen above tribalism to vote for you as pumbavus or mavi ya kuku or shenzis, even if you walk 1000 kilometers, I doubt if they will vote for you again. I believe they made their intentions known during the constitution referendum. They rejected your ideas....wasnt that a good lesson learnt? You gave a powerful speech at your inauguration in which imaginary promises were delivered to them in their millions; NO more sacred cows, new constitution, 500,000 new jobs each year, anti-corruption and civil service reforms and working government with a fair judiciary.

Wapi mzee, ilikua ni story tu.

Those executives with shinny faces who you see driving with sleek cars into state house at will, or walking the greens at the Kenya Open Golf tournament dont really have any votes worth talking about. You embarass the entire nation by reiterating the composition of your family, while the 2nd 1st lady is obviously running political errands on your behalf. It makes it even worse when the 1st 1st lady invades a major media house in the wee hours and you dont bother to reprimand her or comment about it in public.

For God's sake, just retire honourably and let an ODM government show you how to run a government and bring back hope to a people who have been 'sat-on' and completely disillusioned for the last 40 years!!!

Taabu said...

Nicely articulated Bw Phil. But in the process you spoil the broth with a Kiraitu-style quip 'step a side and let us show you'. Nope bro we need fresh ideas and not retaining the same players albeit with change in jersy, ama?

You have a point too with identifying with the masses. But populism negates the burden of responsibility that comes with weighty offices. Cheap polpulism is what promotes roadside announcements which is our undoing so far despite having verbally disowned it on Dec 30/02. Or is ours an apt case of the body is willing but the resolve is weak?

Phil said...

it is the frustration and can they dare want to turn this country into a dynasty?

derek said...

Odingaism is a DYNASTY. Wait till Fidel marries that girl and he is anointed next Luo leader. It will have been passed down three generations.

In this case, Phil, your dynasty argument does not hold at all. How does dynasty in this Kibaki's support by Moi come in? Please Phil, bwana, wewe ni mtu wa LEO. You are not a guy who came to Nairobi, you and me were born in Nairobi, grew up in Nairobi, we have no tribes, na, above all, TUMECHANUKA! Hatukuja na train au dinga ya matanga.

Again, I want to chip into the other post per paragraph. I am now seeing you drooping to banality. You are simply running round in circles. Advice, take time and see what some of the ideas are and if they are viable.

Phil, the ideas about being close to the mwananchi by letting Harambee Stars fans and walking through Jua Kali sheds in Gikomba not spur the economy. Those are mobocratic virtues that don’t count. Has Kibaki not attended soccer matches? How many Harambee Stars matches did Moi attend and yet his Uhuru project was shot down. Those ideas don’t count.

Do you mean that the president should jump into the running of the Nairobi City Council? Why, Phil? To boost his popularity, and by doing so, allowing some people who don’t pay taxes to flood the CBD, Phil please get off that.

On the Elgon, Mathare, Kibera et al, there are ministers in charge in some of those regions mentioned and furthermore, they have been attended to rightly. Does it mean that Moi’s popularity tactics of travelling with half the FFU/GSU force can make big changes? Then Molo could not have gone on for a week, but it spiralled to other regions. All this issue have been handled within the auspices of their respective ministers/ministries. Kipruto Kirwa has attended to those and it would be unfair for you to criticise the leadership of the country yet most of the sugar factories that were down during Moi time are up and running.

For the loans, ONE HAS TO PAY LOANS. There is no reason to cry about loans yet some of the people with the loans never ploughed them into their rightful use. Can you tell me today, how many cotton farmers have been active in the country, until four years ago? As for coffee, I think they said farmers have made sure that their product is given due respect and placing in the Kenyan economy.

The referendum, please stop much talk about it. It will not serve as a pointer and you are aware that most of the people, who voted no, are now in different camps and tottering towards the status quo. It was the beginning of the end of the NO camp.

On the 500,000 jobs, at least a few have been created in the revamped industries, but what do you say of a country where people spend four years of a parliamentary term talking about the constitution, holding rallies and not participating in the development. The economy has indeed, created more jobs than are being argued on this blog. There have been jobs created. The economy could not be achieving the levels that it currently tagged at. Simple, the economy has performed well.

About the boys in trendy cars at the golf course, they determine a lot. Some of them participate in the running of the country and they have votes. They even contribute to the campaigns.

A parting shot Phil, of all the posts you have had, the last paragraph is one of the least thought of that you have ever made. There is no single reason to drag in that Para.

Umdhanie ndiye, kumbe siye!!!

Taabu said...

Derek you are on Phil's case with very valid reasons. The more reason why I consider you two worthy of awards for consistency in backing your respective horses. But just a point to note is that reducing Kenya to a dynasty whether of Os, Us or Ms is an insult to us all, ama?

Either you have skirted the issue or chosen to react selectively. I understand you may be suffering the burden of reading malice about your horse in every post by Phil. But allow me to put the record straight. The dynasty connection originated from Moi's unspoken and selfish intentions in self preservation at the expense of the wide Kenya. Two wrongs never made a right whether on earth or in space, ama? Back your mule with open eyes and the same caveat to Phil too.

Vikii said...

Let me ask you one question my brother and friend, Mwalimu Taabu: When the first anonymous said he was surprised by the difference between the reporting of The Daily Nation and that of Kumekucha, did he say he doubted the latters version? Did he endorse the DN's and criticize kumekucha's? Two different interpretations of a picture doesnt necessarily mean he accused anybody. I am sure you understand what I mean bro.

I thought we were tired of 24 years of a populist president, one whose mouth was bigger than the brain. Are people calling for loudmouthing or actions? Let's get our priorities right guys.

Proud Kikuyu Woman said...

Phil, my sugarcane farmer was born and brought up in Nairobi?

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