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Thursday, February 02, 2017

Get All The Latest Controversial Kumekucha Books And Special Reports For FREE

Get access to ALL Kumekucha stuff simply by becoming a member of Club595 right now. You have only a few hours to take advantage of this AMAZING once in a lifetime offer...

What YOU will get

- FREE UNLIMITED eBooks for the whole month of February.
- This includes past books and the 2 books currently in the market (Dirty Secrets Uhuru and Raila do not want you to ever know and 2017 Elections: This is what is set to happen) plus at least 3 others set to be released in Feb. ALL FREE to Club 595 members. Once you are a member all you need to do is email and request and it will be sent to you pap!
- Free personal UNLIMITED dossiers on any subject/topic for the month of February. What are personal dossiers? This is special information you request on any political subject or topic in Kenya prepared for your eyes ONLY.
- After the FREE February period ends for members who sign up now in early March, all Kumekucha products will cost only 595/- and not a single cent more. Others could be paying as much as 899/-.
- You will also get the brand new book I have released today for FREE!! The book is titled; The strategy: What JUBILEE and ODM insiders have planned for Kenyans to win the presidency at all costs.
* Take advantage of Chris Kumekucha's experience and the impressive network of informants on the ground and in high places that he has built over 12 years of controversial political blogging and writing of political books.

* Guaranteed you will find yourself reading next months newspaper headlines TODAY. A recent case in point is the Ugandan voter registration. Kumekucha published the claim two weeks ago. Mid this week the story appeared in the Nation.

How do you become a member of club595? It is easier than you think!

HURRY and Mpesa Kshs 595/- to the usual number 0701 333112 or Paypal $5.95 to Do not forget to SMS me giving me your email and the titles you want. SMS 0701 333112.
This offer strictly expires at 11:59am in the morning (Saturday Feb 4th 2017 KENYAN time). NO extensions whatsoever.

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