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Saturday, June 02, 2007

The Jeff Koinange Saga: Why You Ain’t Seen Nothing Yet (There’s More To Come)


My policy is to publish all views. One of the dangers of that is a person can easily post numerous comments so that it looks like the general feelings of most readers favors their view. More so because I allow anonymous comments in this blog (note that all the nasty comments are usually annonymous).

But I think this is a risk worth taking, we're not having an election here and nobody is trying to spin anything either. My objective is to publish raw facts that others may not want to touch.

Let me just tell you all that there is a lot of information on Jeff which in my opinion is much worse and more damaging than this date rape incident. But I have very deliberately not published it here. I am sure others will post it on the net soon (indeed some already have and you can use your favorite search engine to find it.) The reason why I have not published that information here is because I do not have the evidence and proof like I do for the date rape. Secondly I do not want to be a Jeff-Koinange-scandal-authority.

However I would like to raise one key point about why Jeff was fired, that I had overlooked earlier.

It is not cheap to make telephone calls and send out emails to the other side of the world from remote parts of Africa where the locals can’t spell the word Internet, let alone pronounce it.

The unfolding drama at the Distant lovers blog has revealed that Jeff would usually send more than a dozen emails on a good day and call several times. So who was paying those huge bills? This question was posed to him once and his reply was that it was CNN International. Now that organization has some very clear and strict rules about this so it is highly likely that on leaving CNN Jeff may have been asked to pay up some of the exorbitant telephone and email bills.

The other issue that so many people have harped on in comments here is the claim that Marianne is using this as a way to sell her Ouko book. I have also been informed by some visitors to this site that I am working on a book on Tom Mboya. Strange, because I am unaware of it. It is possible that since this blog has some of the most detailed information anywhere on this great son of Africa, somebody somewhere thinks there is no way I will fail to publish a book on Mboya one day soon.

Let me make it very clear that I have no such intentions.

Marianne Brinner too, released a statement a few minutes ago that read in part;

One thing I want to make clear: this whole story about Jeff and me has nothing to do with trying to 'promote' my book.

Up to now I have not received any royalty since my co-author was so clever to put the contract with the Publisher in the name of his company (first Sahelbooks and now Sahel.Publishers).

So even if the book is sold, I have never and will never receive any money - so the accusations that I am trying to 'sell' my book are wrong (and Jeff knows very well about this).

So much to this subject ..... some people will laugh, I know 'she deserves this' .... and may even agree with them up to a certain point ...... trusting a Kenyan has always been my 'weak' point

If you are joining us late, here's how the date rape happened. This was my first story on the subject and I was yet to reveal the identity of the Kenyan date rape journalist.

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Taabu said...

As my granny would never tire of telling me 'you are assumed intelligent till you open your mouth'. As for the serial anonymous replace mouth with typing and you get the drift. I repeat you are allowing detractors to shift your focus and I fear they seem to be winning. You have no apologies brother and for lack of better words 'tenda wema nenda zako'. Let the frogs yell the much they want and the cows won't get cowed for water they muct drink (soory chaps).

MB has just proved the hecklers wrong. Call her what you want but she will not fit in any of your pockets. She is made of steel and is all out to prove a point no matter the consequence. Stop mudslinging and address issues bereft of personalities. For the records, I hold no brief for anybody.

For pete's sake please separate intellectual differences from sickening primitve tribal stereotypes of 'unga for votes' ilk. Reverse logic never won any argument and your can't. Mouthing such village tirades only succeeds in mirroring the feather weight associated with your grey matter. You can't get lower than that folks STOP it please please.

Phil said...

Chris, I think you have blown this JK issue out of proportion and created an absolute storm in a tea-cup.Its now actually bordering on an obsession. Chris come back to where you belong.

Unlike the retirement of one Dan Rather from CBS News anchoring, JK's departure from CNN is to me just another casual event. After all CNN is not closing down, nor suspending reporting events in Africa and we still have another Kenyan there in the name of Zain Verjee, so please tell me whats the big deal? VOA has numerous other Kenyans, as does BBC, SABC, Deutch Welle, etc,etc. sasa huyu JK ni yesu ama ni nani? Infact, apart from his name, JK is more of an African American than he is a Kenyan, for god's sake let the man carry his own cross.

If he so wishes, let JK come back 'home' and run for an elective seat like he promised, then as a political blog, you can put him under the spotlight. Meanwhile, I beg of you, please give us our usual analysis of politics, economy and governance issues. We've got a country to improve - his not-so-far relatives made a mess that persists to this day!

Anonymous said...

From the emails its clear that if Jeff would have organised the Oprah and CNN book gig she wouldnt have exposed him.
- so one is supposed to believe that this Brinner woman was willing to not only exchange raunchy emails and even sleep with some married kenyan man for the sake of a book she will get nothing from?

In additon cld Brinner please declare honestly if she has received renumeration from oil interests or the nigerian govt for HELPING to discredit not just Jeff but the niger-delta people and their story?

That said JK is a Fool!

Anonymous said...

I did reduce my dose of CNN a long time ago; I used to be an addict. This scandal only further confirms the sense in this step. Obviously JK is a recruitment error bigtime. He staged a report on the Niger Delta some time ago and used the access that the CNN platform affords him unprofessionally. He betrayed his pettiness and small-mindedness when he tried to use his job and background to cajole/intimidate a woman. This woman is a fool though, what is the problem if your man wants his nookie clean-shaven? And blackmailing a black guy over oral/phone sex is totally beside the point. Rape? Well that is another story, innit?

dee said...

I totally dissagree with the blackmail theory,
Here was a woman who had high hopes and expectation of the most famous African jounalist voted as the sexiest man living.
Then the man finally arrives in london most likely accompanied by other girlfriendS whom he hid in other hotels......then proceed to meet this famous woman just for records OR numbers not for real love.... and is in a hurry to do so without dissappoint the others...and then just the most humiliting sex approach technique happens...a woman soaking wet from the bathroom who is not even aware of his presence and ready for such things...thats direct rape by any standards.
I am sure Marriane was still in shock when it was all over.
Even the village girls are lured so slowly through grassy field and in those days as you remember we could judge their urge to have sex after uprooting quite a bit of grass and it was only then that it happened.
Surely a chacoal dealer from Kingeero or Wangigi would have done it in a more romantic approach than JK did.
He deserve what he got and he should instead concentrate getting a job at the village level like a chiefs public meeting announcer using a horn.
After reading distant love letters it was the most disgusting thing i have ever unbelievable,,, so so primitive.
JK now should rest, and plan how to bring up his woud be Patel or is it Dipti Malde.
All the respect i had for this jounalist is gone (though he does not need my respect anyway)and your name has been removed from where it would have been hanged along the corridors of time.
Very few people achieve that ineffable experience
Do you have another chance to prove yourself worthwhile.???..time will tell but i doubt "gikuyu kiugaga gutiri irumaga keri"
As for Marriane promoting her book using blackmail,i dissagree since the issue need no promotion its a wish of every Kenyan and the world at large to know what led to the early death of the shinning star and the truth is not so far away now.

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