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Sunday, February 05, 2017

Kumekucha's Raw Notes: Sensitive Secrets From My Raw Notes

To mark 12 great years of amazing political blogging on Kenya I am releasing some very, very sensitive secrets from my raw notes. Before releasing the secret I will ask a question. Can you take up the challenge of trying to answer it before you access the real answer? Why not have fun doing exactly that? Visit our Facebook page to find the latest question and then access the very sensitive secret by sending a blank email to the address given. You will receive an automated reply instantly (if it delays 30 seconds or so). ALL FREE, no catch. Have fun and celebrate with Kumekucha.


FAQs (Frequently asked questions) 
 you are welcome to add your own in the comments area below. I will answer them all here.

Q1. Why do I have to send an email to get the information? Why not just publish it online?

Answer: A lot of this information has never been published online. the raw notes have always been accessible only via email. And with good reason. Most of the information on it is way too sensitive. Hence email is the only safe way to pass it onto you. A small inconvenience that we are sorry for BUT the information you get instantly should more than make up for that.

Q2. How true are are these stories?

Answer: The Kumekucha brand and the raw notes in particular have built quite a reputation for themselves over the years. Currently hundreds of Kenyans do a search on the raw notes every month. This has not happen by us giving false information or rumours. Usually we try our best to verify sensitive information via one other indipendent source and that has really helped.

Q3. How much do I need to pay to subscribe to your raw notes?

Answer: Currently a year's subscription costs only Kshs 1,200. However you can take advantage of our Dark Kenya secrets celebration here where if you send an email to get an answer to any one of the controversial questions you will get the prize of one year's subscription to the raw notes for FREE. Take full advantage of it while it lasts.

Q4. I have heard so much about you, Kumekucha. Thank you for the wonderful selfless job you have done for Kenya for over a decade now. How can I get more information about who you really are?

I have always kept my identity secret and blogged annonymously as Chris Kumekucha, although that has not stopped me being threatened over the years via email and even telephone calls I prefer for my own personal security to keep it that way. We are still a very young democracy.

Q5. Why do some questions dissapear so quickly?

Answer: Again the issue here is the sensitivity of the material we are dealing with here. That is also the reason why the questions are posted on our Facebook page and NOT on a web page like this one.

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