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Monday, August 20, 2007

Big Story Behind The Equity Bank Rumours


As promised, Kumekucha went behind the scenes and right into the center of operations at Equity Bank to unearth the truth about this indigenous bank (one of the few successful ones that has been at the center of rumours and a vicious hate-email campaign).

The questions I set out to answer were mainly 3. I have divided them into 3 separate posts to make it easy for quick perusal.

1. Is Equity In Financial Problems As The Emails Suggest?

2. What Are The Weaknesses Of Equity Bank?

3. Who Is Behind the Emails And Rumors Against Equity Bank?

I take this opportunity to thank all the people who assisted me in making my work much easier and reassure them again that even if the media bill were to become law today, I would rather go to jail than reveal their identities.

In Kenya and indeed all over the world, I often meet "professionals" who will quickly look down at any analysis that does not heavily use technical terms and one that fails to show off technical knowledge on the subject. I often pity such individuals because this is a clear demonstration of how insecure they are. I often like to explain everything in simple terms that everybody can understand. That is what you will find in my detailed reports on Equity Bank. Let not my simplification fool you, my investigations were thorough.

To be honest what I found shocked and staggered me. I must admit that before I started this research, I was convinced that I was already an expert on Equity Bank. In many ways I was wrong because there was so much that I did not know.

But it is all here, exclusively for you from Kumekucha.


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Taabu said...

Equity's success may be a case study. But Kenyans are also right in being jittery when the its management appears more political than economic. Even the Nyayo Pioneer car had noble intension and with akina Prof Gichaga at ist inception we had no cause to worry. But alas. We never knew what hit us.

It is cheap to bandy the patriotism card. But Equity must be steadfast in walking gthe the talk. Chochote chaweza kutoke Kenya. Our number one cancer rears it ugly head everywhere and we only ignore it at our collective peril. Patriotism is never harvested fro trees. It is a perishable commodity that does not need hurricane Dean to wither.

kalamari said...

Jeez, Kwani there's no news (or English league match)today.

Anonymous said...

This chris guy cant cease to amaze!!! big bro stick to ur propagandas it gvs us sm orange juice!!! it sms u kno evrything n where every1 leaves n does!!! wth ur reseach n profesional ha!!!! nway wat uv said abt equity ws ol in the public domain!! hey wat is ur take abt Raira being flushed out from a nyeri hotel or ws it a restaurant!!!! gud speed my bro

NSIS ngavment mole!!!

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