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Friday, February 03, 2017

Why Did al Shabaab Steal 3 BVR Kits? Shocking Answer. Not what you could even begin to imagine

Why are the terrorists subjecting one community to so much cruelty when they capture POWs?

The presence of Kenyan soldiers in Somalia has always been shrouded in mystery and when attacks happen there are always more questions than answers. 

My personal view is that whether we want to admit it or not, we as a country are at war and the rules when you are at war change dramatically. This happens all over the world and has happened since the beginning of time.

But what has really shocked Kenyans was the recent news that the Somali-based terror group stole 3 BVR kits belonging to the IEBC during the attack on the Mandera AP camp at a place called Arabia. Now why on earth would they want to do that? What do they want to do with the BVR kits?

In an earlier report I published in one of the Kumekucha newsletters distributed free to Kumekucha club595 members I made a statement that did NOT go down well with some of my readers. I said that the terror group is first and foremost political and that they have now entered the 2017 polls as a major player. Fortunately I have a thick skin for criticism and am never shaken by the often loud and uninformed views of others because my long and rapidly growing list of readers do not read what I have to say because it pleases them. They read it to get as close as possible to the truth and so I must always remain very focused. As I have been for the last 12 years running Kumekucha.

Why should I be bothered when those readers who have been with me for over 10 years know only too well that they often read next months’ screaming newspaper headlines in a Kumekucha newsletter (such as Kumekucha’s Raw notes) today?

That statement on al Shabaab politics was of course said long before the Mandera AP camp attack and theft of the BVR kits.

Kenyans are very sensitive these days whenever reading anything political online and usually they want to determine what side of the political divide the person writing the article belongs to. I’ll save you time on that. I am neither NASA nor JUBILEE I am for KENYA. Period. 

If you want to know more, I hate the political class and the way they always trick Kenyans. And the political class means all the politicians across the political divide. They are all the same. And the time has come for all of us to unite and face our common enemy together as one nation before it is too late.

Anyway, apart from using our politics to play us against each other, the Somali enemy has a very clear agenda of what they want to achieve during this elections period. The theft of the BVR kits should be clear and conclusive evidence of that.

But even if you are not convinced I have a lot more irrefutable evidence, including video evidence to prove what I am saying and to also show you very clearly what the whole objective of stealing the BVR kits is leading to. And most of all why every Kenyan of goodwill should be more than a little concerned, irrespective of what side of the political divide they belong.

The information is extremely sensitive. Trust me I am NOT exaggerating. And for this reason I cannot share it openly on a web page like this one. But you can have it in your email inbox in seconds. And please do NOT under any circumstances forward it to anybody after reading it. I implore you.

As promised there is a lot of information in the email including evidence obtained from a video which experts believe was taken at a secret location of an al Shabaab camp deep in Somalia, that proves everything that I am saying.

Getting it will require you to only send a blank email to
and the information, complete with pictures and excerpts from the video will be in your inbox in seconds. Very simple.

See you on the other side where I can talk a lot more freely. Send that blank email to NOW.


point off said...

Hi, Kumekucha.
i have gone through this article, am also an upcoming blogger. going straight to the point. if you could have concentrated on giving the information about the BVR KITs theft by the Alshabab. the flow of the story could have been consistence. but adding complains about how ur readers respond to ur articles, it diviates the focus to a total different direction.

Anonymous said...

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