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Thursday, February 02, 2017

Why Al Shabaab Mandera Arabia Raid Is Worrying

The latest Mandera attack comes barely two weeks after Al-Shabaab militia attacked Jabane Hotel and Equity Bank building in Mandera town with explosives on the night of January 23.
Details are still coming in about a devastating al Shabaab attack on Kenyan soil a few hours ago where an AP camp in Mandera, at a place called Arabia, was raided and guns and ammunition, as well as vehicles stolen. A Safaricom mast Tower in the area was also completely destroyed breaking off all communications via cell phone.

Curiously, also stolen were four voter registration kits belonging to the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission.

It is still not clear whether anybody within the camp survived in the attack that took place at 1:30am this morning. The camp was a fairly large AP camp and I am still trying to establish the exact numbers.
This is not just another attack in Mandera. A lot of information here is a little sensitive to share on a web page but you can read the full details via email simply by subscribing to the Kumekucha intelligence group (simply send an email to; It is FREE. 

Keen readers will quickly note that this, coupled with the other information Kumekucha readers have received in recent days, is very worrying news. More so coming at a time when Kenyans are preparing to go to the polls.

It would seem that the new mode for the terror group is to attack in large numbers. The government says that the Mandera AP camp attackers were around 100 in number which would seem to be on the high side for a camp of this size.

It has also been reported that the camp received a tip off and as a result virtually all the officers in the camp managed to escape and take cover, thus minimizing on casualties.

The attack came barely two weeks after suspected Al-Shabaab militia attacked Jabane Hotel and Equity Bank building in Mandera town, the night of January 23.

It was suspected that they were targeting eight non locals residing at the hotel.

See video footage below on the government report on the incident;

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