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Sunday, February 05, 2017

KDF Shows Journalists Drone Images To Prove That al Shabaab Claims Are False

The most important rule for a journalist is to protect their sources of information. A few years ago during the Kibaki regime some sensitive information I published in Kumekucha led back to my source even though I had not mentioned them. I never heard from them again to this day. I still have nightmares about what may have happened to them.
Major Denis Girenge, the commanding officer at Kulbiyow speaks to the Nation at Defence Forces Memorial Hospital in Nairobi on February 4.
(photo courtesy of Nation) 

Since then I usually go out of my way to carefully disguise sources of my usually highly sensitive information here.

However there are times when for the sake of national security a journalist has a patriotic duty to the motherland to reveal their sources to authorities. In my view the sources that the Standard newspaper used to pen their sensational story last weekend that claimed 68 KDF soldiers were killed in the Kolbiyow attack should be revealed to authorities. You can read that Standard story HERE. Why do I say that? Because those sources were obviously sympathetic to al Shabaab and their propaganda objectives. Clearly so!!

Over the weekend the Kenyan Military did something they have never done before. They called in journalists from the Daily Nation and allowed them access to the survivors of Kolbiyow including the commanding officer whom the terror group had claimed was killed in the attack.

And they did not stop there. They showed highly classified drone footage to the journalists to prove what was being said. Read the Nation story HERE.

Clearly somebody at KDF had to have been well and truly fed up with al Shabaab lies to have done something so unprecedented in the history of our country.

Our enemy is a master of deception and propaganda. In my latest special report sent free to most of you who are already club members, I emphasize the reasons why the terror organization is so desperate. And don't make the mistake of popping the champagne on that, these lunatics are most dangerous when they are desperate.

To them their image is everything and telling lies to achieve a favourable image or switching photos of dead bodies from one attack to another is the norm. In fact a few days ago I received a very strange comment (that I highly suspect was from some al Shabaab sympathizer) on the Kumekucha blog (see screen shot below);

Incidentally in the Daily Nation report the Kolbiyow commanding officer tells us all why the photos being referred to in the comment above were fake and taken from elsewhere.

I am happy with this latest development and NOT because of anything to do with me (please believe me). I am happy because Kenyans who may not know me too well or my long history in political blogging will start to believe some of the more sensational and hard-to-believe facts I have been talking about here in recent days... more so because this thing is about to explode in our collective faces as a country in a very bad way. 

The details are in my special report on why al Shabaab stole the BVR kits at the Mandera AP post but the long and short of it is that we need to urgently change tact and stop calling for the withdrawal of our troops from Somalia, which is actually sympathizing with the enemy. The biasharas being done in Somalia under cover of the occupation is very bad BUT it is a side show that cleverly diverts attention from a much bigger issue that affects you and I. More so in the days and weeks to come.

I find it interesting (but I am not surprised) that the "cash cow" issue of Kenyans doing business in Somalia as our soldiers die was re-introduced into our national narrative and debate recently on LIVE TV by a Kenyan Somali MP. See the video for yourself below;

Hint: the Somali agenda is ONE and they are all reading from the same script, both al Shabaab and Kenyan Somalis (if there is such a thing as a Kenyan Somali and Somalian Somali). Show me a single one of them saying that our troops should remain in Somalia.

Please make sure you read my special report to understand what I am saying here. It also contains a harrowing video clip taken deep in Somalia in a terrorist hide out that proves my point. Unfortunately this information is way too sensitive to publish online and so you will bear with me and read it in your email inbox.

Getting it will require you to only send a blank email to
and the information, complete with pictures and excerpts from a video will be in your inbox in seconds. Very simple.

See you on the other side where I can talk a lot more freely. Send that blank email to NOW.

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